Chaweng beach (Chaweng Beach) Koh Samui

The estimates (stars) should be taken as a recommendation and not the ultimate truth. It should be understood that the conditions at each beach depends on the time of year (season), weather, and change over time.
Пляж Чавенг, Самуи Chaweng Beach

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
security for children in water
infrastructure district
- entertainment and nightlife

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Beach and Chaweng (Chaweng Beach) is located on the West coast, near the airport (Chaweng beach on the map). The area and the beach has a length of 7 kilometers. It is the most developed and democratic district, and one of the best beaches in Koh Samui. Here is a very developed infrastructure: a variety of accommodation options ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels, plenty of nightlife, shopping centers and other attractions. If other beaches you can call the resort areas of Chaweng is a real city. It's hard to say what is impossible to find. This is the place where you want to go if you have a plan and a pre-booked hotel. Only here you will be able to quickly find housing for every budget on arrival. Also here is worth a go, if you want to be in the heart of vibrant entertainment and nightlife district.

Пляж Чавенг, Самуи Night life in Chaweng: the almost girl

As for the beach, it is a very personal quality: wide, with white sand and very long. But it's also the most crowded place in high season there is simply no room to fall, especially in the center. If you move to the edges of the beach, North or South, people become much less. A great way is separated from the beach by a dense construction of hotels, so no ugliness in the form of speeding near beach trucks here. At the same time to drive up to the sand on the motorbike or car is possible through a variety of paths leading to the beach from the main road. Entertainment on the beach of Chaweng enough, you can find absolutely anything your heart desires, and at every step.

Low tides in Chaweng are not, at least, the eyes do not offer a depressing picture of rocks and snags, only the water goes away from the coast. The slope of the bottom is very weak, and you have to retreat to a hundred meters from the water's edge to get his feet off the bottom. During the strongest tides you can even walk to two Islands located in the waters.

To get to the beach easily. It is located close to the airport and through the area is the ring road, which runs songthaews (share taxis). The taxi ride from the airport will cost 400 baht for the minivan from the airport - 120 baht, and to take a taxi from the pier in Nathon (Nathon) for 80 baht / person.

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Hotels Chaweng - one of the most affordable on the island, but most importantly, they are here and for every budget. Price for basic rooms without air conditioning starts from 400 baht (see currency exchange rate Thailand) for two, but in low season you can find air-conditioned room for 500 baht. Even if you have advance hotel is not booked, it is easy to find, passing along the main street area that runs along the beach. Bungalows on the shore here to be found, all of them are now replaced by large hotels and guesthouses. When choosing the location of the hotel consider proximity to bars and Nightclubs: day seemingly quiet neighborhood turns into a bustling club district, and sleep at times fails.

Shopping in Chaweng is also the most developed of all Koh Samui. They sell everything and at every step, including on the beach. There are a lot of markets, and in the Northern part there is a huge Mall Central Festival.

Summing up, about Chaweng is possible to say that this is one of the most successful and developed of Samui's beaches, but on a quiet, secluded stay in a Bungalow on the shore here can forget.

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