Tours to the island of Phuket (Thailand)

Пляж Най-Янг, Пхукет

Thailand – the land of a thousand smiles! It's not just words. As soon as you first descend from the aircraft, landed in Thailand, you'll immediately feel it. Perhaps the Thais are the friendliest people on the planet.

Phuket (Phuket), one of the most popular resorts of Thailand and is known all over the world, is located in the Southeast of Thailand in the Andaman sea of the Indian ocean. Phuket is also a province of Thailand. The capital of the island and the province is the city of Phuket. The island's population in 2011 - 348,504. It is the largest island of Thailand.

The island is known and popular among tourists for its secluded beaches, beautiful coral reefs and coves, rocks and clear sea. Around the island is full of small Islands, some of which are uninhabited and at the same time, accessible to tourists. Most of the island is covered with tropical forests, which, combined with falls, parks, coconut plantations makes Phuket an ideal place for relaxation and excursions to the jungle.

For tourists in Phuket are all conditions that you could only wish for. Accommodation on the island is famous for its five star hotels. But for budget travelers will not be difficult to find an inexpensive secluded Bungalow on the beach or a modest hotel room. Most importantly, why tourists come to Phuket for the beaches. If you are looking for a clean, great beaches, wonderful beach scenery for photos, then you definitely here.

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