Customs rules of Vietnam

General information

When entering Vietnam you are required to fill out a customs Declaration if you have items to be declared. It then presented when leaving the country.

The import of consumer and computer equipment (including laptop) in Vietnam theoretically subject to mandatory Declaration. All undeclared equipment will be permitted for export only if payment of customs duties or the check of its acquisition in local trade organizations.

It is recommended to keep proof of all expenses incurred in the country during the stay. Banned the export of the national currency, art objects and Antiques, jewelry and folk art without the proper documents.

Allowed to import duty free:

  • up to 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 g of tobacco
  • up to 2 liters of alcohol strength to 22 degrees or 1,5 l alcoholic beverages, up to 3 liters of spirits or beer.
  • to 5 kg of tea, up to 3 kg. coffee
  • other goods for personal use with a total value of not more than 5 0000 VND (about $ 250, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate).

The import/export of currency

The import and export of foreign convertible currency of Vietnam is not restricted, but you must declare any foreign currency equivalent to more than 5 thousand US dollars and national currency sum over 15 000 000 VND. Also Declaration to be gold with a total weight over 300 grams.

The ban on import/export

Prohibited import/export of drugs and narcotic medications without a doctor's prescription for their application (penalties for the importation of drugs is extremely high, including the death penalty), firearms, pornography, printed materials, CD-ROMs, audio and videos that offend local traditions, Antiques, live wild animals, stuffed turtles, corals and rare plants.

Full customs rules for all categories of citizens are represented on the website

Also don't forget to look at the information about visa to Vietnam and visa-free entry.

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admin 03 Apr 2018, 15:39
1 I was Glad to help, enjoy your trip! ...
Alexey_bk 18 Apr 2018, 17:35
1Друзья,Hello! Tell me from Singapore to Vietnam,flying into Hanoi on may 6!A return ticket from Ho Chi Minh city on 21 may,i.e. in Vietnam, we are 16 days instead of the possible 15(without a visa)! Let us without a visa into the country?(read-whether to check for a return ticket) I understand for 16-th day will have to pay a fine? What is the amount for 1 day of stay without a visa? I would be very grateful for answers🙌🏻 PS.Advise to make the visa is not necessary!This is not possible,because the passport must be valid for at least 180 days after DEPARTURE from the country,and my girl ~174 days🤦🏻♂app ...
admin 19 Apr 2018, 13:04
1 Hello! In practice, fortunately, this problem is not encountered, but in theory and according to the information from other sources know that Vietnam is a serious violation, for which they cling to, and the fine is $ 55 (according to other sources 25). Moreover, it is likely that there will be more questions when boarding the flight (and then say that you will get a visa on arrival), or upon entry, if you ask for a return ticket and check the dates (and then say that I would go to Cambodia and get a visa, for example). On the one hand, but on the other, a lot of cases, when one day I closed my eyes on the road. In General, as lucky. ...
20 Apr 2018, 09:08
1Спасибо for the answer!On the forums the same information!Let's hope for the best!Moreover, we have literally 8 hours of delay)))Even less ...
edvard2531 29 may 2018, 02:04
1здравствуйте ! arrives in November to Phu Quoc Charter flights from Russia.Want to go for 2 days in Cambodia on a tour of how to do this? after all, there is a corridor in 30 days after departure from Vietnam in stapo!?((( ...
admin 12 2018 Mar, 14:55
1 Hello! Sorry for the delay in the approval of your "guest" question. Visa-free entry to Phu Quoc is possible only in the case of "You must arrive on a direct flight Phu Quoc (by plane or by ship) from another country.". Ie, in Cambodia you need to leave and get back on the plane or on the ship, but as far as I know no such flights. Therefore, the most reliable and easy way to get a visa invitation (worth $ 12) and on arrival at Phu Quoc island to obtain a multiple-entry visa on arrival at the airport (for Russians free). No problem going to Cambo for a tour and visa will return. ...
aisha9107640 30 Aug 2018, 05:45
1здравствуйте!!! visa for 3 months at the invitation at the airport, Fukuoka is issued or not yet ...
admin 30 Aug 2018, 05:51
1 Visa on arrival in Fukuoka airport are issued. If there are any limitations specifically about three months, I about such do not know. ...
Olesya Manzurova 05 Sep 2018, 09:45
1Здравствуйте. Fly by Charter to Phu Quoc and want to go for a few days on the mainland. How to obtain this visa. I read that at the airport. but could you elaborate? And where then will check this visa? When you get off the ferry on the mainland? ...
admin 05 may 2018, 11:28
1 Hello Olesya! Yes, you can get a visa at the airport upon arrival, and for Russian citizens it is free. To get it, only need to first pay the visa invitation, which is done via the Internet. Here about it all painted in detail - Read if I have questions, ask again. Regarding the verification of such a situation. Visas when arriving by ferry to Phu Quoc island from the mainland especially no one checks, there is no control, unless the raids what can happen. But the problem is that while on the mainland you are a violator of the law, and if your passport has been checked by the police, there will be serious problems. But even if the police will not collide with the host at any hotel even booking in advance you take the passport, check the availability of the stamps and in case of their absence report to the police. It's not because they are knocking like, just have in Vietnam a law that all tourists staying in hotels must register or something in this spirit. In short, the chances to get on the mainland without a visa there, and there's decide. ...

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