The best sights of Vietnam, which is a must see

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In every country there are places without which a visit to it will be incomplete, and if you can't see them, you will have to go back there again. So, to Cambodia is the famous Angkor, Egypt – the pyramids, in Thailand's ancient capital Ayuthaya, and Indonesia, for example, Borobudur. In Vietnam too, there are places that are a must-see regardless of which resort you are resting. Here's our ranking of these attractions, as well as quick tips on how to visit them:

  • Halong

    Бухта Халонг (Вьетнам) Halong

    Bay or Halong Bay a UNESCO world heritage site and considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin of the South China sea in the North, it is interesting that there are over 3000 limestone Islands with cliffs, caves, coves and grottos. The views of the Bay are some of the most recognizable, the hallmark of Vietnam.

    Halong is located in the North of the country, and easier and cheaper just to visit it with a tour from Hanoi. But with the other resorts in Vietnam offers tours, including from the South, but will have to fly on a plane, why the cost is much higher. Excursion in most cases is a one - or two-day boat cruise with a visit to one or more of the Islands and caves, the floating village. On their own, without a tour, to go to Halong, we would not recommend: a tour of everything goes much easier and cheaper.

  • Hanoi

    Южные ворота, крепость Ханоя The Fortress Of Hanoi
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    Hanoi – Vietnam's capital and its cultural center. Locals say that here lives the soul of Vietnam.

    To visit the country and see the capital is wrong in any country, but here it will be doubly wrong. Hanoi is so interesting and full of attractions that two or three days here will fly by in an instant. Here is must-see Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, temple of literature, Hanoi citadel, women's Museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, the one pillar pagoda, lake of restored sword and the temple of turtles, puppet theatre and other sights of Hanoi. If possible, it is also poison for a tour to the perfume pagoda. And that's just the most important sights of Hanoi, and a total of four times more.

    To visit Hanoi, you can tour from any resort of Vietnam. But quite comfortable and cheap to organize a trip to the capital for a day or two on their own. If time allows, you can spend five days in Hanoi, from here it's best to visit in tour of Halong Bay and the mountain town of Sapa.

  • Mountain town of Sapa

    Этнические жители в деревне Лао Чаи близ Сапы Ethnic people in the village
    Lao Teas near Sapa

    In the North of Vietnam is a place not to miss if you have even a modicum of the spirit of priklyuchencheskie. Around Sapa on the slopes of the mountains are scattered many villages of ethnic tribes and valleys adorned with beautiful landscapes of mountain rivers and emerald rice terraces. Here is the highest peak in the country – mount Fansipan (Fansipan). If you are willing to hike for adventure – the best place in Vietnam to find.

    Sapa is usually visited by tour or by yourself from Hanoi.

  • The ancient town of Hoi an

    Хойан, Вьетнам Evening In Hoi An

    Hoi an is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO as a monument of the medieval trade-port cities, and will delight pleasure Amateur sites. In addition, it is also a city of artists. But even if you are not impressed by the abundance of historical and architectural monuments, romantic atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent. In General, Hoi an is just lovely.

    Hoi an can be visited in the city for a few days from Nha Trang or MUI ne, but much more interesting to come and dive into its atmosphere on their own, without a tour group. Some tourists choose it as the main place of recreation because there are more wonderful beaches.

  • Ruins Michonne

    Мишон, Вьетнам The my son ruins group

    Ruins of my son (also Mason) is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Once there was a city of the ancient Kingdom of Champa, today remained only a few ruins, which are constantly being restored, including the destruction after the war with the United States (monument almost completely razed to the ground by American bombers).

    The ruins are not far from Hoi an and it is available for independent visit or a tour of the town. With other resorts it is best to visit michonne a tour in Hoi an.

  • Hue Citadel

    Императорская цитадель (Вьетнам)

    Hue – the former Imperial capital of Vietnam. Today it is a city where preserved many attractions, the Central of which is the Imperial fortress. Beside the fortress there are also several museums, temples, near the city of scattered Imperial tombs. Not to mention the fragrant perfume river, passing through the city.

    Hue can be visited as a guided tour, and to come to the city alone for a few days.

  • Cave Shandong (Son Dung)

    Пещера Шондонг

    This is another natural wonder of Vietnam, and quite new. It was discovered by British scientists in 2009, and before that it was known only to locals. It is remarkable that this is the largest cave in the world. It is so huge that it can fit a small city. With its length of 5 km and a maximum width and height 200 and 150 metres respectively.

    Unfortunately, the cave is located in a very remote place in the jungles of Central Vietnam, and you can get into it only as a member of the forwarding group, and a lot of money. So certainly include it in my itinerary not worth it.

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