Surfing, Windsurfing and kite surfing in Koh Samui



Sorry lovers of this sport, but fortunately for beach lovers, surfing and the island of Koh Samui – things almost incompatible. Large waves almost never here, and this island attracts tourists and beachgoers who do not like big ocean waves. Here the ocean waves just don't happen, because Koh Samui is in the Gulf of Thailand and is well protected from them, and winds from all sides. Some waves can "catch" in the low season – October to December, but it's like a high wave for beginners. Accordingly, surf party here, rental boards can be found in very small quantities and only on the most popular beaches. Nearest to Samui the place where you want to go surfing – the island of Phuket.

So if you were in Samui, and definitely want to try their luck at the local waves, then this should be done on the beaches of Chaweng and Lamai.


Виндсерфинг на Самуи

With this sport on Koh Samui is somewhat better than surfing. For Windsurfing one needs only the wind, and he's here, in principle. A safe shore, without the pitfalls, predictable and warm year-round weather make the island one of the best in Thailand for everyone – beginners and experienced athletes.

Some of the beaches of Koh Samui the wind blows all year round, it is Bophut and Maenam. The beaches on the East coast, too, can please the lovers of Windsurfing, but only seasonal. Lamai and Chaweng to catch the wind from November to April, but the rest of the time there is nothing to do.

The necessary infrastructure for Windsurfing on Koh Samui available. In addition to the rental there are several schools for beginners. The cost of private lessons with an instructor will cost about 1500 baht for two hours (about $ 50). One of the most popular schools of Windsurfing on Samui //



Kite surfing (Kitesurfing) or Kiteboarding (Kiteboarding) on Koh Samui is one of the most rapidly growing popularity of water sports. Conditions are excellent: there is wind, water safe, the pitfalls little, water and air is warm year-round. As for Windsurfing, the best places are a year round the beaches of Bophut and Mae Nam, Lamai and Chaweng season winds lasts mainly from November to April.

Equipment rental can be found without problems, especially in the popular Bophut, Chaweng and Lamai. There are many schools and private trainers, but what is bad, and a lot of tourists. On Mae Nam beach with natural conditions are excellent, little people, and one of the famous kite surfing schools are based here.

  • Equipment rental and equipment kitesurfing – 1000 baht/hour.
  • Training – from 10,000 baht for a two-day course (includes equipment rental and equipment).

Popular schools:

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admin 11 Nov 2014, 10:05
Hello tal! The diving predetsya not to go and swim. Samui diving is not, for him to go to the neighboring Islands: Tao or Angthong marine Park or other. There is already a need to look at the storm and rain to go out to sea and not on the murky water. This is my IMHO. ...
tal 12 Nov 2014, 13:52
While in the rain water sufficiently transparent? And what about "go" - all life in shipbuilding work, and there don't swim, and walk. So dive into the storm there, and in the rain? ...
admin 13 Nov 2014, 17:23
Don't even know what to tell you . I'm not a diver, but I visited in low season there, and in my opinion the low season and the rain was not an obstacle for immersion. But can someone more precise answer. ...
tal 14 Nov 2014, 09:22
Thank you for this information, as more divers is not... ...
Julia 26 Feb 2015, 06:11
Hello! Prompt who knows like Tao from Koh Samui to swim on one day. Boats and schedules. Or should not communicate, and to buy a tour? ...
admin 26 Feb 2015, 17:28
Hello! As far as I know, Tao from Koh Samui directly on Lompraya to get there (it was an airline like this, read more here ... hp#ferries). but if you look at the schedule, it turns out that on the day in any way, only overnight. Anyway I think that this just makes no sense. If the island you want to see during the day, there is nothing to watch. If diving or snorkeling, then sailed to the island would not be able to dive. There are many excursions to Tao, so this really is the best option for you. But for good, better not to day, and for a couple of days to swim. ...
Hope 24 10 Feb 2016, 03:10
tell amp-TA how cheap and convenient to get to Bangkok to Phangan. can't find the bus schedule. suggest from the street Khao San Road ...
admin 10 Feb 2016, 08:42
Can not find badly searched. We have on every page "How to get" the ticket search form is there and the schedule. Here is what you need ... -28&z=5962to change the date on the one you want and book. The place of departure is specified, Khao San is sent. ...
atenal 30 Apr 2016, 12:45
I was priyatno want prices on Samui. ...
AnyChek 27 Aug 2017, 11:52
Hi! Just got back from Samui, August 2017, when in all of Thailand the rainy season. It there is absolutely not there! For two weeks the rain was twice in the late afternoon, when the sun set.
Have levolo as follows - the next day heat! The prices in this period, we were pleased!) ...