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Attractions in the vicinity of Dalat

Деревня в окрестностях Далата The village is in the vicinity of Dalat

Sites in Dalat and its surroundings rife. In the heart of da lat there is something to see, but the main attractions of the city you can go around and look for one day. If you don't want to walk, you can take one of the options a sightseeing tour of the city, which cost about $ 15.

Most of the time that you spend in da lat, the best thing to spend on sightseeing in the area. Mainly it is the natural attractions and beauty, part of which is landscaped for the tourists, and some have retained their original wild beauty. This large number of waterfalls, parks or valleys, lakes, mountain trails and hills. And all worth a visit. The only bad – the sights are scattered far from the town and from each other, and to visit them will either have a tour, either by hired transport or taxi. Of course, the easiest, and possibly even cheaper to buy a group tour without worries and to run through all the attractions. But more interesting to explore the area on a rented motorbike or car with driver to see the sights indefinitely. Another option is the services of sirigere.

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Waterfall and Park Debate (Prenn Fall)

Парк Пренн, Далат The Waterfall Debate

Park Debate – the tourist entertainment Park, which was formed around the waterfall Debate. And while still on maps and in guidebooks, this place is marked as a waterfall (Waterfall), the waterfall itself, apparently, today is the last, which attracts the attention of tourists coming here.

The Park is located 10 kilometers South of Dalat, at the foot of the mountain Debate. Its main visitors are tourists from CIS countries. There is almost always jostling group of Russian tourists, brought on one - or two-day excursion from Nha Trang. Even signs and information is duplicated in Russian. The Park entrance is paid, and to get to the waterfall, in any case, you will have to purchase the entrance ticket, which costs only 20,000 VND. However, for all the entertainment in the Park will have to pay extra..

Read more about the falls and the Park the Debate and photos here...

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the waterfall is paid, 20,000 VND.

🕐 Working time: daily from 7:00 to 17:00.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the waterfall Debate on a map of da lat.

Valley of Love (Valley of Love Thung Lung Tinh Yeu)

Долина Любви

This Park, located 6 kilometers from the city center, very popular among tourists and local youth. Originally named by the French Vallée D'amour, the valley was renamed by Emperor Bao Give in the "Valley of Peace", and then again got its original name – "Valley of Love".

This is one of the most picturesque places of the city, and in 1972, the valley has become even more attractive thanks to the artificially created lake Da Thien (Thien Da). In addition to exploring beautiful and vast territory, exploring the plants in the garden, can be rented on the lake a boat and swim in the lake or ride a horse. And here you can climb the hill Vong Canh hill (Vong Canh Hill), scenic views.

We can say that this place is well worth a visit, but it is not necessary to consider it as a natural or historical landmark, and to remember that this is just a beautiful Park where you should come to walk, take beautiful pictures and relax.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets cost: less than $ 1.

🕐 Working time: daily until 17:00.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the valley on the map.

Waterfall Pongour (Pongour Falls)

Водопад Понгур, Далат Waterfall Pongour

This waterfall is one of the largest and most beautiful in Vietnam. During the rainy season, the water wide stream falls in many cascades, and flows into a small lake at the foot. In the dry season the waterfall loses its power and becomes similar to many streams, but still retains the beauty. One bad: the waterfall is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers from Dalat. But, if you're in Dalat in the rainy season, will certainly go to the waterfall despite this large distance, a stunner guaranteed to you. Besides, on the way to the waterfall, you will see beautiful scenery, you pass by a coffee and avocado plantations.

Read more about waterfall Pongour and photos here...

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 10,000 Dong (currency of Vietnam).

🚶 How to get: See the position of the waterfall Pongour on a map of da lat.

Datanla Falls (Datanla)

Водопад Датанла, Далат Datanla Waterfall

Despite not sounding title, even though it is modest, but it is a beautiful waterfall with many cascades, with a total length of 350 meters. Very interesting way of moving and descent to the waterfall: at the foot of the waterfall down in carriages on like a roller coaster. Moreover, the rate of descent you regulate yourself with a pen.

