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Public and tourist transport in Vietnam developed well, and allow you to get to any place in the country and the comfortable and inexpensive to move around the cities and resorts. Overall, the cost of transport in Vietnam is lower than in Russia, but only if you know how to use it properly. If you do not know some nuances, it is very easy to overpay even for the most simple reason, because tourists are often perceived to be rich, which definitely need to take more money than the local.

Read more about all the types of transport in Vietnam for tourists, and how to use them:


Самолет в аэропорту Ханоя The plane in Hanoi airport

The traffic in Vietnam is well-developed there, including, and budget carriers (low-cost). The largest national airline - Vietnam Airlines. This is a great company with wonderful services, but also high in comparison with other existing in the country. Much cheaper flights within the country can be made on the "public sector":

From Russia to Vietnam can be reached by Vietnam Airlines, Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines, Orenburg airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad airlines, Turkish airlines, China Southern and many others. Read more about airlines of Vietnam here...

The route network is not very big, but covers all major tourist places: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Nha Trang, da Nang, Phu Quoc and Con Dao, da lat, hue, Hai Phong. Some resorts on the aircraft is not directly accessible have to fly to nearest airport and then drive across the land by train or bus:

Find and book tickets to cities in Vietnam, including automatically choose the most profitable routes with transfers, you can through the search form:


Ж/д станция Дананга Railway station in da Nang

The train network in Vietnam is not very developed. There is a railway line connecting the North with the South (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city), and passing through all the major cities and tourism center of the country: Nha Trang, da Nang, hue, Vinh. From Hanoi there are branches in Lao Cai (to get to Sapa) and Hai Phong (to get to cat BA island or Halong Bay). Also from Hanoi train that takes you to China and even further in Russia and Europe down to London.

However, travel by train is one of the most comfortable ways to travel around the country. Tickets for trains are cheaper than planes, but more expensive almost twice, than the buses the same areas. In the period of the Vietnamese new year of Tet, and this January and February, prices for travel in trains increased up to 4 times.

Tickets for trains in Vietnam can buy at the railway station (cheaper), the Internet (a bit expensive), or in the tourist areas in travel agencies (a large profit).

For tourists the most the actual purchase via the Internet, since the best tickets for trains of distant following to buy in advance. Sorry, buy your official tickets online Railways tourists is not yet possible, as payment is triggered only for cards of the Vietnamese banks, but you can try your card. Much easier and more convenient for foreigners to buy tickets through the website This site has Russian interface, the purchase is paid by credit card, and the result is you get a ticket in the mail, you can print out and him safely to travel.

Read more about trains in Vietnam and how to use them here...

Intercity and international buses

Международный автобус в Дананге The international bus from Laos

The bus network is very well developed, and it is the most "popular" and inexpensive form of transport for moving between cities. It is perfect for tourists, especially as there is even a special tourist buses. There are, in particular, and international flights to Laos, Cambodia and China.

The fare for buses is below about two times than the trains, but also less comfort. Fortunately, the long distances between the cities in Vietnam ply special "sleeping bass" (Sleeping bus), equipped with reclining seats especially for long trips of up to a day. For example, flights to Laos or Cambodia is more than a day. In these buses you travel in a fully supine position. They are usually equipped with three rows of these "beds" in two levels (lower and upper). When possible, we encourage you to take the top ranks, they are more comfortable. In some buses there is a toilet on Board, and those where it is not, make frequent stops along the way for trips to the toilet and food.

There are buses of small private companies and large public carriers. Depart and arrive from the bus stations, and is sometimes used as places of departure and arrival of their offices, all depends on the direction and company. The tickets can be bought at bus stations, in offices and in travel agencies on the street or in hotels. Moreover, if you buy the tickets at travel agencies or hotels, the cost is slightly higher but includes shipping you from the hotel to the place of departure that much easier. Also now available to search and book bus tickets to Vietnam online through the service You can check the schedule and cost through the search form:

🔍 Search

💲 Pay the ticket online

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🚌 Arrive to departure

When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

Water transport

Круизная лодка в Халонге Cruise boat in ha long

Water transport is not very common in Vietnam, but in some places it is indispensable. For example, not to fall on cat BA island or make a tour of the Mekong Delta in the South. A very popular boat tours in Halong Bay.

However, the use of boats and ferries on their own, i.e. as a separate form of transport for tourists in Vietnam is not very convenient. It is usually easier and cheaper to use ready-made solutions in the form of excursions or complex Shuttle bus+ferry to somewhere to get to. If you decide to use it yourself, you will have to solve the problems first to get to the right pier, is to know the schedule (where all the Vietnamese only), and then from the pier of arrival to get to the right place.

Tourist transfers

Туристический трансфер в слипинг-басе, Вьетнам Tourist transfer to the sleeping-bass

On popular resorts of Vietnam travel agencies and hotels can be found in commercially ready integrated tourist transfers, and it is one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to get to the right place. Take tourists directly from the hotel door. Sometimes it can be even airport transfers-trips in one direction. For example, from Ho Chi Minh city to get to Phnom Penh (Cambodia) by boat and bus for 2 days, and during that time to visit some interesting places in the group with a guide.

