As tourists to return the tax for purchases in Vietnam

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As in many other countries, in Vietnam in 2011 introduced a VAT refund system for "VAT Refund", which allows tourists to return part of the cost of expensive purchases when leaving the country. Return 85% of the amount of tax paid, which is included in the price of goods, the tax is approximately 10% and depends on the type of goods, i.e. the return of approximately 8.5% of the total value of the goods, and sometimes more. If to speak in more specific numbers, then, for example, if you buy an expensive souvenir for $ 200, for example, at checkout you will be able to return $ 17.

Возврат налога во Вьетнаме

To take advantage of the tax refund, must be met certain conditions:


As the tax return for purchases

The phase of the return of the purchase price begins at the purchase. First of all do not forget about the conditions that the goods must be purchased no earlier than 30 days prior to departure from the country, and that the purchase amount in one shop in one day should be not less than 2 000 000 VND. Also need to check before purchase whether the store system tax refund.

When buying you will need to sign a special document on the form (doing this the sellers themselves), which will need your passport.

The return of the amount of tax shall be made at the airport before departure after check-in and receive a boarding pass. After that we will need to proceed to a special counter or office VAT refund (to find them easily, they are labeled at each airport).

Стойка возврата налога в аэропорту Ханоя Stand tax refund at the airport of Hanoi

There is need to provide a document and receipt, passport, boarding pass, and do the goods purchased. Especially don't forget about the last paragraph and not hand over the things in the Luggage, or after registering, you simply will not be able to show at the front, as baggage at check-in. After verification, you will receive the refund amount in cash in VND that you can change right here in the airport, back to dollars or another currency. The exchange rate in the airports in Vietnam are acceptable.

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