ATMs and plastic cards in Vietnam

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The use of plastic cards in Vietnam is quite common: credit card no problem pay in stores, hotels, travel agencies, or to remove her money from ATMs. However, there are features about which you should know.

Пластиковые карты во Вьетнаме Plastic cards in Vietnam

The issue of security

In advance of a trip you must ensure that after one or two transactions, the security system of your Bank has not blocked it. To do this, in some banks you can pre-call the support service phone indicated on the map, or ask in chat in the online Bank and inform about the countries of travel and the period. The Bank's security service will put a stamp, and your card will not block. However, some banks do not accept such applications. In this case, you need to take the phone numbers of the Bank and data to be able to unlock the card: voice or digital access codes, passport data.

In General, if you take standard precautions when handling the card, no problem. Ideally, connect the SMS-informing about the operation of the phone and control every message, because in the opinion of tourists, there were cases of double write-off for buying, the use of your card number and code on the reverse side for making online purchases.

Features of payment card in Vietnam

As we have already mentioned, to pay by card for goods and services can be everywhere, almost as much as we do. Do not accept cards for payment only in remote villages, as well as difficulties may arise with the payment in small hotels, the guesthouses, homstead. And of course you can't pay with a card in private shops and markets, there is a cash-only dongs.

But before to pay by card services (accommodation, tour, tourist transport, entrance to the amusement Park, etc.), it is better to specify not to keep with you for the payment of Commission. Unlike in Russia, where card write off as much as is a service here, you can easily add a percentage for the service transaction. This is usually 2-5%. Like on the one hand not much, but on the other hand. The larger the amount, the more Commission you will pay. Besides may be the minimum fee, for example $ 2. Fortunately, the commissions do not happen when you pay in large shops and supermarkets.

Withdrawing money from ATMs in Vietnam

ATMs in major cities and tourist areas there is almost at every step. Find the nearest to you the easiest way on the maps of Google for the keywords "ATM" or "ATM". You can only remove Dong. Currency ATMs yet we never met.

However, in connection with the existence of a difference between the official and real exchange rate, while the use of credit cards, especially cash withdrawal is not the best alternative to cash. In addition, ATMs in addition to the fee your Bank will hold your Commission, on average, about 2% of the transaction or a minimum of 20,000 VND per transaction (varies depending on the Bank that owns the ATM). When removing the screen mandatory displays the amount of Commission ATM, but that's about the fee your Bank or other Bank you can only find in the terms of your contract on the map.

Attention! Recently, some Russian banks offer shares "becomiing withdrawals worldwide" when making new maps. However, consultants and brochures usually forget to say what is written in small print in the contract. Namely, that Commission fee is not charged only for the first few months of use, there is a maximum amount, as well as other unfavorable conditions. So be careful with this.

The maximum amount of cash withdrawals is usually limited to 2 or 3 millions VND, which is about $ 150. Recalculation of the rate will occur at the official, and all this together will give not very good result. So try to find an ATM, which gives at once the sum is larger, and takes a smaller Commission. According to the latest information (2018) are the best ATMs to work with the cards of Russian banks: Military Bank (MB bank); TPBank (Tien Phong Bank); VRB (Vietnam Russian Joint Venture Bank)

Банкомат на улице Вьетнама ATM on the street of Vietnam
Узнать, как купить тур в кредит

Is it profitable to use credit card in Vietnam

As for withdrawing money from ATMs, the question of profitability depends on the particular ATM in Vietnam and conditions (commissions) your Russian Bank that issued the card, and currency on it. There is no universal recipe: you need to carefully study the conditions of your Bank and try different ATMs. But in General, our experience shows that cash is still win, especially if your card is denominated. Even the international dollar card in the ATM's worse than if withdraw us dollars at home (in Russia), and then change them for cash dollars.

When paying by card in shops and hotels, the situation is also not in favor of a plastic card. The difference, though small, but the benefit remains for the cash. For example, the payment was made dollar card Matercard buy 400 000 VND.

At the time of purchase, the courses were as follows:

  • The official rate is 23 296 (to determine the current official Dong can here)
  • Currency exchange offices – 23 350 and above
  • The real rate of charges for the purchase of – 22 714

As you can see, even with the dollar card, the exchange rate at purchase was much lower than the official and the real in exchange. When paying with a rouble card the difference will be even higher because of the double conversion. Also do not forget that the amount of the purchase in Vietnam can add a fee for the processing of transactions up to 5%, what should be clarified in advance before you buy (see above).

In General, it turns out that the cash dollars or euros are more profitable option in Vietnam than using a credit card, although more dangerous.

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Anonimous1 27 July, 2012

It seems that no one doesn't know that yet. I climbed a bunch of our own and foreign forums, but never found someone to use it. Understood only that it is done in some machines and only at the airport of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Looks like you have to be a pioneer. I plan to use in November. Leave feedback as you get, if you before that time will use. I too will unsubscribe. ...
Kuhara 21 September, 2013
Is it possible anywhere to exchange rubles in Vietnam or there will be problems? ...
admin 21 September, 2013

Not everywhere, but in MUI ne or Nha Trang will be able to find where to exchange. Only I will strongly advise you, because the course you will be very unfavorable, simply speculative. Far better to exchange at home rubles for dollars and then in place on the VND than on the spot RUB to VND. And to find a place where to exchange is not easy, at least not yet. ...
overflod 3 February, 2016
Good afternoon, in connection with the situation on the currency market of Russia, to change rubles into dollars is still not profitable? what is now the course? plan to go in March, MUI ne and Nha Trang dollars. something even more indecent 82 RUB sell, I think, to take 500дол. and rubles just in case, or to splurge and to change rubles for dollars? please help me! ...
Vladimir Vnuchko 14 December, 2017
what cards are accepted ATMs of Vietnam ? Is there Internet and WI-Fi in hotels on the continent and Islands ? ...
admin 14 December, 2017

Mastercard and Visa accepted for sure, for sure, and AE. Wi-Fi is everywhere, in almost every seedy Guesthouse, but what is the difference between WI-Fi and Internet in the context of this question - I do not understand. ...
Verusik 18 April, 2019
Guys, who was recently in Nha Trang... What currency is advantageous to carry: rubles or dollars? What course? ...
admin April 21, 2019

Dollars. The rate in November was about 23200 if I'm not mistaken. Will understand what course, now is why. ...
Verusik 22 April, 2019

Thank you. Heard that it is better to change money in jewelry stores, not in exchange. Don't know what is it? ...
admin April 24, 2019

All right, course there is more profitable. In Nha Trang to specific locations don't know, but they will find it no problem at all.

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