Hotels and areas of cat BA island, where better to stay

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Features accommodation on the island of cat BA

On cat BA island, there are more than hundreds of hotels of different categories, difficulties with the placement does not occur even in high season, but during the summer months and on weekends when there is the largest influx of tourists, it is best to book accommodation in advance. But during the low season (October to December), many hotels arrange a real show of generosity, making a discount up to 90%. At this time you can book a comfortable room with air conditioning, a TV and its own bathroom 100 000 VND per day. Such discounts low season, we (the authors) are found nowhere else in Vietnam.

Улица с отелями в центре Катба Street hotels in cat BA centre

Hotels on cat BA island, mostly easy, categories 2-3 stars, but quite suitable for a longer stay. There are also budget options including hostels, but very few of them. But given the level of prices, even for the lone budget traveler, here you can find accommodation on the pocket. Often offered accommodation with Breakfast included.

In addition to traditional accommodation, on the island you can stay in floating hotels. In fact, it's a cruise boat, where you can stay in a separate cabin and to rent an entire boat with the whole team. Of course, the most interesting to live in such boats are not near the coast of the island, but floating in the bays of Halong and LAN Ha, and if you book it in full, you will be able to determine the navigation route. Such accommodation options available for booking through the search engine of hotels there, and they are designated as Junk or Cruise.

Плавучая лодка-отель в Халонге Floating boat hotel

Search and book hotels on catba island, you can go to the following websites:

We traditionally recommend you to use for booking the best search engine of hotels Agoda in Southeast Asia because it offers booking in advance and best support (including Russian) in Asia. Find hotels in cat BA island with Agoda can through the search form:

Map of cat BA island hotels

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Areas at cat BA island where to stay

Cat BA island is not a small island, from North to South it stretches for 22 kilometres. But do not be afraid of these dimensions, because most of it is occupied by national Park and all tourist infrastructure is concentrated in a small place in the South of cat BA town (Catba town). It is the only developed tourist place, and very compact, and here you can find all the hotels, with rare exception. Here are all suitable for recreation and swimming beaches of the island (see more about the beaches of cat BA island). So if you are looking for a place to stay for the traditional holiday and close to the beaches, some places are better not to find (cat BA town on the map).

Центр Катба-тауна на о. Катба Centre of cat BA town

In the heart of cat BA town hotels are so compact that by and large to choose a place is not necessary, will still be within walking distance from the center. But some of the features are:

  • If you stay in the center near the pier, i.e., where the embankment abuts a street Nui Ngoc (center the map), it is likely to be close to the noisy nightlife that can keep you awake until at least midnight.
  • If you are ready to join the night party, and want to sleep well, it makes sense to settle a bit further from the centre. In our opinion, the perfect place is all the same promenade in the centre but a bit further South and closer to the beaches.
  • Still a very quiet neighborhood you can find, if you go further deep into cat BA town on Nui Ngoc street, however in this case the beaches you have to go a little further.
  • Well, quite calm and quiet to relax, if you stay at one of the hotels on the beaches Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 or Cat Co 3. Then the centre party can be reached in 10-15 minutes on foot or few minutes by taxi, but the beach will get immediately when you exit the room. Here are the hotels:

In addition to cat BA town on the island, you can stay in other places, but it will be a bit non-standard and not a budget vacation:

If budget allow, you can consider staying in one of the floating hotels. Of course, your whole vacation in them is not carried out, but two or three days to spend on a cruise boat in the middle of the beautiful Islands of Halong Bay or LAN Ha will be an unforgettable experience. To book these cruises through the travel Agency on the spot, but the best cruise boats are booked in advance as a whole. They can be booked as usual through the system of search and booking of hotels. Here's the best of them:

Another accommodation on the small Islands in the Bay. You will be able to stay in a hotel or Bungalow on secluded Islands, where besides you and the guests of these hotels will not be anyone.

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