Customs rules of Vietnam

General information

When entering Vietnam you are required to fill out a customs Declaration if you have items, podliassie Declaration. It then presented when leaving the country.

The import of consumer and computer equipment (including laptop) in Vietnam theoretically subject to mandatory Declaration. All undeclared equipment will be permitted for export only if payment of customs duties or the check of its acquisition in local trade organizations.

It is recommended to keep proof of all expenses incurred in the country during the stay. Banned the export of the national currency, art objects and Antiques, jewelry and folk art without the proper documents.

Allowed to import duty free:

  • up to 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 g of tobacco
  • up to 2 liters of alcohol strength to 22 degrees or 1,5 l alcoholic beverages, up to 3 liters of spirits or beer.
  • to 5 kg of tea, up to 3 kg. coffee
  • other goods for personal use with a total value of not more than 5 0000 VND (about $ 250, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate).

The import/export of currency

The import and export of foreign convertible currency of Vietnam is not restricted, but you must declare any foreign currency equivalent to more than 5 thousand US dollars and national currency sum over 15 000 000 VND. Also Declaration to be gold with a total weight over 300 grams.

The ban on import/export

Prohibited import/export of drugs and narcotic medications without a doctor's prescription for their application (penalties for the importation of drugs is extremely high, including the death penalty), firearms, pornography, printed materials, CD-ROMs, audio and videos that offend local traditions, Antiques, live wild animals, stuffed turtles, corals and rare plants.

Full customs rules for all categories of citizens are represented on the website

Also don't forget to look at the information about visa to Vietnam and visa-free entry.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
sav29ru 27 Sep 2017, 08:37
Good day. Tell me how it is better to apply for a visa, arrival to Phu Quoc and flight from Cam Ranh Bay, longer than 23 days. In travel Agency in Phu Quoc or Ho Chi Minh city (expected arrival date)? With thanks in advance. ...
admin 28 Sep 2017, 04:40
For a start, tell me, are you a citizen of a country, Russia? ...
30 Oct 2017, 10:01
Please tell me - will there be questions about a return ticket at the airport of Bangkok (layover ), when flights to Vietnam from Russia? What to do if a return ticket is not planned, but an invitation paid for and waiting for in Vietnam? And put the visa in Ho Chi Minh city without a return ticket? ...
admin 30 may 2017, 17:41
At the entrance to Thailand required a return ticket or a ticket to a third country, you will be the last, so that problems will not arise. About visa interesting question... cannot say right Now, will try to find out ...
Tsiba 01 Nov 2017, 07:06
Good day!

I fly a direct flight to Phu Quoc, but want to go for a couple of days on the mainland. Do I need a visa and can I arrange it upon arrival in Fukuoka airport? ...
admin 01 Nov 2017, 11:17
Can get visa on arrival in Fukuoka, and then is no problem to get to the mainland. For Russian citizens visa is free of charge ...
01 Nov 2017, 23:04
Good evening!
When crossing the land border(going from Sihanoukville to Phu Quoc) possible visa-free entry? Whether you will have to pay for a visa to get in Vietnam? Trip more than 15 days. Or have the opportunity to do it for free at Fukuoka? ...
admin 02 Nov 2017, 10:13
Assuming that you a little incorrectly understand a visa-free regime on the island of Phu Quoc, please correct if wrong: you got it.
When crossing land borders Russian citizens receive a stamp on a 15-day visa-free stay, unrelated to the visa-free stay in Phu Quoc. Ie, you get a stamp, and will be able to visit Ho Chi Minh city and Phu Quoc island without any problems with this stamp, but is in country only 15 days. To stay longer, I see two options:
1. Get a visa in Cambodia in Phnom Penh, and it is moving on the ground.
2. Buy plane tickets and fly to Ho Chi Minh city or Phu Quoc island and get there visa on arrival at the airport for free.
About how to obtain visa upon arrival while in Vietnam I don't know, perhaps there are semi-legal ways, but certainly not free. Well still as a variant it is possible to extend visa-free stay in place, but this money is very expensive, cheaper plane tickets to buy. ...
Maureen 24 Nov 2017, 07:28
Good day! Often fail in getting the E-visa? Food in Phan Thiet via the Ho Chi Minh city, 17 days ...
admin 24 Nov 2017, 08:09
About any news. Missed the moment, now that electronic Vietnam issued steel. Your question is not answer, but will try to find out. ...