Communications and the Internet in Thailand

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Communications and the Internet in Thailand is very developed. For tourists it makes sense to use to communicate with the house or with each other inside the country's Internet (through e-mail or Skype), the local mobile network or special international phones. The use of roaming Russian operators, or calls from hotel rooms cost unreasonably expensive. And to use the Internet Russian mobile operators roaming in General is absolutely not worth it. Alternatively, you can use a special tourist SIM card.

Internet in Thailand

Internet in Thailand is everywhere. Almost the norm was the presence of free Wi-Fi in the hotel room or a seedy Guesthouse. Only in rare cases, Wi-Fi in the hotel is paid. In order to access free or paid Wi-Fi, you should just contact the hotel staff at reception and they will give you a username and password. If you do not have your Wi-Fi devices, in some hotels it is possible to connect to wired Internet (usually in the lobby, rarely in the room) or you can check the hotel computer.

Free Wi-Fi also has many large shopping malls, restaurants and even small cafes.

On the street you can find a lot of Internet cafes. The cost is usually hourly or half an hour, on average from 10 to 30 baht (currency of Thailand) for half an hour. But not everywhere it is possible to use Skype due to the lack of microphone and camera. In these Internet cafes is usually a phone for international calls via IP-telephony service to send faxes.

Mobile communications in Thailand

Sense to take a mobile phone mobile operator in Russia with the included no roaming charges because the calls with the house would be very expensive. Much cheaper and easier to buy on the spot SIM card from a local operator, and are free to use it. Calls home will cost only a few baht per minute. Outgoing calls to local subscribers throughout Thailand cost around 1 baht per minute (no such thing as roaming do not), incoming calls are free.

To buy a local SIM card, until recently, were not required any documents. But from 2015 the purchase of a SIM card according to the local law is complicated, and only possible upon presentation of a passport. All previously purchased and registered the SIM card can be registered upon presentation of a passport. To buy a SIM card, the card balance or to replenish the balance in the cellular shops, supermarkets, 7-eleven and many others.

The main operators are AIS (card 1-2-call), DTAC (Happy card the sim card) and True Mobile. Sometimes these operators sell special kits SIM cards with a positive balance. For example, you can buy for 100 baht for the SIM card on which balance there will be 50 baht, to utter it during the holidays and then just throw away. On these cards, you need to check with the sellers. If you would like to talk a lot, then this card is easy to recharge by card to replenish the balance (the balance is funded by code according to the instructions on the map). To buy the right card to recharge, do not dispose of the box from the SIM card to the seller you picked the correct card. No problem, you can replenish the balance and cash, which is also useful box with SIM card and number.

To call home from a mobile in Thailand is possible as usual, gaining +7 (this code of Russia) and then the area code and local number, but such calls will be expensive. Highly recommended from a mobile phone in Thailand in Russia call using exit codes for IP telephony. In this case, a call home will cost 3 baht per minute. Different operators and different cost codes (cost is slightly different), so ask about information about price and order set buying or the site operator. For example, for Happy Simcard when set 004 7 minute cost in Russia 4 cell bat and the city, and directly (+7) the cost of 28 baht.

As for mobile Internet, if you are planning for a long time and actively use it during travel, you should choose the SIM card with the tariff for unlimited Internet or packet traffic, it will be much cheaper.

And one more thing: ordinary SIM card in Thailand have limited validity period, and if you want there is a long time and always use one room, you will have to renew the card for the money.

International phone

To call from the hotel Thailand to Russia usually quite expensive, minute call can cost 80 baht. It is much cheaper to call from special international phones, which can be found in Internet cafes or even on the streets of the tourist cities. Calls happening on technology of IP-telephony and so are inexpensive. You can call any number in Russia, including on mobile. To find such phones in large tourist cities is quite simple: look for the words Overseas Call on the door of an Internet café or local agencies. Sometimes these phones can generally be found just standing on a table in the street. The cost of a call to Russia with these phones is from 4 baht per minute on a home phone; a little more expensive on mobile.

What's the code you need to dial from these phones to call Russia, there you will tell. After dialing the code you need to dial from the area code and landline number without eight ahead.

Useful codes and mobile

  • *102*9# — your phone number
  • *101*9# balance
  • *101*1*9# — the rest of the Internet traffic in the package
  • *4000*9# — username and password for Dtac wifi
  • *113*30# to extend the validity for 30 days and costs 2 baht
  • *113*90# — extend the duration of 90 days is 6 baht
  • *113*180# — extend the validity for 180 days, and costs 12 baht
  • 191 - police
  • 1155 - the tourist police
  • 199 - fire brigade
  • 1554 ambulance
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Moved your topic from Phuket.
1. If you pay for the hotel on the booking card, the card will be charged the price indicated in rubles. If you need to know the exact conversion rate, change the currency on the booking in dollars and do the math on the calculator.
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It seems like the refund is only for products covered ...
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