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Tourists from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries of the former USSR should not expect special treatment by the Vietnamese. Some naively believe that the people of Vietnam will be more friendly and kind to them, remembering the warm friendship between the two countries and the Soviet Union in hard times. Unfortunately, all is long forgotten and more a part of the older generation. New and quite unfamiliar to the younger generation. You can even find Vietnamese, who do not know what Russia and especially the Soviet Union. Yes, imagine, we met locals who traditionally were interested in where we came from but could not understand what it is the "rashia", "RUSIA", "Russia", "Moscow", "Putin".


Moreover, this is manifested not only in a personal relationship of Vietnamese to Russian tourists, but also on cultural and state level. For example, in the museums of Vietnam, although you can find many artifacts from the times of the Soviet Union and even Russia (mostly military equipment), but almost no information about the fact that it was fraternal assistance. Anyway, sometimes one gets the impression that the story about the participation of the USSR on the side of the Vietnam conflict with the United States is deliberately glossed over. But with all that in museums you can see many exhibitions about the heroic deeds of the soldiers of the U.S. army, and postwar fraternization and establishing druzhestvennyh relations with the Americans, who, by the way, almost wiped Vietnam off the face of the earth.

In the end, the attitude towards Russian and Russian-speaking tourists in Vietnam are in most cases neutral and is the same as for all other foreign visitors. In Vietnamese there is even a term for naive tourists that can and should cheat to get more money out of them, and most often he refers to a batch of Russian tourists.

If you have a different opinion and experience on this matter, we will be glad if you share them in the comments or on the forum at the bottom of this page. Just do not confuse the attitude of the Vietnamese towards tourists and Russians who settled in this country for permanent residence. It's a completely different thing.

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admin September 2, 2015

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Guest 18, 2015
But how much Vietnam is the appointment? In particular, the surgeon or traumatologist?
And how to look for state hospitals to issue hospital, where doctors qualified?
Once a socialist country (at least in name only), is there a way to get to the doctor for free? No insurance :) ...
mrrum 21 June, 2018
note the tourists on this information:
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Irina Lashmanova October 12, 2018
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admin October 12, 2018

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Saigon-Krasnodar March 24, 2019
Lived in Vietnam for more than a year. There attitude to the Russian beautiful. And the Vietnamese themselves are very friendly nation, where the order of full reciprocity. All of this was seen personally with my own eyes. I lived in Vung Tau city. Often in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) and Hanoi. North and South Vietnamese to each other not love. But foreigners are not covered. Moreover, on the Russian. For example, once in Hanoi I was with team-mates stood in an airport queue for a taxi. Stood in front of the Germans. 15 people somewhere. The first vacant taxi driver, bypassing the regular customer, came immediately to us, inviting in the car. He explained that, upon hearing the Russian language, I realized that we are from the former USSR, which have decided to respect. I repeat that the attitude of Russian in Vietnam is beautiful. There you can at least every day to make new friends who are true and faithful, always able to help at a critical moment. So, don't believe the crap that is written in the article. It is not so. ...
admin 24 March, 2019

You should separate the tourism and accommodation. You've spent most of their time in very different places than tourists spend, and are completely different things. Just don't need to go to the country in the "pink glasses" and really see things. ...
Evgeshka March 31, 2019
Hello,found your group on the Internet,tell me,I bought a vaping in Vietnam will not be any problems at the airport and on Vietnamese customs? As there are two liquids with a volume of 60 ml each. Please tell me ...
admin 31 March, 2019

As far as I know, the ban on electronic cigarettes in Vietnam. If in doubt, just disassemble the parts and carriage.
PS For the future, ask questions in the appropriate topic, not anywhere. ...
Goras 14 July, 2019
Last year was in Vietnam but did a tourist but as a guest. Works in two Vietnamese. Ho and Sleep. My colleagues on some projects. So they invited me to visit. Live almost in Hanoi but not in the city and like the suburbs.
A week spent there. Obezdili many places. Country motorbikes-mopeds and bicycles. Although bicycles still less than mopeds. Electro stools is almost there. I do not understand why, although the gasoline they are expensive our will. And China is at hand, and in the Vietnam collect what models of electrocution, I don't remember what brand.
But in General the country is certainly interesting. But always in the streets a lot of people and wonder where they all go. The movement is only like 3 hours of night is reduced. And at 8 am again the anthill.
The food is interesting but not for everybody. Chicken varieties they have 100 ready meals. Well, the fish itself. Snakes don't eat roaches too.
Was out camping in the jungle. Very interested in nature compared to our average strip. I mean not like it)))
I would go even there? Well, except for a visit again. And so - not very impressed. But as they say - on taste and color... ...

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