The island of Con Dao (Vietnam): tourist information

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General information about the island of con Dao

Вид на остров

The island of Con Dao (Con Dao Island) – an island in Vietnam, located in the South of the country, about 100 kilometers from the coast in the waters of the South China sea. In fact, despite the established name of "Con Dao island", actually is a group (archipelago) of 16 Islands with a total area of 76 sq km the largest island of the archipelago, with an area of 51 sq. km. It is also sometimes called the old Conson (Con Son, was renamed in Con Dao, 1977). Previously, the island was a place where they kept political prisoners.

Con Dao is one of the popular island resorts of Vietnam along with the Islands of Phu Quoc and cat BA island. Guests of the island provides a great beach vacation and opportunities for diving and snorkeling (see diving in Vietnam). Given the remoteness and inaccessibility of the island, staying here is quite secluded, tranquil and exotic. Tourists here, and while you can still see wild undiscovered places. Currently on the island the construction of tourism infrastructure, so if you want to see the island, not yet densely populated with tourists, you should hurry.

Дайвинг на острове

Most of the territory of the archipelago since 1984, is a National Park area where you can interact with exotic animals, plants, and underwater world (scuba diving on the island is considered the best in Vietnam). To visit the Park independently, in conjunction with a group tour or hiring a private guide. Another attraction is a visit to the small Islands of the archipelago, where you can even spend the night camping. On one of the Islands (Hon Bay Canh), is a lighthouse that tourists can visit as attractions.

Also the island has some historical sights. The most important of them is political prisoners prison (Phu Hai prison), which killed 20,000 prisoners. Now this place turned into a Museum. Another memorable place is the cemetery (Hang Duong Cemetery) dedicated to those who died in prison. To visit both of these places can be, hiring a tour guide in the Museum of the revolution (Revolutionary Museum), which is also worth to visit. Of course, on the island on the hill there is a temple.

Маяк на острове

The island's tourist infrastructure is still rather poorly developed, which is probably a plus for this place than a minus. Besides hotels and restaurants there is almost nothing, although the construction of new facilities is underway. The center of the island is only newly built town of (Con Son Village) with excellent roads, new buildings, but even there you can find only the most necessary. Buy something only possible in the markets, no shopping malls here. All very expensive, so better buy everything you need to relax, even on the mainland. There are diving centers and travel agencies that are ready to send you to the nearby Islands or a tour of the National Park. In the evening on the island to do nothing.

Weather in Con Dao, seasons

The climate in Con Dao is tropical, warm round years. As usual, stands out the dry season and the rainy season. The temperature during the year varies little.

The dry season from December to April. This is the best time to relax. Almost no precipitation, the temperature is moderate, not too hot.

The rainy season is from may to November. It's not the best time to visit, but to cancel the trip at this time do not have. Rains are not as many as on the mainland, and they are short.

However, in some cases it is necessary to bind the time to the island not for seasons. So, if you want to see turtles, which crawl ashore to lay eggs, you should come here from may to November. The best time for diving and snorkeling, when the water visibility reaches 20-30 metres, is the period from February to July.

The tourist seasons in Con Dao months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in island Con Dao and the forecast for the near future:

How to get to Con Dao island

On the plane

On the Con Dao island has an airport (Con Dao Airport), were the flights operated by VASCO (Vietnam Airlines subsidiary) and Air Mekong (temporarily suspended in 2013) from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Cantho (Can Tho).

Most often (several times a day) run flights from airport Ho Chi Minh city. The price of such flights and promo fare starts from 750 000 VND (about$ 35, see Vietnam currency, exchange rate). From Hanoi and Cantho flights are operated 4 times per week. The frequency of flights varies depending on the season.

From airport Con Dao, the hotel can be reached by taxi or minivan (about 3$).

On the ferry

The island can be reached by night ferry (12 hours, departs at 17:00) from Vung Tau. Cost 250 000 VND. To Vung Tau, in turn, can be reached by boat from Ho Chi Minh city.

Than to move on

The island has no public transport. You can also rent motorbikes and bicycles (see motorbike rentals in Vietnam). Also quite a lot of car taxis and minivans.

Hotels Of Con Dao

Hotels con Dao quite a bit, but among them are budget accommodation. However, given the shortage of affordable accommodation, would highly recommend to book your hotel in Con Dao in advance, even better in a few weeks or months. At the moment the island is built of several large hotels, and when you open them, the situation may change. At worst, on the island you can stay in a camping in tents, of course, money.

Find and book accommodation on the island of Con Dao can on these sites or via the search form:

Map O. Con Dao hotels

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