What is Grab-a taxi and how to use it

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In Vietnam do not work familiar to us Uber or Yandex taxi, and instead have the app Grab. This is the only option for tourists to book a taxi via the Internet, also actively use it and local. But for visitors to the country this app is more than relevant, as foreigners local drivers traditionally, cheating, refusing to travel by the meter or by using rigged meters, and using Grab, you can be sure that you do not have to overpay.

Логотип Grab

Grab while valid not in the entire country, but in almost all major cities and resorts there. You can call as a normal car taxis and motorcycle taxis. The last two to three times cheaper.

Car call can come any company, but mototaxista usually work exclusively on Grab. Check them easily by branded vests and hats with the company logo. By the way, they can only be caught and agreeing on the street, but they don't always willingly go on the meter (ie the application), so it is better to order.

Grab мототакси во Вьетнаме Grab in Vietnam

How to use Grab

Grab is installed on any mobile devices Android and IOS. It is better to produce at home before the trip. Order need connected to mobile Internet or WiFi. To use the Internet in roaming of the Russian operators are very expensive, so it is better to buy a local SIM card. If you do not plan to use the local operator, it is easy to get out of the situation using a public Wi-Fi at airports, railway and bus stations (there are everywhere), in hotels and cafes.

The application interface is in English. Immediately after installation you have to be authorized using a mobile phone (suitable Russian number), Facebook or Google account. After that, the application is ready to use.

Pay using cash at the end of the trip the driver, or to bind the Bank card (the menu item Grab Pay) and pay online. By the way, is a system of accumulating points (Grab Points) for travel, and they can be used for full or partial payment of orders.

Grab мототакси во Вьетнаме Grab a motorcycle taxi in Vietnam

Pay the driver at the end of the trip must be strictly the amount that is shown in the app, plus you can leave some tips or to refuse delivery. But no fixed costs for the trip or trips for the built-in counters, it will be "divorce" of the white man.

Using the app is very simple, it is almost indistinguishable from Uber. In short, you need to specify the point of departure (or confirm your automatically a certain position), select a destination on the map or by address, choose the type ordered transport (budget car, luxury or motorcycle taxi). After that, you will immediately receive the cost of the trip, and you can place your order. As soon as the closest driver will accept the order, you will receive registration number of the car/motorcycle, and be able to communicate with the driver via text chat.

Here are simple instructions with screenshots and description:

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