Read more about Datanla waterfall and photos here...

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 10,000 VND entrance, 40 000 VND tickets for the lift.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the Datanla waterfall on a map of da lat.

Waterfall Gough (Gougah Fall)

Водопад Гоугах, Далат Waterfall Gough

Located about 40 km from Dalat and 1000 meters from the road No. 20. The height of the waterfall is around 17 meters. Protruding rock in the center of the waterfall splits it into two streams. Right flow a thin stream running down towards the foot of the mountain, while the left drops down with great force, raising a myriad drops of spray.

Overall, waterfall is an incredible spectacle, and to come all this way just for the sake of it is not worth it. Besides, most of the time, the water in the pool of the waterfall (a pretty big lake), dirty brown. You can stop by here if you pass by.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the waterfall Gogo on a map of da lat. The waterfall is located on the territory of the local tourist center Gogo, which is abandoned. To reach the waterfall, you have to pass (to pass) at the tourist center about 500 meters along the river until you found the descent to the water

Elephant falls (Trac Voi) and Chua Linh An Pagoda

Слоновий водопад, Далат Waterfall

Elephant falls is one of the most powerful in the vicinity of Dalat. Unfortunately, one can hardly call it beautiful, but the fact that its power is impressive – it is unique.

The road from Dalat to the waterfall passes by coffee plantations and picturesque places. The area in front of the waterfall, part of which is Parking, and is in fact an observation. Unlike others, Elephant waterfall, you can see, being on top, and in order to avoid accidents it is fenced. On the right side you can see a narrow path leading to the waterfall. However, it is not adapted for mass tourism and in some places literally have to jump from stone to stone, sometimes not easy to do, and in some places, and dangerous, despite the fact that the rocks are very slippery. Also, given that hitting the water flow creates a lot of fine spray, giving the impression that it drizzles, why take photos without harming the photo, rather than just. After the rainy season at the foot of the waterfall a lot of debris.

If from the viewing platform, turn right, you will see the Pagoda Chua Linh An. It leads to the stairs up. The area around the well appointed and the decor is soothing. Inside the Pagoda are three huge statues of Buddha and several statues of the goddess Skanda.

Read more about elephant falls in Dalat and photos here...

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 5,000 VND, Parking 5 000 dongs. Access to the temple is free.

🚶 How to get there: the Waterfall and the temple is located about 45 kilometers from Dalat in the South-West (see the map of Dalat).

Cable car (Cap Treo) and the monastery Dienbien (Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery)

Монастырь Тхиенвиен, Далат The Monastery Dienbien

Although the beginning of the ropeway is located almost in the city limits (near the bus station), it will take you to the monastery Dienbien the mountain Phung Hoang. As you climb the mountain, you can see wonderful landscapes from height of bird's flight. It is a pity that the funicular will take you too fast. But never mind, upstairs also offers a wonderful view. And the monastery on the mountain – a Buddhist village consisting of several separate buildings (pagodas, pavilions with a huge bell and drum, the home of monks, etc.). Itself the vast territory of the Monastery is very colourful and picturesque with manicured lawns and shrubs shaped like animals, gazebos. The outer walls of the pagodas decorated with Golden statues from sandal wood, and inside the decor is more than ascetic. The monastery has a recent history, and was built only in 1994, after Descending from the Monastery on the road a little lower, is another temple built, but not everywhere you can go on their grounds, than stated in the inscription on the gate. There is also a small artificial pond.

Very interesting route is to climb up by cable car, to admire the beauty, and back to the city to walk in.

The place is definitely worth visiting, especially when the price of the fare on the cable car is only 70,000 Dong in both directions.

Read more about cable car and convent of Dienbien and photos here...

