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Attention! We constantly try to monitor any changes in the visa regime and to make timely on this page the most accurate information. However, we do not warrant that the submitted information is rapidly changing visa regulations of individual countries, therefore, the information on this page is presented for information.

Attention! 01.01.2015 tightened conditions for visa-free entry to Vietnam for citizens of those countries which had visa-free stay of up to 15 days. From the CIS countries have such a right only citizens of the Russian Federation. Now to get the stamp on the visa-free stay, the validity of passport must be not less than 6 months from the date of entry (previously three months). Also since the last exit from Vietnam should not be less than 30 days. Read more here...

Common questions the validity

  • Do I need a visa to Vietnam?

    Citizens of most countries the visa into Vietnam is required. However, citizens of Russia can come to Vietnam with tourist purposes for a period of not more than 15 days without a visa with the arrival stamp in the passport for visa-free stay (don't confuse this stamp with the visa on arrival, this is a visa-free stay of up to 15 days).

  • Where can I get a visa to Vietnam?

    You can get a visa on arrival to Vietnam or Consulate in any country. Moreover, it does not matter what your citizenship, you can obtain a visa at the Consulate in any country where you go.

    Is it possible to get a visa while in Vietnam. Yes, such services are offered by travel agents in the resorts. Price from $ 40. They say that this is not legal, and independently of such a visa while in Vietnam not to.

  • What is the required validity of the passport for entry into Vietnam?

    Passport must be valid for at least 6 months if you enter without a visa (for Russians) or are planning to apply for a visa on arrival.

    If you apply for the visa at the Consulate, at the entrance need a passport with validity of not less than 30 days after the period of intended stay (checked on your return ticket). Keep in mind that for the visa at the Embassy you need to provide a passport valid for at least 6 months. The validity of the passport for visa and entry are two different things.

  • What is the required validity of the passport for visa to Vietnam?

    As mentioned above, if you apply for the visa at the Consulate at home, you need to provide a passport with validity not less than 6 months. The validity of the passport for visa and entry are two different things.

  • Is there a transit visa to Vietnam

    No, what type of visa no. If you fly in transit through Vietnam without a change of the terminal, then there is no problem, because you do not leave the international zone.

Visa-free entry

  • Where a mark is stamped on visa-free entry to Vietnam?

    This stamp is for the citizens of Russia and Belarus is placed on all land border crossings and at international airports of Vietnam.

  • Believed to be 15 days visa-free stay?

    If strictly formal, from the date of arrival is counted exactly 15 days. But sometimes the guards put for 1-2 days more if you have a return flight falls on a 16 or 17 day.

  • What is the validity period of the passport is necessary for visa-free entry to Vietnam?

    From 01.01.2015 this period increased from 3 months to 6 months.

  • Is it possible to extend visa-free for 15 days?

    Yes, local travel agents offer a service of renewal (visa) from $ 40 30 days, more time more expensive. From 01.01.2015 the cost of renewal has increased dramatically, up to $ 100.

  • Can I leave Vietnam and return back again to get a stamp for 15 days?

    Until 01 January 2015 this was possible at any time. At the moment, to enter Vietnam visa-free can only more than 30 days after the last exit from it.

  • Can I enter visa free to Vietnam earlier than thirty days after first exit, if the first time I entered on a visa.

    No, from 01 January 2015 to get a stamp for 15 days visa-free stay is possible is strictly not earlier than 30 days after the last departure from Vietnam, no matter how you drove before.

  • Is it possible to exceed the visa-free period of 15 days?

    Officially the law is impossible, but in practice it is known that guards often go to a meeting, and on the basis of submitted tickets on departure stamped in the passport stamped on 16 or 17 days. However, we recommend in such cases to obtain a visa on arrival, especially since it is for Russian citizens is free.

  • I exceeded the 15 days visa-free stay?

    That threatens me at the check-out? If the excess is small, in 2-3 days, then get off listening to lectures about the inadmissibility to violate the terms and a fine of $ 10-15 per each day of delay.

  • Do you need a return ticket for visa-free stay?

    Need a return ticket or a ticket to any other country. Although it is not always check but if they ask and you are in the country will not let. Then you can quickly purchase any ticket for a flight to a neighboring country via the Internet directly at the airport, and enter.

  • I want to fly to Vietnam and fly home from neighboring countries, arriving there on the ground. Let me?

    If strictly according to the law, can not admit, since you have no ticket on departure/departure from Vietnam. But in most cases, if you explain your route and show a ticket from another country to go towards. You can also book a bus ticket from Vietnam in advance via the Internet and present it.

Visa on arrival (Landing Visa)

  • What it takes to obtain a visa on arrival to Vietnam?

    You need a valid passport for a period not less than 6 months, pre-decorated invitation letter (Approval Letter), Photo 4x6 (color or black and white) and a questionnaire. Profile and photo is better to register in advance at home.

    Download the application form for a visa to Vietnam for Vietnamese/Russian languages in two formats: анкета.doc / profile.pdf. Download the questionnaire in pdf format in English.
  • What is an invitation letter for a visa on arrival (Visa Approval Letter) and where to get it

    Invitation letter necessary for obtaining a visa on arrival. It is made through special websites, printed, and transmitted for visa on arrival at the airport. You can get here -,,, http://www.vietnam-visa-service.comcosts from $ 8.

  • The invitation letter (Visa Approval Letter) and invitation code (Visa Approval Code) is the same?

