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General information

When entering Vietnam you are required to fill out a customs Declaration if you have items to be declared. It then presented when leaving the country.

The import of consumer and computer equipment (including laptop) in Vietnam theoretically subject to mandatory Declaration. All undeclared equipment will be permitted for export only if payment of customs duties or the check of its acquisition in local trade organizations.

It is recommended to keep proof of all expenses incurred in the country during the stay. Banned the export of the national currency, art objects and Antiques, jewelry and folk art without the proper documents.

Also do not forget that there exists a system of tax refund Vat Refund that allows you to recover part of the cost of expensive purchases at the check-out. Read more about Vat Refund in

Allowed to import duty free:

  • up to 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 g of tobacco
  • up to 2 liters of alcohol strength to 22 degrees or 1,5 l alcoholic beverages, up to 3 liters of spirits or beer.
  • to 5 kg of tea, up to 3 kg. coffee
  • other goods for personal use with a total value of not more than 5 0000 VND (about $ 250, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate).

The import/export of currency

The import and export of foreign convertible currency of Vietnam is not restricted, but you must declare any foreign currency equivalent to more than 5 thousand US dollars and national currency sum over 15 000 000 VND. Also Declaration to be gold with a total weight over 300 grams.

In itself, the Declaration does not threaten you, anything to pay of this amount is not necessary. So not worth the risk in such cases, and honestly to declare.

It is forbidden to import and export

Prohibited import/export of drugs and narcotic medications without a doctor's prescription for their application (penalties for the importation of drugs is extremely high, including the death penalty), firearms, pornography, printed materials, CD-ROMs, audio and videos that offend local traditions, Antiques, live wild animals, stuffed turtles, corals and rare plants.

Full customs rules for all categories of citizens are represented on the website

Also don't forget to look at the information about visa to Vietnam and visa-free entry.

The export of fruit

Officially on the export of fruit from Vietnam customs prohibitions do not, but theoretically, some limitations may set service for veterinary and phytosanitary control. In practice, when the export of fruit they anyone interested, so you can take them without problems, as long as it was reasonable in non-commercial quantities.

Sometimes you can find the information that fruit from Vietnam can be brought out only in plastic containers. This is complete nonsense, because the customs service does not regulate, in what form the fruit is allowed to carry on Board the plane. It's all in the competence of the particular airline that you are flying. Usually fruit in the Luggage don't give up, and transported in hand Luggage in any convenient box (a plastic container, just a bag, backpack) if other rules are not set by the airline.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
admin 28 March, 2019

Like always it was 6 months old. I don't remember. Just the biggest problem to come out of the airport, because airlines keep checking more thorough than at the border. You that remain: either all truths and not truths to try to make urgent new passport, or to try to fly as is. It may be lucky and nobody will pay attention. If anything, be ready at the airport confident to convince the staff of a/K that everything is OK and they are wrong, and that you have the invitation letter. I would have drawn a fake invitation letter on the basis of the old for the airline, and convinced them to last. If you miss, then on the border have to try to solve everything on the spot. I understand that you without a visa, and there in my memory, stamps is almost neglyadya set, however I without a visa there was 10 years ago, maybe a girlfriend now. In General, you of course see for yourself how to act, I just wrote how he would have done. ...
admin 28 March, 2019

Not heard about the ban on the export of shells, take out all of the problems there. Rather, the worry that some Russian customs officers with a hangover did not claim that you import a commercial consignment. But IMHO this is unlikely in reality. ...
Catahoola 28 March, 2019
Thanks for your answer!
Up to 2015 was 3 months, just on this info I came across when planning a trip(((
I read on the forums that can help in the Approval letter, you call letter of invitation??? or what is this letter? how to do it on the basis of the Old? The invitation is meant invitation from a Vietnamese citizen? excuse my ignorance in this topic)
admin March 29, 2019

That letter needs to get visitpa arrival and done via the Internet, all very easy. Read more and where you can receive we have written here This letter is a fake one can do in a graphics editor if you have the skill. Take the strange letter and change the date and inserts your data. Only this letter is solely for the airline, in no case does not need to be present at the border, otherwise the consequences are unknown. Can try to make and a real invitation for one of the sites, but there can not miss such a period of a passport. ...
Catahoola 29 March, 2019
Thank You for the tip!
But if I make this invitation, then it is mandatory to provide directly on the border in Vietnam or to show airline and forget about it?
admin 31 March, 2019

Need an invitation for obtaining a visa on arrival and if you expect to get a visa stamp for 15 days, it is not required and to show it is not necessary. But on the other hand can try to get the first stamp and if the stamp is not put, go to the visa on arrival, where he will present the letter, there may be lucky. And even if nothing happens there and there, try to solve the problem with the border officers, because they are known for their "docility" in the presence of crisp dollars. Only do not skandalte and ask and persuade, to no aggression on your part.
In fact, you are unlikely to make an official invitation, after you send your passport details on the website, but try. If that doesn't work, can you send me your old invitation (November 2018), try on the basis of him to do a fake for a/K. so let me know the results of how it went. ...
gainetdinova 2 April, 2019
Hello, dear travelers! Prompt, please, on the trip to Vietnam (first time going). Passport issued on 27 February 2019 Trip planned in early August, 2019. Let me into the country? Something doesn't quite understand comments about the action/end of the passport in Vietnam ...
admin 2 April, 2019

It's simple. Valid for another 6 months. Do you like it turns out more than 6 months, so that problems will not arise. What was discussed above is an attempt to solve the problem with passport validity less than 6 months. ...
Il April 6, 2019
Please tell me!
first time going to Vietnam. the question on the Declaration of imported equipment.
go together imported(and then removal) of two smartphones , one tablet and two cameras do
it's to declare? and where you can take the form of customs declaratii? ...
admin 7 April, 2019

Hammer. About the same equipment always introduce, and even more (usually three cameras), never declared. You do them not in commercial packaging going imports/export... But if you really want, then in the airport after passport control and baggage claim before you go on the green corridor look for the Desk or officer. ask for the Declaration, please fill in and go through the red corridor. ...

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