Diving in Vietnam

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Diving in Vietnam

Дайвинг во Вьетнаме

The coastline of Vietnam, a densely rugged river deltas, spread out over 3 444 km. the Country is washed by the waters of the South China sea, entering the Pacific ocean. Shore economic zone of the red river Delta and North East region covers the Gulf of Beibu (Tonkin) and the South-West in the area of the Mekong Delta – Siamese. About 4 thousand square km of the Asian States is not the land mainland and Islands, including archipelagos: Parabelskiy, cat BA island and the Spratly Islands. The largest among them, Phu Quoc island, part of the province of Kienzan. This potential of the coast of Vietnam in conjunction with the climate of the tropics contributes to the development of active recreation on the water, where diving dominates.

Fashion trend in tourism associated with diving under water in a special ammunition, began to gain momentum in Vietnam only at the end of the last century. A clear state program for the development of diving in the country is not provided. Issuing license to private enterprise associated with teaching and conducting dives on a commercial basis, are engaged in dealer branch of the international federations. Among them, the key position of branch Scuba Schools International (SSI).

Certified schools (clubs, malls) diving in Vietnam

Vietnam diving schools are located on almost all popular resorts, particularly in Nha Trang (the capital of Khanh Hoa province) there are more than two dozen. The award-winning school recognized as Rainbow Divers, founded by the British back in the 70s. It has a network of branches scattered around the coast. Branch it opened in Hoi an, the Islands of Phu Quoc, Whale and con Dao. It is important that in most diving clubs operate Russian-speaking instructors, and a center like Amigos Divers, can rightly be called Russian because of its specialization in the teaching of Russian tourists.

Prices for scuba diving in Vietnam

Schools offer one-day programs and certified courses for 3-7 days. The main advantage of diving in Vietnam – very low prices, among the lowest in the Asian region and in the world. For example, a complete Open Water Diver course in the PADI dive center, including equipment, will not exceed $ 250 and the cost of the two paired with the open sea on a speed boat hardly will exceed the mark of 60. For a fee tourists in Vietnam also to get a diploma of an instructor or guide for diving.

Thus, diving on the Vietnamese coast completely destroys the stereotype that they are available to only wealthy people. Because of its cheapness dip in the sea is available to all tourists. Twice to dive under water for the first time, it is sufficient to allocate 50 dollars for a tour. This includes, as a rule, pay for the Shuttle from the hotel to the pier, the freightage of boats, rental of ammunition, a Russian-speaking instructor and a hearty lunch.

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Diving sites in Vietnam

Due to the diversity of marine flora and fauna almost the entire coast of Vietnam is of interest for lovers of diving under water. But diving into the various resorts of different entertainment and conditions. Somewhere he developed, and in other popular tourist beach areas to find a good dive is almost impossible. One of the most affordable diving resort is one of Nha Trang. Excellent diving is offered at island resorts such as Phu Quoc and con Dao. Here is a list and brief description of the most popular diving spots in Vietnam:

  • Nha Trang

    Дайвинг во Вьетнаме
    • The season to dive is from March to October
    • Depths up to 30 meters
    • The water temperature is 24-29°C
    • The ambient air temperature was 26-33°C
    • Visibility up to 20 meters

    Resort Nha Trang is the most popular and accessible diving spot in Vietnam. This part-time, and the most popular beach resort. In the tourist area of Nha Trang diving centers are found almost at every step, and offered tours along the coast and on the Islands. There are instructors of different categories and all languages, including Russian. By the way, there are even dive centers, fully managed by the Russian founders.

    Natural conditions and marine life experienced divers here is hardly surprising. But for beginners or just for the fun of it the conditions are just perfect. The prices are very low, perhaps the lowest in all of Vietnam, instructors and equipment is also at altitude. It is also believed that the sea here is the cleanest.

