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Coffee in Vietnam species and varieties

One of the things that is certainly worth to bring from Vietnam is Vietnamese coffee. You can buy them for own use and as gifts for friends and relatives, especially in the sale are gift packs complete with a special Vietnamese Cup for brewing. Restrictions on its export and import in Russia is not, if only it was not of the consignment, otherwise the question may arise at customs upon entry, and his weight did not exceed the restrictions for baggage allowance in the plane.

Вьетнамский кофе со сгущенным молоком Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk

For the majority of Russians and citizens of other countries of the former USSR Vietnamese coffee is still unknown, however, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee after Brazil, supplying to foreign markets more than 18% of the total world production, and this figure is growing. To meet it on the shelves of Russian stores in its pure form under Vietnamese brands are not yet possible, and so the only way to get it is to bring from trips to this country. You can also buy it in Russia in the online shops, but the price with delivery will be 3-4 times higher than at home. However, it is believed that the cheap Vietnamese coffee is processed and sold under our global brands.

Кофе на плантации во Вьетнаме Coffee plantation in Vietnam

Coffee from Vietnam, without exaggeration, wonderful. Perhaps some special connoisseurs of this drink, it may seem too rough and bitter, because of the specific cultivated variety (but more on that below), but it is certainly not worse than that which is on the shelves of our supermarkets. Even the most inexpensive varieties of coffee from Vietnam is pure, without impurities husk and dust, which, apparently, add manufacturers-raspasovschika in Russia in the feedstock to improve margins.

Mainly in Vietnam produces the Robusta variety (Robusta), which is considered more bitter and less refined than Arabica. At the same time in Robusta two times more caffeine which just gives this drink a miracle invigorating effect. Also Arabica is produced but this sort of 30 percent more expensive, and it is very small. There are other varieties of Culi, Royal Special, Mocca and others. Packaging of ground coffee are sold mainly in the form of mixtures of varieties, which, in the opinion of gourmets, better than the net grade.

Кофе из Вьетнама Several brands of coffee from Vietnam

Widely sold and elite varieties, including the famous Luwak Coffee (from mongoose) and Weasel Coffee (from affection). The latter two are native to Indonesia, though they've done well in Vietnam. This coffee is made from feces of animals, for which they first are fed fresh grains, then these grains, partially digested, purified and prepared for sale. However, given the volume of them sold here, the conclusion is that it's a fake, especially that in 2017 one of the largest companies Trung Nguyen was caught supplying false Lyuvak in restaurants. In any case, if you are not an expert and foodie, the difference between these types and easy varieties you will not feel, but overpay by ten times. Therefore, we would not recommend to buy these varieties.

As for grains in bulk, they are found mainly two pure varieties – Robusta and Arabica. And Arabica is the more expensive variety. To avoid spoofing, the variety is quite easy to identify by the form of grains:

  • Robusta, almost round grains with a smooth slit in the middle.
  • Arabica – elongated elongated grains with an uneven cut in the form of the letter S.
Разница в зернах Арабика и Робуста The difference in the beans Arabica and Robusta

Where to buy coffee in Vietnam

It is believed that best place to buy Vietnamese coffee in the market in Dalat, where it is growing. This is partly true, and the grit selection there is huge, and the prices are decent. But really to go to Dalat is not required, and you can easily buy it in any city and on any resort of Vietnam.

Personally, we (the authors) prefer to buy it in supermarkets, especially in such large as Big-C Supermarkets Big-C is in almost every major city, but not always located near tourist areas, so and any large supermarkets nearby and eat it is, the lower the prices. Besides, Big C often you can find "yellow tags" to the discount, sometimes up to two times lower in comparison with the prices of the same variety in other stores. And in General, buying coffee at the supermarket costs cheaper. The only disadvantage of shopping in supermarkets is a modest selection of coffee beans by weight.

Much higher prices on the markets and specialized stores on the streets of the tourist areas. The same varieties and packaging are there in one and a half to two times more expensive, but there is a choice of grain in bulk. But in these shops and markets can be traded, therefore it is best if time allows, first, to look at prices in the supermarket, then it is going to be traded.

Well, quite not worth buying coffee in specialized tourist shops, where imported groups of tourists on excursions. Prices are, according to our observations, is 3-4 times higher than in supermarkets.

Лавка с кофе во Вьетнаме Shop with coffee in Vietnam

How much coffee in Vietnam

In General, the price of coffee in Vietnam will be lower than in shops of the Russian Federation, at least 3 times. Here the price of different brands of ground and coffee beans from the supermarket:

  • Me Trang Cafe Arabica (ground coffee, 500 grams) – 58 500 Dong (about 154.85 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate)
  • Me Trang Cafe Arabica (beans, 500 grams) – 133 700 dongs
  • Highland Coffee with a smooth (ground, 200 grams) – 47 000 (124.41 RUB)
  • Highland Gourmet Blend Coffee (ground, 200 grams) – 39 700 (105.09 RUB)
  • Trung Nguen House Blend (ground, 500 grams) – 68 500 (181.32 RUB)
  • Trung Nguen Nau Suc Song (powder, 500 grams) – 50 600 (133.94 RUB)
  • Trung Nguen Sang Tao 3 (powder, 340 grams) – 68 300 (180.79 RUB)
  • Trung Nguen Sang Tao 5 (powder, 340 grams) – 85 500 (226.32 RUB)
  • Phuc Long Culi (grain, 200 grams) – 46 900 (124.14 RUB)
  • Phuc Long Robusta (beans, 200 grams) – 46 900 (124.14 RUB)
  • King Koffee Expert Blend (ground, 500 grams) – 41 900 (110.91 RUB)

It turns out that cheap ground coffee costs from 83 800 dongs per kilogram ( 221.82 RUB), and grain from 267 400 dongs per kilogram ( 178.41 RUB). For comparison, a kilo of cheap ground coffee in the supermarkets of the Russian Federation to pay 800 rubles.

How to make coffee in Vietnamese

To make a drink from beans or ground coffee from Vietnam is familiar to us ways: tea or coffee machine, cooking in coffee pot, brew in a French press or even just in the Cup. But the Vietnamese themselves prefer to cook it their own special way. It uses a special brewing Cup. To buy such a Cup in any store separately, or in combination with coffee in special gift sets.

In addition, the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, and often it is in this form, and served in cafes and restaurants by default. If you want black coffee, should when ordering to clarify. Also a very popular drink ice-coffee with ice in large glasses.

So we will be brewing coffee in Vietnamese recipe, which is usually written on each bundle. We need this is a tea Cup and a good natural condensed milk.

  1. In a Cup add 1-2 tablespoons of condensed milk and put it on top of the Cup for brewing.
  2. Pour on the bottom of the Cup for brewing 15-20 grams of coffee (2-4 tsp to taste).
  3. Press the mixture pressure (included with the Cup), and pour 20 ml of boiling water.
  4. Wait 15-20 seconds, and add another 45 ml of boiling water (or more, to taste).
  5. When the drink "will skapet" in the Cup, you can enjoy the aroma and drink.

Can also watch a video on how to brew coffee in Vietnamese.

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