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  • In the period from 1 December 2016 to August 2017, the government of Thailand temporarily canceled the visa fee for visas for tourists of all countries, issued in advance at consulates outside of the country. Also at this time reduced fee for visa on arrival since 2000 baht to 1000.

  • Since March 20, 2016 came into effect new rules seriously toughen the punishment for exceeding the period of authorized stay in the territory of Thailand (the so-called overstay). Now it relies not only fine, but a ban on re-entering the country for several years.

    The duration of the ban in the case of willful violation of tenure:

    • Overstay more than 90 days - the ban on entry for 1 year
    • Overstay more than 1 year - ban on entry for 3 years
    • Overstay more than 3 years - a ban on entry for 5 years
    • Overstay more than 5 years - a ban on entry for 10 years

    The duration of the ban in case of violation of tenure by reason of the arrest or criminal prosecution:

    • Overstay less than 1 year ban on entry for 5 years
    • Overstay more than 1 year - ban on entry for 10 years

    It should be borne in mind that the deadline even as a result of illness or accident is equivalent to the intentional violation.

🕒 October 12, 2018

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admin 19 January, 2018
Like as not confirmed information. With this extension, this situation, as I understand it: the Extension provided for by the rules for 30 days, but when you call the extension you are denied for lack of grounds , and give 7 days to "clean" out of the country, and that makes for 7 days. If you are ill or have other good reason for the extension, only then can renew up to 30 days. ...
Ekaterina Feb 1, 2018
Good evening! Less than 2 weeks ago came back from Thailand. The period of stay was 38 days. Originally planned to fly to Cambodia with the return back because it exceeded the maximum number of days of stay on the stamp (30 days). But then the trip was cancelled because I changed my mind. Visited the immigration office hoping to get an extension of 30 days. Was denied. Explained that the stamp can only be extended for 7 days, but the visa is for 30 (what is most annoying, for the same money). Tried to "play the fool", didn't help. The result - a 7 day stamp on the extension. Overstay was 1 days ( not planned, because the ticket was purchased in Cambodia). Prepared to advance money at the airport (500 baht per day). Surprisingly, to put the stamp on the check-out without penalty (though on the same page in black and white with large numbers flaunted extreme date of departure - the previous day)... That's it. Thank you...a trifle, but nice))) ...
admin 3 February, 2018
Well, what we wanted to prove. Thanks for the info! ...
Marina Popova 4 February, 2018
Good morning. I'm in Thailand for the second month: the first time came from Russia, then went to Malaysia and 4 days later returned to Thailand. Problems at the border of Thailand arose. My tenure ends on February 15, but I have to stay another 20 days for tourism. My concern is that if I leave Thailand and come back for the third time on the stamp, you can not miss. And how many hours need to be in another country to quietly enter Thailand? Thanks in advance. ...
admin 4 February, 2018
Already been discussed many times that there is as lucky. All depends on the border guard, who will fall, and probably on his mood. Not to let again you can, if on the border suspected of illegally working in the country, and the basis for such suspicions will be multiple stamps on entry and exit. Issues may arise and may not arise at all. But that was less likely, I you in your place went to Malaysia for a few days, and not hours. And ideally, you need to provide a ticket home. Thereby you show that you do not intend to remain in the country again and then renew the stay, and go home. Oh and keep in mind that differences remain on the timing "bezveze" via the land crossings now, whether 15, whether 30, and in airports just 30. Seems to write on the tripadvisor forums, from the January 2017 put again all for 30 days. And here free Embassy write about 15 days ...
AU pair girl Ekaterina VOROBEVa 409 9 October, 2018
Good afternoon. Going in January for a month to Thailand. Want to visit Bangkok-Cambodia-Vietnam-Cambodia-Pattaya. On the bus. What problems can occur with crossing borders? Want to make e-visa to Cambodia. Just at any forum read that as soon as you leave Cambodia visa annulled it turns out that from Vietnam again with visa buy? And what need a visa to Vietnam? Without problems will start to return to Thailand? Who can knows please tell me. ...
admin 9 October, 2018
It all depends on your citizenship and the planned duration of stay. At least if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, I can tell. As far as I know, e-visa to Cambodia is granted only once, ie, you really have to get two. But it is worth to watch, isn't it easier and cheaper back from Vietnam to Thailand to fly. Considering the cost of visa is $ 36, maybe the flight will be the same price as the bus+visa, if you buy in advance. Vietnam visa for Russian citizens up to 15 days is not required, but if you need more time, you need to obtain a visa invitation only (worth $ 6) and then a visa on arrival receive free of charge, but it is only for Russian citizens. All about visa to Vietnam, we have all written, rewritten here In Thailand will start back without any problems if you don't have a dozen stamps that you drove in and out of the country in a row.In this case, the guards may suspect you are working illegally in the country, and it is grounds for denial or at least a greater "experience" with you. ...
AU pair girl Ekaterina VOROBEVa 409 9 October, 2018
Thank you very much. Yes, citizens of the Russian Federation. But if there they have to apply for a visa the same thing happens? ...
AU pair girl Ekaterina VOROBEVa 409 9 October, 2018
Turns out 2 days Bangkok day 4 days 7 Cambodia Vietnam and the rest in Pattaya ...
admin 9 October, 2018
To clarify the question, you're about three countries write. ...

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