How to travel in Vietnam, bought a motorcycle

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In this article we will talk about travelling in Vietnam on rented motorbikes or scooters, this is written in a separate article - rent a motorcycle and car in Vietnam. It was on the practical points for the purchase of this motorcycle in Vietnam on a legal base, and ride it through Vietnam, and also in the neighbouring countries of Laos or Cambodia.

Despite the apparent complexity, to buy a motorcycle and make motorcycle journey through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia will not be difficult. Most importantly, you need good to be able to operate the two-wheeled transport. Moreover, we are not talking about the usual scooters automatic or semi-automatic machines which can be rented from any resort in Southeast Asia. For long trips it is better to buy a camera with a fully manual transmission, because they are more reliable and easier to maintain. And now everything in order:

How to buy a motorcycle in Vietnam, prices

The purchase of foreign tourist motorcycle in Vietnam – is quite a common thing, and the locals have long buy and sell used motorcycles specifically for this purpose. For sale are, as a rule, motorcycles Honda. Especially popular Honda model Win, and it is better to buy as it is very reliable and easy repair of the apparatus, which can be repaired even in the most remote wilderness. Not worth chasing other brands, and even more so for semi-automatic machines or machines.

Продажа мотоцикла во Вьетнаме Selling motorcycle in Vietnam

In manual devices there is no compartment for storing things like scooters in the machines, so often you can find them on sale with already prepared homemade trunk and a set of rubber bands for attaching to gift.

The price of the motorcycles starts from $ 200, but for the good will have to give up to 500. But we should not strive for a new and expensive unit, a big advantage to you it will not. Therefore, guided by the real price of 250-300 dollars. At the end of the journey to sell a motorcycle can be 50-100 dollars cheaper.

For purchase/sale do not have to visit government agencies and to change license plates. The easiest option - with the purchase you will receive access to the documents for the motorcycle (card title), and the contract of sale, or at least a receipt that the previous owner has not declared the device on the wanted list as stolen.

Before making a purchase decision carefully inspect and check the machine, not trusting to the words of the seller. Be sure to do a test drive, including on rough roads and uphill. Because almost certainly you will acquire it in the city, you can try to ride with a stop on the sidewalks and across borders, since it is here all motorcyclists ride safely on the pedestrian part of the road. Also don't forget to check the numbers in the documents with the real (frame number and registration number).


Where to buy

The most convenient city for the purchase or sale of motorbikes – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, because here is located the main airport of the country. In these cities, in tourist areas, right on the street there are a lot of points on their sale (usually combined with the rental), so find is not difficult. They buy motorcycles with tourists. If you go to Laos or Cambodia, it will be possible to sell the bike there.

  • In Hanoi, many motorcycles sold in a tourist area (old town, see the parts of Hanoi), especially on the street Pho Ma May. Good shop used motorcycles with a choice of several models is close to the old town at Ham Tu Quan, 95. Outside of the tourist district you can buy a cheaper motorbike, but there are markets and shops focused more on local, and you would have problems with the language barrier. For example, you can try to visit a large salon used motorcycles at Chua Ha, Dich Vong,76.
  • In Ho Chi Minh city to begin the search of the tourist district and around a Bintan (see areas in Ho Chi Minh city). If there is not caught, you can go to any hostel or Guesthouse, it will help you.
  • In other cities of Vietnam , you can use the popular message boards -, group in Facebook - There you can find private ads of other tourists, and contacts and addresses of shops.

Where to sell

You can sell in the same stores and markets where they are sold, or through the Bulletin Board. Usually you'll get for 100-150 dollars less than I paid for it at purchase. Sometimes when you purchase you can give addresses of shops where you can sell them at the other end of the country, and even from the negotiated price.

What permissions are needed

Бесстрашный иностранец турист за рулем мотобайка во Вьетнаме

2014 in Vietnam can drive on international driving permit (IDP), the relevant requirements of the Vienna Convention on road traffic. Previously, it was necessary to obtain only temporary local law.

An IDP can be obtained in the traffic police of the Russian Federation on the basis of existing national (i.e. regular Russian) rights without examination. Only need to apply in the traffic police or the DCP, to pay a fee of 1600 rubles, and get ready MVU. Even easier and cheaper to register them on the website public services.of the Russian Federation. Registration and payment occurs online, the discount will be 30%, i.e. you pay 1120 rubles instead of 1600. The traffic police have to go to get ready right. But do not forget that the IDP is valid only upon presentation of national rights, i.e. the need to bring both documents.

