Features of the road in Vietnam

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Vietnam – the country for tourists in terms of traffic. In our experience (the authors) explore the countries of South-East Asia, traffic in Vietnam the worst, a real "trash". However, should not prematurely be afraid, because if you don't pay attention to all the chaos on the roads, and look objectively, according to the world health organization (data for 2013), mortality rates on the roads of Vietnam is located at 42nd place, Thailand 2, and Russia with 72.

Бесстрашный иностранец турист за рулем мотобайка во Вьетнаме A traffic COP in Vietnam

Whatever the statistics, to adapt to the traffic in Vietnam as pedestrians and drivers to tourists is very difficult. Here are some features of road traffic in Vietnam, the knowledge of which can help to save your life, health, or property. The list was compiled by our subjective experiences, and of course discussing it:

  • Traffic police on the roads of Vietnam are very few, they can be seen only in large cities or on Federal highways.
  • Cameras photos, cameras on the roads there, at least we have not seen.
  • At pedestrian crossings, no one never misses. Even if you go ahead, no driver will reduce speed to let you in, and steered around or sleeves off the road an audible signal.
  • Motorcycles are moving along the sidewalks in peace as well as on the road, even under the very noses of the police. Tourists walking on the sidewalk is an obstacle, so they dispersed them with a sound signal.
  • Overall, local drivers are very chaotic, and the impression that absolutely do not respect other road users and pedestrians, or perhaps just not know the rules.
  • If local drivers are moving on the "oncoming", leave from the Parking lot or driveway, they expect their miss. Even if you honk them, they will go ahead like a tank, relying on you.
  • Familiar to us the signs of the priority of the "Main road" and "Give way" before the intersections is very small. The priorities of intersections are determined by the signs "Intersection with secondary road" or "Junction of secondary road" that set a few tens of meters to the intersection. If you do not notice this sign, it is better to miss from all sides.
  • Accident in Vietnam are, including the motorbike, particularly in the rain. Be especially careful on the serpentine roads of good quality: they all fly in the "fly".
  • Vietnamese drivers calmly rebuilt before the turn or u-turn from the rightmost number to left, or from the second row of sharply turn to the right, so be careful.
  • Drivers of cars and buses do not think the drivers of motorbikes for road users, and rarely pay attention to them when changing lanes, turning, etc.
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