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Талинг Нгам, Самуи

Koh Samui (Ko Samui) is the third largest island of Thailand (after Phuket and Koh Chang), and the second most popular island resort in the country (again, after Phuket). The island is located in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand in the South of Thailand (island on the map), 700 km from Bangkok and about 40 kilometers from the East coast of Thailand. Island sizes: 21 to 25 kilometers. Around Samui there are many small Islands, as well as major resort island of Ko PHA Ngan (famous all over the world parties under the open sky, Fullmoon Party), Koh Tao (the largest diving centre in the world) and Ko Nang yuan.

Tourism on the island began to develop in the 80-ies, although it started in the 70s. Now the tourist infrastructure of island is developed, there is everything for any kind of holiday, but primarily for a beach holiday. Hotels on the island are represented in the whole range, from inexpensive guesthouses with accommodation type hostel to five star luxury hotels. Many villas on the beaches are offered for rent.

Stay on Samui is mostly quiet beach. The main attraction of the island is clean and beautiful beaches. They surround the island all around the perimeter, and even in the height of tourist season here you can find a quiet and secluded area near the water. The most popular beaches in high season are most crowded and popular hotels in Koh Samui is not always a free choice.

But don't just wallow on the beach you can practice. A beach vacation can be diluted with water activities and sports that are represented on the beaches. On Samui there are several cultural, historical and natural attractions are temples, Buddha images, waterfalls, jungles, interesting natural formations. Also the island is known as a great place for diving and snorkeling.

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Better here to ask questions, hardly anyone individually in PM you will advise. ...
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So it is true, but there is an official circular and the statement by the police in the media that the national Wu international they do not recognize. This year alone, all published in the Thai media. Therefore, to argue with the Thai police on the road I think it makes no sense, they have bosses and teams at the top. ...
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A couple of important news:
From October 31, comes into force the requirement on compulsory medical insurance for tourists arriving in Thailand long term visa. While this applies to those who receive a visa type Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” for more than a year. Visa-free entry for Russians and those who receive a visa on arrival while without travel insurance.
- The police of Thailand has set tough requirements for distributors of motorbikes on the test right. Now theoretically take a motorbike rental is possible only in the presence of the international in the open category A. As will be in practice – we'll see. ...
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Yes, but they have the warm rains, passed quickly and Sunny. But prices during this period, much cheaper. In a very nice hotel to relax for a little money. ...
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I believe that Tae is nothing remarkable about this and not go back so want. State in one or two at most times. So I never they are not particularly ill, and after a failed stay even more.
Always a lot of tourists very much. Where don't spit – at every step.
The beaches are crowded and you need to work hard to find a place where I will be able to retire. Fatty and spicy foods – heartburn was almost every day.
Hot. Tropical Paradise can only dream about – stuffy, very stuffy.
The only thing that I advise everyone in Thailand visit the tour. Here they interesting. I took 2 on the river Kwai and Mini Siam. Pattaya. ...
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Easier to just go to AO Nang, and there near the shore can cross-train and then by boat. ...
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9908 bus departs from the public transport center. From what particular place is not exactly prompt, but there you will find, after all, PTC is quite small, and there are people behind the counter will tell me. Keep in mind that the schedule here updated on 2018, now it may have changed a little. But there's still a minivan straight to Chang by ferry, you can see them - ...
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Yes? And I have not deposited, I have already bought tickets :-). If only the Thai flight is not canceled, but I think this will not come up, and everything is back to normal. ...
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In fact, Phuket is one of the most popular resorts of Thailand. There are great beaches. You can select for young people and for families with children and for young people. It's time to go and relax there in the winter. The sea is clean, the waves are strong there. It's time for swimming. You can go sightseeing. There is plenty to choose from. ...