Vehicle categories in the IDP are tabulated exactly the same as in the national WOO. What is important for a motorcycle or even a low-power scooter you need to category A. So be careful about opening the desired category, and only then issue the IDP.

Of course, it is impossible not to take into account the local realities of the country. Many police still do not know the new laws or pretend not to know and act in the old way, trying to take tourists to a fine or a bribe for management without a license. You should be prepared for this situation and to keep up his innocence. It does not hurt to carry a printout of the following of the law on Vietnamese language:

How to cross the border with Cambodia and Laos

By and large, if the motorcycle is not stolen, you will be able to leave Vietnam in one of these countries or even in both, including it will be possible to go from Laos to Cambodia or Vice versa. But not all border crossings produce motorcycles, where it even depends on the region for which it is registered (see the license plate). About such details better be sure to check with the seller, but of course keep in mind that sellers can cheat. But even if you will not release on the same edge transition, you can go to another and try there.

Where and how to fill a motorcycle

Заправка во Вьетнаме

Refuel motorbike 92 or 95 petrol. It is marked in Vietnam is exactly the same as us - just numbers.

Refuel at the big gas station, same as us. Gas stations running staff, which he runs your equipment. Them in hand and give the money for the gas station, the cashier does not need to go.

The cost of a liter of gasoline in Vietnam from 21 000 VND (approximately 58.96 RUB, see Vietnam currency and the exchange rate).

A little bit about traffic and rules in Vietnam

It should be understood that the motorcycle is the most dangerous form of wheeled transport, and in Vietnam, he is doubly dangerous. The traffic in here is very chaotic, almost no one follows the rules, climb into the oncoming lane, never pedestrians.

However, the movement is generally slow and not so dangerous, it is easy to adjust. Most importantly, restrain yourself and not drive, should not exceed the average flow rate.

There are a lot of equivalent intersections with sight do not look equivalent. Such Perekrestok even the locals don't always know someone who should skip (a skip should be those who are right), and all merge into a single stream and as part. The Council here is one: at each intersection be very careful and miss all. In General, signs of the priority of the "Main road" and "Give way" is almost here, and priority is usually determined by the signs "Intersection with secondary road" or "Junction of secondary road" that are installed in advance of the intersection.

When entering and driving on the "ring" also has a rule to pass all right, even when you're moving around the ring. And the Vietnamese love to organize one-way traffic, so watch for the signs "motion is forbidden" ("brick").

And yet, the motorbike drivers should always drive on the right side of the road. At any time on the road could jump a bus or a truck, and he spit that on the opposite rides a motorcycle, he will honk you to get out of the way. It is always better stay on the right side. In some places, by the way, motorcycles have their own lane, and on roads signs on the motorcycles is forbidden to travel in the second lane and next.

And finally, another tip for safe driving on a motorcycle in Vietnam: remember that the main button is on the bike - sound signal. In Vietnam on the roads honking all, and not just in a hurry. Since the roads here are quite careful drivers and pedestrians, which, moreover, do not know the rules, all honking to warn of their movement. And you don't be shy: the horn anyway, when will seem that the situation on the road can threaten. This will really help to make traffic safer.

You should also know about some of the peculiarities of local traffic regulations regarding the movement on mototsike (also a motorbike or scooter) that can be fined:

  • Allowed to move no more than two passengers.
  • Set the speed limit 40 km/h in town and 60 km/h outside the city. Speed measure radars, as well as in Russia.
  • There is a penalty for uncleared retractable kickstand (the kickstand, or side-position) for Parking.
  • It is forbidden to beep in the night.
  • Prohibited aggressive driving in the form of frequent transposition of the lanes.
  • It is forbidden to talk on the phone while driving.
  • Prohibited traffic without a helmet. A fine, though small, only 30 000 VND, but you will attract the attention of the police, and they probably "turned inside out" all of your documents to find more violations.
  • It is impossible to arrange motorcycles when driving on the roadway next to each other, if it will interfere with the travel of the other vehicle. For example, if you want to go poison with your friends to have a little chat, you can be fined. You need to go only a chain, one after the other and not side by side.
  • You can not tow or push a motorbike.
  • You can't ride on one wheel.
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