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Attention! We constantly try to monitor any changes in the visa regime and to make timely on this page the most accurate information. However, we do not warrant that the submitted information is rapidly changing visa regulations of individual countries, therefore, the information on this page is presented for information. Read also news about visa and visa requirements for Thailand here

From August 2014 of the immigration rules of Thailand has changed dramatically. So, now almost completely closed all opportunities for vitharana, i.e. exit and re-enter the country with the aim of extending the stay. Now with re-entry, the border service of Thailand denies entry. Also tightened the punishment for exceeding the period of stay (overstay). Now in addition to a fine and the opportunity to visit a Thai prison foreigners may be banned from entry for up to 10 years.

At the same time, pursuant to bilateral intergovernmental agreements between Russia and Thailand, citizens of Russia have the right to enter the country without a visa for unlimited times. This explanation was given by the chief of the immigration office of Thailand. He commented that the Russians were indeed entitled to multiple visa-free entry, but they have to prove that moving from a purely tourism purposes, and not with intention of illegal work in the country. Such evidence may serve as a return ticket, hotel booking. Having developed the route of travel. However, if you have the passport stamps of permanent departures-arrivals for the last time, you almost certainly will be denied entry into the country.

In the period from year the government of Thailand temporarily canceled the visa fee for visas for tourists of all countries, issued in advance at consulates outside of the country. Also at this time reduced fee for visa on arrival since 2000 baht to 1000.

Russian citizens are among the lucky ones who are allowed visa-free entry to Thailand for up to 30 days. While visa-free stay can be extended for another 7 days by contacting the Bureau of immigration in the country. For longer stays you can try to get a visa at the Consulate in Russia or in any other country.

Citizens of other CIS countries are less fortunate. They provided the only entry visa. But you can get a visa in the Consulate and on arrival.

Read more about all the intricacies of the visa regime further:

Important information about the validity of the passport

At the entrance to Thailand previously was a rule, according to which the passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of completion of travel with visa-free entry. Since 2011, the Internet is massively discussed information about what these rules were modified 01 may 2011 and is a mandatory condition only the validity of your passport during the stay in Thailand.

At the time of the latest revision of the article official information on the subject (on the websites of embassies) is not detected. However, in practice, many tourists from Russia visited Thailand with a passport validity less than 6 months. Reviews from tourists that someone was denied visa-free entry due to the expiry of the passport from the moment we met. Some misunderstandings may arise when boarding passengers on flights to Thailand from Russia and other countries. If you do something like that, advise the airline personnel check the conditions of the visa-free entry of Russian citizens in the "Timatic".

Also be sure to check that you have unpaid fines and other debts, otherwise you can not release at the border from Russia.

Visa-free entry for citizens of Russia

For citizens of Russia, arriving in Thailand for tourism purposes for up to 30 days visa is not required. Just fill the migration card in English.language, obtain at passport control stamp in the passport and you can stay in the country up to 30 days. There is, however, one condition: you must have a return ticket from Thailand to Russia or a third country. This condition can be checked not only at passport control when entering Thailand, but also in Russia when you check in. But, fortunately, this question is quite easily solved with the help of Blanca print itinerary receipt electronic ticket (but your own risk), which you can do yourself, but better still book a ticket, print and cancel. Another option, just buy a ticket for sale to a neighboring country local low-cost airlines, such as Airasia.

How to extend visa-free stay in Thailand

Attention! From August 2014 of the immigration rules of Thailand has changed dramatically. Now extend your stay with "vitarana" (exit and re-enter the country with the aim of extending their stay for another 30 days) under the same conditions is impossible. Re-entry is now possible only if you can prove that enter the country from a purely tourist purposes, not for illegal work.

