Where to go in Nha Trang or Phan Thiet (MUI ne)

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Vietnam tourism Nha Trang and Phan Thiet (resort area of MUI ne) is arguably the most popular and most visited places in Vietnam, especially among Russians. This is not surprising, because both resorts have good beaches and good infrastructure. Prices for package tours and costs for self-organized trip, at one time or another resort about the same. There is only one problem – the right to choose one of them, if it is not possible to visit both in one trip. Below we have tried to objectively compare these two places to make it easier to decide. But first, brief information about these resorts in a few sentences:

  • Nha Trang

    It is quite large by Vietnamese standards, city and capital of the province. Located in the South Central of Vietnam, so it applies to southern Vietnam, and Central. The city has well developed infrastructure: many hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops. A compact tourist area with many hotels. In the city and close to many attractions and entertainment. The beach, mainly in urban areas, but there are beaches far from the city, which also has its hotels.

    Detailed tourist information about Nha Trang here.

  • Phan Thiet

    Phan Thiet is located in the southern part of Vietnam. It is also a fairly large city. But for tourists the city itself is of little interest, since the beaches there. The bulk of tourists is on vacation in the resort area of MUI ne, which refers to Fantato. This area stretches along the beaches in the form of long chains of hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops. The locals in this area almost never inhabited, where almost everything is built for tourism and comfortable rest. Attractions in the resort area there, but the area has several interesting places (quite far away), where you can get a guided tour or independently.

    Detailed tourist and travel information about Phan Thiet here.

The distance between the Antietam and Nha Trang – 230 km.

Where is the best beaches?

And on and on the other resort beaches are considered good quality (but not perfect). Do not expect any of these places the beach in the style of "bounty": they are far from that.

  • Nha Trang

    Нячанг, Вьетнам

    Nha Trang is quite a large town, and main beach lies within the city limits. He's long, sandy coastline is quite wide. Pure it can only be called a stretch, although the beach is constantly cleaned and cleaned. On the beach there are sunbeds to rent, some standard water fun in the form of banana, parachute, jetski. In addition to the city beach, there are still a few distant places from the city beaches hotels. They are more clean, but the infrastructure there is no no. Read more about the beaches of Nha Trang here.

  • Phan Thiet

    Муйне, Вьетнам

    In the city of Phan Thiet beaches at all. Resort area of MUI ne is stretched along the beaches of almost 10 kilometers. In its entirety the quality of the beaches is very different. In some rare places, the sandy beach is absent, and instead, reinforced concrete slope, so carefully approach the choice of accommodation in Phan Thiet, then to not go far on foot to the nearest sandy beach. Also the cleanliness and quality of beaches are highly dependent on the season: in low season the beaches are cleaned worse and strong winds and waves bring a lot of garbage. However, almost any time of the year the water is still muddy and no diving and snorkeling and can be no question. Large waves make the beaches in MUI ne sometimes just unsuitable for swimming, but perfect for surfers and kiters.

    In the South of Phan Thiet there are several beaches (resort areas). These beaches are considered to be more pure, as there are expensive hotels and keep them clean. But the situation here is almost a village, outside of the hotels, no infrastructure.

Russian language and Russian tourists

Нячанг, Вьетнам

MUI ne (Phan Thiet) has long been the Russian resort area of Vietnam. Russian here almost more than all other tourists combined. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops, travel agencies focused on Russian tourists and belong to the Russian. There is even a supermarket "Crossroads". Those who did not speak foreign languages, the ne will feel almost like home.

Nha Trang is still not as Russian, but in recent years, the situation changes dramatically: there is cutting the influx of Russian tourists, lots of Russians arrive in Nha Trang and making business (including illegal). As a result, there appeared a number of establishments dedicated exclusively to the Russians, but while they are still smaller than in the ne. Without knowledge of a foreign language in Nha Trang also will not have any difficulties.

Entertainment. Where's the fun?

Нячанг, Вьетнам

A difficult question. Because it all depends on point of view. MUI ne is a great place to practice water sports (kitesurfing, surfing), and there is a relevant party from all over the world. But if you just a tourist in MUI ne, brought to you in the form of a holiday village, which, in fact, is. Seems to be all that you need to stay there, but for serious shopping you have to travel to the city of Phan Thiet (5-15 kilometers from the resort) and the attractions to get miles. In the evening in MUI ne, in addition to a campaign in cafe or restaurant, there is nothing to do. Any entertainment for kids either.

Nha Trang is much more active and more fun, because the tourist area is located right in the city. Everything is constantly in motion, and even in the late evening. To find something to do at almost any time of the day. Offers many fun and informative and entertainment. More near Nha Trang is the island of hon tre (Hon Tre), which is the amusement Park Vinpearl Land, where it will be fun for adults and children. And the city for children a lot of interesting things.

Where is the best weather?

Despite the proximity of the cities (they are separated by only 230 km), tourist seasons during the year, they vary greatly. Overall, both resorts are all year round comfortable holiday, but there are less comfortable low seasons:

Resort/month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Nha Trang                        
Phan Thiet and MUI ne                        

*best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Read more about the weather and seasons in Nha Trang.

Read more about the weather and seasons in Phan Thiet.

Attractions in Nha Trang and Phan Thiet

MUI ne attractions is almost there. Between the Antietam and the resort are Cham towers, the inspection of which is to spend no more than 20 minutes. Also in the ne there is a small river with picturesque banks, called "Red brook". This, perhaps, and all. Other interesting places are far beyond the bounds of the city and get there in most cases is possible only with a guided tour. Among them: Mountain Taku and the statue of the reclining Buddha; the Ke GA lighthouse; red and white sand dunes, red canyon. It is a very modest attractions. Read more about attractions of Phan Thiet here.

In Nha Trang attractions, the situation is much better. In the city there are several museums and many interesting architectural buildings, temples. You can go with excursion to "monkey island", to waterfalls, visiting hot springs and much more. Read more about Nha Trang sights here.

Much easier to get to?

This is a particularly important question for those who travel independently. However, unequivocally to answer it it is impossible, you have to try on the situation individually for themselves.

To get to Phan Thiet (MUI ne) through the international airport of Ho Chi Minh citywhich is quite far (a few hours drive) from the resort. In Nha Trang international airport is very close, literally a half hour drive. And, more recently, in Nha Trang airport started direct flights from Moscow and, accordingly, to fly to Nha Trang airport and then get to the resort from the airport by taxi or bus with minimal inconvenience.

On the other hand, a direct flight to Nha Trang more expensive than flights to Ho Chi Minh city (some flights to Ho Chi Minh city with transfers are much cheaper and often there are promotions, sales), and planes fly in Ho Chi Minh city much more often, so that you can pick out any date and time.

At the same time, arriving even very cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh city airport, you will be challenged to get to Phan Thiet (MUI ne), and cheap public transport there is is completely absent. It is either hire a taxi (from $ 100 per car) or go by bus or train through the city which of course is much cheaper, but will require a lot of time.

Read more about how to get to Phan Thiet and MUI ne here, and how to get in Nha Trang here.

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