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Are there in Vietnam Russian law, and what is needed

To 2014 for legal control car or motorbike in Vietnam is definitely was required to obtain a local rights, no foreign law was not recognized. But luckily, in 2014, Vietnam acceded to the Vienna Convention on road traffic (see more about Vienna Convention and how rights can be managed abroad), and now here it is possible to lawfully drive the vehicle on international driving permits (IDP). We only need to understand what is the correct IDP, which is suitable for traffic control in Vietnam.

Бесстрашный иностранец турист за рулем мотобайка во Вьетнаме

All driving licenses are of two types:

  • National law. This is the usual Russian PAVA that gets every driver in Russia. They fully comply with the requirements of the Vienna Convention and apply in many countries but not yet in Vietnam.

    Какие права нужны во Вьетнаме: так выглядят российские права. Они не действуют во Вьетнаме It national WOO, they're ordinary Russian law
  • International law or an international driving permit (IDP, also IDP – International Driving Permit). It's a different kind of driver's license, but rather complement national rights. It is made in the form of books in several languages, and is issued at the request of the driver. The IDP is valid only when presented together in the national rights. Such rights are in Vietnam.

    Какие права нужны во Вьетнаме: так выглядят международные права. Они действуют во Вьетнаме It looks like international driving permit, or IDP
  • Actually the official IDP there are several varieties, but in Vietnam only recognize those that meet the requirements of the Vienna Convention. And these are give in the Russian Federation. It is important to understand that this is not a certified translation or a document issued by the Association of motorists, even if it is an international organization. For traffic control in Vietnam you must have international driving permit issued by the state bodies of the Russian Federation is the traffic police. And don't forget that you need together with the IDP is always present and national law.

    Of course, it is impossible not to take into account local realities. Many police Vietnam still refuse to accept any because they do not know the new laws or pretend not know. You should be prepared for this situation and to keep up his innocence. It does not hurt to carry a printout of the following of the law on Vietnamese language:

    Find car rental in Vietnam

    As to international law

    Obtaining an IDP in Russia is very simple. Arrange them as desired without re-examinations and medical certificates will only need to pay a fee. It is necessary to contact the traffic police or the DCP, fill out an application, pay a fee, and that's it. The fee is 1600 rubles (for 2018).

    You can also get an IDP through the portal of public services.Russia, which is much easier and cheaper. Data entry for applications to be made on the website and pay online, with a discount of 30%, i.e. you will have to pay only 1120 rubles instead of 1600 (for 2018). Then, to obtain ready the IDP will have to go to the traffic police at the scheduled time (choose a convenient time for yourself).

    What is the penalty for driving without a license

    The official fine for driving without a license is 800 000 - 1 200 000 VND, which is roughly equivalent to 35-52 U.S. dollar (see currency of Vietnam and the exchange rate). Plus it can confiscate the vehicle on the spot and send it to the impound lot for up to 7 days, for which you still have to pay the landlord, because his transport is idle. Of course, you can try to solve the problem on the spot bribe, and how to tell the reviews of the travelers usually do it, but even in this matter will have to bargain. But it's better not to risk and to issue the IDP.

    Do I need a license to rent a scooter or moped

    To control low-powered scooter or a moped in Vietnam is necessary to law. Moreover, your IDP should be a corresponding category A or A1. Category "M" the Vienna Convention is not provided, so it will not work. In the manufacture of any categories of your national rights are simply transferred, so if the category you have, it must first "open", and then to issue an international law.

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