In order to extend visa-free stay for another 30 days, you must contact the Immigration Bureau in Thailand (they are in Bangkok and many major cities of the country) with the statement. The cost of the extension is 1900 baht. Importantly, the application shall be considered only as a tourist extension of stay. If the inspector will see that you are working in Thailand, they can refuse to renew. In this case, you will have to leave the country within seven days after the expiry of visa-free stay (i.e., day 37). In order to increase the chances for renewal are advised to attach to your application selling tickets, booking hotels, confirming the availability of financial means to stay in Thailand for another 30 days.

Attention! Now this invalid information

To extend visa-free stay for another 30 days, you can leave and return to Thailand, or leave and apply for a visa (this is the so-called "Vizaran").

The first option – leave and immediately return with the aim of obtaining a new visa-free stay of 30 days, benefit that you don't need to deal with the paperwork and to pay consular fees. The downside is that you often have to wander abroad, which is also connected with costs. Officially, no restrictions on the number of stamps that you can get there, but after about five such stamps, the border guards can start to look for reasons to deny you in the next extension.

Another version of "vitharana" was to travel to a nearby country for visa to Thailand at the Consulate. The fact is that while in Thailand, you can't apply for a visa, but can in any other country in the Embassy of Thailand. Ie you go, for example, in Malaysia, come to the consular section of the Embassy and issue a tourist visa. The advantage of this option is that you rarely have to wander to the neighbouring country since the visa is for a longer period (60 days) and to do this you will be able much longer. In addition, you will be able to issue more long-term types of visas. About visa to Thailand in embassies of other countries see below.

Usually "vitarana" go to one of the neighbouring countries Thailand, as it is much cheaper than back home. Which is good in some neighboring countries, it is also possible to enter and stay there for some time without a visa. Most often it is Malaysia (visa-free stay to 30 days), Laos (visa-free stay of 15 days), Cambodia (visa on arrival to Cambodia of$ 20 when crossing the border), Myanmar (formerly Burma visa on arrival$ 30), Vietnam (from Thailand by air, a visa-free stay of up to 15 days).

You can make a "vizaran" yourself, simply by buying tickets on train, bus or plane to one of these countries, and can be purchased at travel agencies on a special tour, which is called "Visa-run".

Oh, and another option to extend visa-free stay in Thailand is to contact the Immigration Bureau (Immigration Bureau), where you can extend your stay for 7 days but it will cost 1900 baht. This can be done only once for each entry. The offices of the Immigration Bureau are the most popular resorts of Thailand.

Visa to Thailand for citizens of the Russian Federation

If you plan to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days, you can issue one of the types of visas in Thailand in Russia (at the Embassy in Moscow) or in other countries. Moreover, tourist visa in neighboring States Thailand is much easier and faster than in Russia.

There are the following types of visas:

  • Transit visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Diplomatic visa / official visa
  • Courtesy visa

The best option is to obtain a tourist visa for a stay of 60 days ' duration. Tourist visa can be renewed already in place for another 30 days when applying at immigration office in Bangkok at Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Telephone 02-287-3101-10, (website

Please note that many Internet sources erroneously indicate that on a tourist visa can stay in Thailand for 90 days. In fact it is not. 90 days is the validity period of the visa, i.e., within 90 days after issuance, you can travel to Thailand, and after the expiration of this period, the visa becomes invalid. Theoretically can also be issued visas valid for 6 months, 1 year and 3 years, but in practice this does not happen.

Tourist visa to Thailand in Russia

Is carried out in the Embassy of Thailand in Moscow. The consular fee for a tourist visa for 30 or 60 days – USD 40. The document list is quite impressive, and documents must be submitted with a translation into English and notarized.

The documents for tourist visa to Thailand*:

  • Passport or certificate of identity with validity not less than 6 months
  • Completed application form for a visa
  • Photograph size 4x6 cm
  • Confirmation of departure from Thailand (usually a ticket back to Russia or a third country, with no reservation, and fully paid)
  • Evidence of adequate Finance (20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family)
  • Reference from place of work
  • A letter from the medical institution of Thailand, medical card, certificate, (for visiting Thailand for medical purposes)

* In addition to these documents, the consular officers may request any additional documents as necessary.