🕐 Working time: the funicular runs until 17:00.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 50 000 VND one way, 70 000 VND to the top and back.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the initial (starting) station of the cableway on a map of da latand the monastery Dienbien on the map.

Golden valley (Suoi Vang)

This is a large and very beautiful Park on the shores of lake Ho Suoi Vang. Is around 15 kilometers from Dalat, but it's worth a visit because of its beautiful sceneries. The Park is decorated with flower arrangements, bridges, pine forest, waterfalls and streams, trees bonsai. To visit it is better to plan at least half a day.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 20 000 VND.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the Golden valley on a map of da lat.

Mountain Langbian (Lang Bian Mountain)

Mountain Langbian is a very popular and a great place for Hiking. The mountain consists of five volcanic peaks from 2,100 to 2,400 meters (according to other estimates the highest peak of 2169 meters). On the top there is an observation deck. Upstairs you can on the jeep that await tourists at the foot, but much more interesting to make a three hour ascent on foot. To get to the mountain and to climb independently, but easier to purchase a tour with a Hiking in travel.

💵 Entrance fee / cost of tickets: access to the national Park - 10,000 VND. A lift on a jeep 40 000 VND / person.

🚶 How to get: See the position of mount Langbian on a map of da lat. Up the mountain there is a bus from the bus station of da lat for 9000 Dong.

Dray SAP waterfall and national Park (Dray Sap waterfall)

Водопад Драй Сап

This waterfall is the largest waterfall in Vietnam. Although his height is not very big, only 20 metres, its length is as much as 200 meters.

Is a waterfall in the national Park and visiting it is good to combine with a walk in the Park. In the Park preserved the pristine jungle with huge trees. Here there are many species of flora and fauna, many of which are not even given scientific names. At the top of the waterfall has a lookout with a breathtaking view of the falls. Next to the waterfall are interesting villages, ruled by a matriarchy.

🚶 How to get there: the Waterfall is located almost 100 kilometers from Dalat. See the position of the dray SAP waterfall on the map.

The Lin Phuoc Pagoda (Chua Linh Phuoc, Linh Phuong)

Пагода Линь Фуок, Далат Pagoda Linh Phuoc

The stunning beauty of the Pagoda Linh Phuoc is located about 8 km from Dalat. It is not a historical monument and was built only in 50-ies of XX century, However, attracts huge numbers of tourists and local tourists.

The pagoda consists of several parts: the highest tower, near the statue of Avalokitesvara, a garden with a lake, and 49-metre-high figure of a dragon, a temple with a Buddha statue, a pavilion with living Bodhisattva. Despite the magnitude of construction for the expansion and renovation of its being done all the time.

The external design of the Pagoda everywhere made of small pieces of glass, ceramics and porcelain and is a bright and colorful mosaic. Particularly impressive dragons wrapped around the temple here and there, a huge statue of the Bodhisattva, a large 8-ton bell, the statue guards etc. From the 7th floor of a high tower offers amazing views of the surrounding area.

This often confused the temple with another temple close to Dalat Thien Vien Truc Lam Monastery situated on the mountain with the cable car. Pagoda Linh Phuoc is a very different place, and it is located in the town of TRAI Mit (Trai Mit) about 10 kilometers from Dalat center.

🚶 How to reach: to reach the temple by taxi (about $ 15 for the trip there and back), on a rented vehicle or on a train traveling from the rail station of da lat. See the position of the Temple on a map of da lat.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🕐 Working time: daytime.

Temple Ni Vien Nguyen Khong

Храм, Далат Temple

It is a completely new Church and monastery, located near the waterfall Debate. In front of the temple in the centre of a small artificial pond on an artificial island is pretty big Buddha statue. On the whole, the temple is very well maintained and pretty.

Specially to come here to look at the temple, not worth it, but if you pass in these places, you can stop by and see this beautiful place.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

🕐 Working time: daylight hours.

🚶 How to get: See the position of the Temple on a map of da lat.

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