Transport in Thailand: how to travel around the country

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One of the reasons why Thailand has become a Mecca for independent and budget travelers is a well-developed system of tourist and public transport. Almost the entire country is easy to travel all over, almost never resorting to expensive taxis or special tourist transport. Although the cost of a taxi if you know how to use them correctly, may seem ridiculous. And, in General, the cost of travel to Thailand may seem incredibly low when you compare travel similar distances to our vast country, so rich in combustible fossil fuels.

Air transport in Thailand

Airports near to almost all the major cities of Thailand. The main aviation hub of Thailand is Bangkok international airport. It is nice that the country has several Aviacenter (AirAsia, NokAir etc.) that offer fares comparable to the cost of bus tickets in Russia for a similar distance. The main thing here is to purchase a ticket in advance, since the closer the departure, the higher the price, better yet wait for the sale of tickets, and then you can buy a ticket for the fare on the bus.

Rail transport in Thailand

The country has built a good network of Railways, and it will run quite comfortable trains. High-speed Railways here.

The main railway hub of the country is Bangkok, from where trains depart to the North in the province of Chiang Mai; North-East to the border with Laos (in Vientiane); East to the border with Cambodia (to get to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor); South to Hua hin and the island resorts of southern Thailand in the Krabi province and later in Malaysia and Singapore; North-West to Kanchanaburi province.

Tourist trains are very popular, and do not be afraid to use them. Read more about Railways and trains of Thailand, see here.

Intercity and tourist buses in Thailand

Автобус первого класса в Тайланде

If you are not able to get to some place in Thailand by train, then there is no place where you would not have taken the bus. An extensive network of tourist and buses is not only very convenient but also inexpensive. Perhaps, to travel on buses in Thailand cheapest. The prices are really very low high quality. But, unfortunately, while traveling by bus, especially a tourist, you can run and trouble. So, it happened that he was lost Luggage, tourists were brought to the wrong place, the bus was late by several hours. So ideally it is best to use branded buses that depart from bus stations, not on tourist vans or large buses that take passengers directly from hotels.

Learn more about tour buses in Thailand can be read here

Taxi in Thailand

Такси в Тайланде

Taxis are usually moved to cities, but sometimes you can take a taxi ride to drive to the next town or to the airport. Surprisingly, but a taxi ride can sometimes be even cheaper, or at least not much more expensive than the bus ride. After all, if you go by the company in a few people and "chip in" a little bit of everything for a taxi, each companion will be released not too expensive.

For long distance travel by taxi recommend that you negotiate with the driver about the fixed price (as usual, you have to haggle), and for short movements within the city cheaper to use a taxi with a meter.

Vehicle rental in Thailand

Мотоциклы на прокат в Тайланде

For those who are willing to ride with the wind and with almost nothing to spend, Thailand is the perfect place. To rent a motorcycle here starting from 100 baht per day (see money of Thailand, the exchange rate) that in recalculation on roubles will be approximately $ 100. The average price is slightly higher, about 200 baht a day, but if you haggle and agree on a long-term lease, the price of 100 baht will be quite real. With this you get full freedom of movement.

Not difficult to rent a car. Price starts from 800 baht per night. Here again, all depends on your ability to bargain and the place where you will rent a car. But it is not necessary to pursue cheapness. Better to overpay a little, but to get a reliable and insured car.

Read more about car rent in Thailand read here .

Water transport in Thailand

In some cases, water transport is the only way to get to the place your holiday. But in Thailand everything is in order. If the tourists are somewhere in a rush, you will certainly appear the most convenient routes by air, land or water, and sometimes all together. Therefore, you can find a very convenient composite transfers in the form of airfare, transportation from the airport to the pier, and further voyage to the promised island, and all this in a single ticket. Such composite tickets are sold not only in travel agencies, and on the websites of the airlines. Sometimes sold a combined ticket for bus+ferry, which is also very convenient.

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Taxi prices in Bangkok will rise will rise by 8-11%.
The Ministry of transport of the country approved the first in 22 years!!! the increase in tariffs for a taxi in Bangkok. It is specified that the landing in a taxi will still cost 35 baht, while the rates per kilometer and time will increase.
Also scheduled a price increase on the subway from 1 January. ...
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Good afternoon. Going in may to the South of Thailand. Were planning to visit several Islands. For example I wanted to move on may 6-7 with Koh MUK to Koh Lepe. But the company ferry wrote that in may they don't swim between the Islands but there is only flights from Trang. Did not want the island to go to the continent that would again to go to the island. Can someone tell me how to navigate in the rainy season between the Islands? ...
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