You will be able to extend your stay on a tourist visa, contact the immigration service, which is on the bolshinstvo popular resorts in the country. This is usually allowed only in the case of good reason, such as illness.

Tourist visa to Thailand in other States

Much cheaper, easier and faster to apply for a tourist visa to Thailand in other States. Ie you can come here without a visa for 30 days, and then at the end of the term to make "vizaran" in one of the neighbouring States and there to apply for a visa. You can do this yourself or take an organized tour "Visa-run".

In most cases, in neighbouring Thailand, the States only need to provide a passport with a validity of 6 months, the photo and the completed form.

To obtain information about the embassies and conditions for issuing visas in other States you can visit the website of the embassies, which can be found here

Visa to Thailand for citizens of CIS

Citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania does not yet have the opportunity of visa-free stay in Thailand, but you can get a visa on arrival (Visa on arrival) at the airports of Bangkok, u-Tapao (Pattaya), Phuket , etc (the list). The visa is issued for a period of 15 days, and costs 2,000 baht (about$50).

For citizens of other CIS countries, a visa must be obtained in advance at the Consulate of Thailand.

For visa on arrival need to find at the airport Visa Desk on arrival and provide the following documents:

  • passport with validity not less than 6 months (counting is from the date of return flight);
  • a photograph not more than six months ago (3x4 or 4x6) without corners, photo on the child regardless of whether he inscribed in the passport of parents or travelling on your passport (instant photography can be done immediately – at the airport);
  • fully paid up return ticket or ticket to a third country within 15 days after entry;
  • funds equivalent to at least 10,000 baht per person (over 12 years) or 20,000 baht per family.
  • for minors travelling without their parents must have a birth certificate and power of attorney from both parents;
  • 2000 baht (the exchange office is located near the uprights visa);
  • completed for each migration card (issued in the plane or obtained directly at the airport, read more here);
  • the ticket number used for automatic (machine installed on the end stands for visa).

Citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan visas in Thailand in Ankara, and Armenia in Yerevan. Citizens of CIS countries, which are not mentioned above can obtain visas in Moscow. The term visa in Thailand: 2 - 3 days . For citizens of Tajikistan and the Chechen Republic, the term of consideration of documents for obtaining a visa for 14 days. Also don't forget that you can apply for a visa in other countries with an Embassy in Thailand (see here).

Visa for 2 months worth for $25 (if applying at the Embassy in Moscow).

List of airports and border crossing points where a visa for Thailand on arrival:

  • Savvanabhumi International Airport , Bangkok
  • Chiangmai International Airport , Chiangmai
  • Phuket International Airport , Phuket
  • Hatyai International Airport , Songkla
  • U Tapao Airport , Rayong (for arrival in Pattaya)
  • Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint , Chiengrai
  • Chieng Saen Immigration Checkpoint , Chiengrai
  • Chieng Khong Immigration Checkpoint , Chiengrai
  • Betong Immigration Checkpoint , Yala
  • Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint , Songkla
  • Samui Immigration Checkpoint , Surat Thani
  • Sukhothai International Airport, Tak Immigration checkpoint

Violation of visa-free stay or period of validity of the visa (overstay, over stay)

If you exceed the 30-day visa-free period of stay or period of validity of the visa (the so-called overstay, overstay), when checking out you will be fined 500 baht for each day of delay but not exceeding 20 000 baht. In case you stay for one day, for example, when your tenure ends on the 10th, and leaving 11, no fee will be charged.

According to previous rules, if your delay is not more than 21 days, there is a chance to get off just fine. Now if you exceed the period of stay on a visa or visa-free period of 15 days, you will be brought to responsibility for violation of the country's borders, and illegal in her residence. This means that you will have a great chance to continue your stay in Thailand is already in prison, followed by deportation. If you break this rule multiple times you will be entered in the "black list" without the ability to continue to visit Thailand.

