The tightening of visa-free entry to Vietnam from 01.01.2015

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Attention! 01.01.2015 tightened conditions for visa-free entry to Vietnam for citizens of those countries which had visa-free stay of up to 15 days. From the CIS countries have such a right only citizens of the Russian Federation.

Now to get the stamp on the visa-free stay, the validity of passport must be not less than 6 months from the date of entry (previously three months).

But worst of all the second constraint: since the last exit from Vietnam should not be less than 30 days. Please note that we are talking about 30 days exactly since the last EXIT from Vietnam, not entry.

With such conditions is widely practiced earlier trips to Laos or Cambodia for a short time in order to extend the stay and to watch the neighboring countries and return to Vietnam have become impossible without a visa. More importantly, it does not matter how you drove for the first time in Vietnam on a visa or visa-free, important is only the fact of departure from the country, from the date which is the reference.

It should be borne in mind that to move back to Vietnam can get visa on arrival if you have visa support (Approval Letter), but such visas are issued only at international airports. If you plan to travel back by land through land border crossings, you must have already issued the visa. Even no Approval Letter you back to Vietnam will not be allowed until either expire 30 days after checkout or you will not get a visa at the Consulate of Vietnam in any country.

Options out of this situation for those who want a short-term leave Vietnam to visit a neighboring country, until we see the following:

  1. A multiple entry visa (Multiply) in advance or on arrival to Vietnam. We will remind that citizens of the Russian Federation fees for visa on arrival are not charged, have to spend money just for the visa support Letter Approval.
  2. The design of the house in advance of a single entry visa. After that you should enter Vietnam visa-free, stay there no more than 15 days to travel to neighboring country and back to enter on a pre-issued visa. Reverse option, to enter on a visa, leave and re-enter visa-free, will not work.
  3. To enter Vietnam visa-free, stay there no more than 15 days to travel to a neighbouring country and obtain a visa at the Consulate there and then to come back was already on a pre-issued visa.
  4. To enter Vietnam visa-free, stay there no more than 15 days to travel to a neighboring country and come back on the plane and get visa on< arrival, of course in the presence of the Approval Letter.

Original excerpts from the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam dated 16.06.2014 No. 47/2014/QH13

Any foreigner that enters Vietnam and is unilaterally granted visa-free entry must have a passport that is still valid for at least 06 months, and the entry date must be at least 30 days from the previous exit;

Read more about visa to Vietnam and visa-free entry, what is the invitation letter (Approval Letter) and so on here. The topic visa to Vietnam and visa-free entry is discussed on the forum.

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admin February 5, 2019

Don't know, it's customs, not passport control and visa. You besides, it will also need to bring home, which is also probably a challenge. ...
, marlan 8 February, 2019
Hello. Exactly this form need to fill? I have another sample filled. write. what it should be.
confused ( visa on arrival at the airport you need) ...
admin 8 February, 2019

Depends on your nationality and duration of stay in Vietnam. What is your nationality and how much are you going to Vietnam? Give information, be able to answer. ...
admin 8 February, 2019
It's not on the visa application form, and on arrival Like filled if arriving without a visa, just do not remember.
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alex_224 Feb 12, 2019
Good day! How much for just the invitation to Vietnam, fly for 21 days in Nha Trang. ...
admin Feb 12, 2019

I did last time for a month for $ 8 ...
, marlan Feb 12, 2019
> Depends on your nationality and duration of stay in Vietnam. What you have
> citizenship and how are you going to Vietnam? Give information, will be able
> to answer.
I am a citizen of Russia. meals in 18 days ...
admin Feb 12, 2019

That explains why you have any doubt, all the time. A "high-risk" advisers recommend not to do a visa, because it seems like you are exceeding the visa-free stay small. To make it clearer:
Russian citizens visa for Vietnam for up to 15 days is not needed, but there is a belief and practice that a slight excess of the period of 1-2 days, the border guards close their eyes. This is true, but it might not be so lucky and will have to pay a fine or bribe, or even problems may arise when boarding the flight back home.
If you are in Vietnam stay clean 18 days, excluding travel time, I would never recommend it. It is better to do things right,i.e. to apply for a visa on arrival. Especially for you (citizens of Russia) it will be free. You only need to register through the online letter of invitation, which costs $ 8, maybe even cheaper than you can find here and all expenses. How to apply for a visa on arrival, we all painted in detail. ...
, marlan 13 February, 2019
thank you very much! ...

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