    Diving spots in the waters of Nha Trang abound. This is the island of hon mun (15 km from Nha Trang) lot Madonna Rock, Mushroom and Coral reefs in the waters of Hong Ong or Whale island, where whale sharks and baleen cousins, nicknamed the nanny. Mushroom reef is unique in that it is inhabited by octopuses. The island Hong Ong (While Island), 50 km North of Nha Trang there is a hotel While Island Resort and dive center.

  • Phu Quoc Island

    Дайвинг во Вьетнаме
    • The season for diving is from December to June
    • The water temperature is 28-31°C
    • The temperature is 30-33°C

    Not to mention a kind of Mecca of diving in South East Asia – the island of Phu Quoc. Its coastal waters are favorable for diving all the year: from December to June. Underwater life in Fukuoka richer than in Nha Trang, but the prices are higher, and generally the infrastructure for diving on the island is poorly developed and mostly only works in high season. A great advantage of Fukuoka is warmer water than in Nha Trang and other tourist resorts.

    The best dive spots in Fukuoka:

    • toe Nail with clear water at depths of 10-15 m, swimmers can explore the stone ruins of the ancient city, the carriages and guns naval guns and enjoy the coral plantations;
    • Turtle island, their diving depth diving ranges from 5 to 12 m, in addition to the nimble swarms of reef fish are sure to meet impressive turtle captures and examination of the coral reef;
    • Isle of Bats, a local for – extreme challenge even for professional divers;
    • Cape angel, steep 14-foot rock;
    • the rock of the Twins, stepped underwater array with vertical boards;
    • Nose Volume, at depths up to 30 m studying the inhabitants of grottoes and caves.
  • Dao Island

    Дайвинг во Вьетнаме
    • The season to dive is from March to June
    • The water temperature is 28-31°C
    • The temperature is 30-33°C
    • Visibility up to 20 meters

    Real Klondike spots for diving are scattered around the archipelago of con Dao. This is the best place for diving in Viet Nam on the conditions and variety of life underwater, but you cannot call it cheap. First, to get to the island is quite expensive (a plane or a long 12-hour voyage on the ship), and secondly, due to a poorly developed tourist infrastructure, accommodation prices and services are monopolistically high. And dive centers around the two prices, respectively, too high. Here are the best dive spots in con Dao:

    • Foggy Dalat, a remarkable fact that for exploring a coral reef do not need to go on the boat as it is located near the shore;
    • Fish prospect, submerged in the bottom Sands of shipwreck, took a fancy to a huge number of exotic fish;
    • Grotto of giant perch at a depth of 35 m sunk fishing trawler, the well-preserved ship has become home to a giant sea bass size;
    • Cape Barracuda, beds are soft and hard corals – the hunting grounds harmless to humans shark species;
    • SASK wall, steep cliff, covered in coral growths, down to 40 m.
  • MUI ne and Phan Thiet

    Дайвинг во Вьетнаме
    • The season to dive is from March to October
    • Depths up to 30 meters
    • Water temperature of 25-29°C
    • The temperature is 30-34°C
    • Visibility up to 20 meters

    In the popular resort of MUI ne/Phan Thiet underdeveloped diving, dive centers there. The thing in permanent waves, which is comfortable and safe to take is impossible. Visibility due to the same waves inferior to other places including Nha Trang. However, the underwater life is rich: there are corals, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, puffers, eels, molluscs and fishes-clowns. Found big fish – manta rays and barracudas.

  • Northern Vietnam

    Дайвинг во Вьетнаме

    In the North of Vietnam diving in the coastal zone less attractive due to the periodic arrivals of muddy flows in the red river Delta, and indeed beach resorts here quite a bit, or rather one Cat BA island in Halong Bay. Apart from relaxing on one of the three groomed beaches and excursions to freshwater lakes, the visitor will dive into waters of a national Park of Vietnam, covering the eponymous archipelago. There are about five hundred different species of mollusks, almost as many arthropods, more than 200 species of fish. Of marine animals divers often encounter dolphins, and even seals.

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