The fine is to be paid at passport control upon departure. When you have discovered the excess, you will be directed to a special counter for payment of fines where the payment procedure will take less than 5 minutes. A fine can also be paid in advance at the Immigration Bureau (Immigration bureau), which have many popular tourist resorts of Thailand.

Children under 7 years do not pay the fine for overstay.

Embassy of Thailand in Russia

The Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow

129090, Moscow, street B. Spasskaya, house 9
phone (495) 208-08-17, (495) 208-08-56, (495) 208-72-83
Fax: (495) 290-96-59, (495) 207-53-43

Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand in Saint-Petersburg

199053, Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoy PR-t, 9/6 (mon.-PT. 11-13)
phone (812) 325-6271
Fax: (812) 325-6313

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Thailand

Address: street Curving, lane (Soi) SAP, 78 (entrance from the side street of Soi santiphap), Bangkok 10500.
(Address: 78 Sap Road entrance from Soi Santiphap), Bangrak, Bangkok 10500)
Tel.: (02) 234-2012, (02) 268-1169
Fax: (02) 268-1166, (02) 237-8488

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The immigration police for overstay immediately sent to jail because the court, the payment awarded by the court of the fine for overstay and deportation at your expense. No options. ...
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Hello Irina! Questions on entry may occur or may not. You have quite a traditional tourist route, many go without problems, you just need to be ready at the entrance to "prove" your route, for which it is best to have tickets to Cambodia and Malaysia, can be reservation hotels. A lot depends on what the officer of the border service will run: you may not even pay attention to your return ticket when you first check-in; can pay attention and limit your explanations; and may require evidence of your planned route. But even if the first entry issues do not arise, they are likely with repeated entries, and then will explain and show the main thing here is to have a return ticket from Thailand to Russia. Oh and of course looking at your previous note in the passport at the entrances to the exits in a tie, i.e. if you have a lot of them, may be suspected of illegal work.
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Fukuoka has a special visa regime visa-free. Ie visa at the airport do not put. Anyway, Thai border guards to the bulb visas of other countries, in Thailand they do not work, where their visa rules. If you are citizens of Russia, in order to enter Thailand you need a visa for up to 30 days is not required, i.e. you can travel from Thailand to Vietnam or any other country, and back. In this case, when the opposite entry you will put in the passport stamp on a 30-day visa-free stay in Thailand, and no visas of foreign countries ask and are. Another thing is that there's a chance that you may not put the stamp and not let back into the country if the border guard suspects that in this way you will prolong your stay in Thailand to illegally work there. Such decisions they take based on how much you had before of entries and departures from Thailand, do you have a return ticket from Thailand back home, and yet, for some unknown reason. ...
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If you want to decide in advance, that is guaranteed to resolve only a visa home Embassy or through the company. ...
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We fly to Thailand on 18 April, returning may 15, that is, the period of stay in the country does not exceed 30 days and I will put a stamp on a 30-day visa-free stay in the country. During the stay in Thailand (30 day stamp) you want to go for tourism to neighboring countries (Malaysia, Indonesia). If I had problems at the entrance to return to Thailand, such as Malaysia, if I have a passport valid even stamp a 30-day visa-free stay in Thailand and have tickets on hand for the return flight from Thailand to Russia (within 30 days). Not "zeroed" I have this stamp/visa at the entrance of Thailand (planning to move a low-cost carrier AirAsia and NokAir? ...
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Problems with the highest probability, I would say 99.999% of will not arise, if your passport is not full of Thai stamps. You have, as I understand it, is not full, so you can not suspect illegal work in Thailand. With regard to the actions of visa stamp, then don't worry about it. When you leave from Thailand to a neighboring country or any other, you put a stamp on exit and entry stamp will be cancelled automatically. But when you go back, you will put back on 30 days. ...