    In fact they resemble, but are different things. Visa Approval Letter is a paper for visa on arrival at the airport, and Visa Approval Code is the code of invitation, necessary for obtaining a visa in advance. Both are issued through special sites (see above)

  • Where can I get visa on arrival Vietnam?

    Visa on arrival is only in the international airports of Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, da Nang and Nha Trang. At land crossings visa on arrival do not.

  • Is it possible to get a visa on arrival in Fukuoka airport?

    With 2015 on the island of Phu Quoc operates a full-fledged international airport that accepts international flights. Visa on arrival is issued, just as in other airports.

  • Should the citizens pay for visa on arrival?

    Visa on arrival Vietnam for Russian citizens is free.

  • How much is the visa on arrival at the airport?

    Usually registration of the visa takes about 15-20 minutes, and in rare cases, if you have a large queue, this process may take up to 1 hour, but no longer.

  • How much is the visa on arrival to Vietnam?

    For the Russians visa on arrival is free for other citizens:

    • 1 month, single entry : $45
    • 1-month multiple entry : $65
    • up to 6 months, multiple entry : $95
    • more than 6 months, multiple entry : $135

    The fee shall be paid in dollars.

    In practice, given only a maximum of three-month multiple entry visa.

Visa entry visa in advance

  • Where can I apply for a visa to Vietnam in advance?

    In any Consulate of Vietnam in any country of the world regardless of nationality (i.e. the Russians can easily apply for a visa to Vietnam at the Embassy of Thailand, for example). Of course, you can apply for a visa in Moscow, the Consulate in Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg

  • Does the limit re-entry no earlier than 30 days after the last exit, if I enter on the existing visa or a visa on arrival with a letter of invitation?

    The restriction of entry no earlier than 30 days only applies to visa-free entry.

  • Visa at the Embassy of the Russian citizens is free of charge, as well as visa on arrival?

    No, the visa issued in advance, will have to pay a hefty visa fee, so for tourist purposes, in most cases it makes no sense to contact the visa at the Consulate beforehand. Sense to apply for a visa in advance only in the case if you enter the country by land, i.e. will not be able to get a free visa on arrival (for Russian citizens).

Also be sure to check that you have unpaid fines and other debts, otherwise you can not release at the border from Russia.

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Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
admin April 19, 2018
Hello! In practice, fortunately, this problem is not encountered, but in theory and according to the information from other sources know that Vietnam is a serious violation, for which they cling to, and the fine is $ 55 (according to other sources 25). Moreover, it is likely that there will be more questions when boarding the flight (and then say that you will get a visa on arrival), or upon entry, if you ask for a return ticket and check the dates (and then say that I would go to Cambodia and get a visa, for example). On the one hand, but on the other, a lot of cases, when one day I closed my eyes on the road. In General, as lucky. ...
20 April, 2018
Thanks for the reply!On the forums the same information!Let's hope for the best!Moreover, we have literally 8 hours of delay)))Even less ...
edvard2531 29 July, 2018
Hello ! arrives in November to Phu Quoc Charter flights from Russia.Want to go for 2 days in Cambodia on a tour of how to do this? after all, there is a corridor in 30 days after departure from Vietnam in stapo!?((( ...
admin 12 August, 2018
Hello! Sorry for the delay in the approval of your "guest" question. Visa-free entry to Phu Quoc is possible only in the case of "You must arrive on a direct flight Phu Quoc (by plane or by ship) from another country.". Ie, in Cambodia you need to leave and get back on the plane or on the ship, but as far as I know no such flights. Therefore, the most reliable and easy way to get a visa invitation (worth $ 12) and on arrival at Phu Quoc island to obtain a multiple-entry visa on arrival at the airport (for Russians free). No problem going to Cambo for a tour and visa will return. ...
aisha9107640 August 30, 2018
Hello!!! visa for 3 months at the invitation at the airport, Fukuoka is issued or not yet ...
admin August 30, 2018
Visa on arrival in Fukuoka airport are issued. If there are any limitations specifically about three months, I about such do not know. ...
Olesya Manzurova September 5, 2018
Hello. Fly by Charter to Phu Quoc and want to go for a few days on the mainland. How to obtain this visa. I read that at the airport. but could you elaborate? And where then will check this visa? When you get off the ferry on the mainland? ...
admin September 5, 2018
Hello Olesya! Yes, you can get a visa at the airport upon arrival, and for Russian citizens it is free. To get it, only need to first pay the visa invitation, which is done via the Internet. Here about it all painted in detail - Read if I have questions, ask again. Regarding the verification of such a situation. Visas when arriving by ferry to Phu Quoc island from the mainland especially no one checks, there is no control, unless the raids what can happen. But the problem is that while on the mainland you are a violator of the law, and if your passport has been checked by the police, there will be serious problems. But even if the police will not collide with the host at any hotel even booking in advance you take the passport, check the availability of the stamps and in case of their absence report to the police. It's not because they are knocking like, just have in Vietnam a law that all tourists staying in hotels must register or something in this spirit. In short, the chances to get on the mainland without a visa there, and there's decide. ...
vasilisa.lar 9 October, 2018
Prompt, please, the validity of the invitation letter (VISA APPROVAL LETTER) for visa purposes. ...
admin 9 October, 2018
Hello! It is not as such the validity period. At the time of booking on the websites you specify the entry date and visa type and the date you specify is added the duration of the visa. Then when you receive the letter, there will be specified that you are allowed to stay in the country for single/multiple entry visa (your date) to (end date of the visa). ...

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