Transfers may include moving private vans, public buses, ferries, trains and planes with a small markup, but can actually spare in the end cheaper than independent travel, because you don't have to spend on individual transfers by taxi or minivan to the place of departure, in transit, etc.

Urban transport

Городской автобус в Ханое City bus in Hanoi

In major cities of Vietnam has a system of city buses. The most developed network in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, in other cities they are limited to ten routes or less. In small towns buses are non-existent. Sometimes urban and suburban routes, such as bus No. 1 in da Nang, where only 17 000 VND (1003.16 RUB, see currency in Vietnam and the exchange rate) you can drive from Danang to Hoi an. The fare around the city starts from 4000 dongs (11.46 RUB).

City buses run on fixed routes on a schedule (not always stick to it), stop at equipped bus stops, or areas marked with signs indicating they offer routes. Ticket payment is made to the conductor on the Dong, issued a ticket. In large cities for their use is best to install the official application, for example in Tim Buyt Hanoi, da Nang DanaBus.

Metro in the cities of Vietnam is not yet available, but is now being built in Hanoi. Is to be launched in 2019.

Taxis and motorcycle taxis

Городское такси в Ханое City taxi in Hanoi

Taxi in Vietnam – a very common form of transport, especially in major cities and tourist areas. The trip meter for short distances (1-2 km) average cost 25 000 dongs (71.65 rubles). In all of the official cars of a taxi on the side door or the glass of the specified rates for travel such as: landing and the first 500 meters – 12000 VND, then for each kilometer – 9000 Dong.

All official taxis are equipped with meters, but with its use among the tourists is the problem: taxi drivers want to get the foreigners money in full, and do not always agree on the trip according to the meter, and instead offer the trip at a fixed price that can be significantly higher. Such proposals should be abandoned, but if not exit, then at least to bargain. Sometimes there are also "twisted" the meters running too fast.

One of the largest taxi companies in Vietnam is Mai Linh Taxi (Mailing), and for many years it was believed that this is one of the most reliable companies, which never disappoint. But now there her clones with a similar name and even a fake machine with a similar logo, so it's not a guarantee.

Grab мототакси во Вьетнаме Grab in Vietnam

Fortunately, now there is a good alternative to ordering a taxi through the app Grab. It is analogue to the Uber for Asia, and Uber in Vietnam was not working. Grab a better to set in advance the house and activate it with your phone or go through the account Facebok or Google. After that, all about the same as Uber: indicate on the map the point of departure and destination, choose the type of taxi, get a price and place your order. Payment is made at the end of the trip the driver in cash. Available as a regular car taxis and motorcycle taxis, which is two times cheaper. Read more about how to use Grab in Vietnam here...

Vehicle rental

Арендованный мотоцикл в Дананг Rented a motorbike in Vietnam

2014 in Vietnam on absolutely legal grounds, you can manage the rented vehicles under international driving permit (IDP), the relevant requirements of the Vienna Convention on road traffic (read more about renting a motorbike and car in Vietnam). To this IDP in the traffic police, their cost is 1600 rubles (1120 in the design of public services through the site.Russia in 2018). To retake the exam is not required.

However, the price for renting a car in Vietnam is still quite high – from $ 50 per day. To reserve a car best through the Internet, you can here.

But much easier is the case with the motorbike rental. Low-power scooters or semi-automatic machines are available everywhere at a price of 80,000 Dong per day. For their management is also required of international law and necessarily the presence of "A" category, but in practice, tourists rarely touch, unless they do not grossly violate traffic rules. For rental only require a passport as collateral, and sometimes you can do its copy. Read more about renting a vehicle here in Vietnam...

But before you rent a car, especially a two-wheeled, look at the traffic and the weight of your hand. Perhaps not every soul will have a chaotic, almost no rules, the traffic on the roads of Vietnam. Also read our note about the features of the road in Vietnam.

Buying a motorcycle

Продажа мотоцикла во Вьетнаме Selling motorcycle in Vietnam

Despite the apparent complexity, to buy a motorcycle and make motorcycle journey through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia will not be difficult. Most importantly, you need good to be able to operate the two-wheeled transport. Moreover, we are not talking about the usual scooters automatic or semi-automatic machines which can be rented from any resort in Southeast Asia. For long trips it is better to buy a camera with a fully manual transmission, because they are more reliable and easier to maintain.

The purchase of foreign tourist motorcycle in Vietnam – is quite a common thing, and the locals have long buy and sell used motorcycles specifically for this purpose. For sale are, as a rule, motorcycles Honda. Especially popular Honda model Win, and it is better to buy as it is very reliable and easy repair of the apparatus, which can be repaired even in the most remote wilderness. Not worth chasing other brands, and even more so for semi-automatic machines or machines.

Read more about the purchase of a motorcycle for travel to Vietnam here...

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