Beach resort(Bo Phut) in Samui

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Пляж Бопхут, Самуи The Bophut Beach

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
security for children in water
infrastructure district
- entertainment and nightlife

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The beach and the Bophut area (Bo Phut, Bo Phut) is located in the North of Koh Samui in a cozy Cove (the Bophut beach on the map Koh Samui). The beach is 3 kilometers. The Bophut area continues further inland of Samui island approximately two kilometers, so overall it's a fairly large area. Although formed the beach around a small fishing village, today it is quite a developed area, almost the whole city.

The Bophut beach is very similar to nearby Mae Nam. It's moderately clean and sometimes even beautiful. Here coarse sand and abruptly leaving the bottom under the water, which swim here is very convenient, but a vacation with children is not the safest. The influence of the tides is almost imperceptible. The water is not very transparent.

But, unlike Mae Nam beach, which is more like a village, here the life boils. The area is very developed and noisy, and is second in popularity only to the Chaweng and Lamai. Tourist infrastructure is well developed, there are many hotels, including budget; restaurants and cafes; tourist Agency and rent a motorbike; a floating Playground. Is including bars with girls, just not many, and they are not as noisy as in Chaweng. But the highlight of Bophut is that local restaurants are stylized in different era and culture that attracts a large number of serious wealthy tourists from Europe. On Fridays in the Marina area overlaps the movement and offers a Walking Street, where, perhaps, the best night market on the island. But that's not all. If you move the area is a bit inland on the ring road, you will get to the largest hypermarkets of the island, Big-C, Makro and Tesco Lotus (see more about shops on Samui), karting track and a shooting range.

To get to the beach Bophut is easy by taxi Songthaews from the pier in Nathon for 50 baht (see currency of Thailand and the exchange rate). From Samui airport take a taxi to Bophut costs 500 baht, a trip on the minivan - 130 baht.

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Summing up: Bo Phut-developed and quite suitable for tourists of any age. The youth center will find bustling bars and entertainment in moderation. Those who are older, can stay on the fringes of the beach and to relax in silence, if you wish, take a walk in centre. Probably the only disadvantage here is not very clear water in the sea and dramatic depth, which is not very safe for children and those who do not swim. Oh and if you want to find cheaper accommodation, it is better to go to Chaweng beach, because Bo Phut cheap hotels and guesthouses quite a bit.

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Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
AnyChek 27 August, 2017

Hi! Just got back from Samui, August 2017, when in all of Thailand the rainy season. It there is absolutely not there! For two weeks the rain was twice in the late afternoon, when the sun set.
Have levolo as follows - the next day heat! The prices in this period, we were pleased!) ...
Alkor55 3 April, 2018
The rainy season in Thailand is nonsense.All the different provinces. For Koh Samui in July ,August and until mid September is the best time of rest. And this time, not the rainy season. There is a month can go 3-4 rain for 15 minutes. And this is the peak season. In Italy from August 1 to September 1 all the holiday( in Spain too) and at this time the island crowded with Italians(but not the Spaniards,there are a few). 10 times vacationing with his wife on Koh Samui this summer for a month each time. Russian tour guides(friends) we were told that winter here is worse.A few years ago I went to Koh Samui in winter from 20 January to 15 February. Really did not like.Every three days the storm in the sea grass, boards, logs and other debris. And weather is normal, you can relax. But it is not a rule, sometimes worse, but sometimes better.Therefore, from 1 November the best place to relax on Koh Chang until March, then worse.But the ball there is a zero. So everybody is looking for what suits him. Someone like Phuket, some don't, also the winter vacation is good there, but for us in winter, Koh Chang better.I will add that to Chang the wild tides and need to get serious about the choice of hotel. ...
admin April 4, 2018

All true, and nobody on this website never claimed that in Thailand the rainy season is one for the whole country, and on this account even sickly seasons sign is - But you draw conclusions about the weather on several trips at one time, and one trip to another - not objectively. Still the best season in Samui is in January-April. And the fact that you were not so lucky... well, weather is unpredictable because almost... ...
Alkor55 4 April, 2018
Read the post above. This answer for AnyChek. And what about January-April , I live here told friends, operating guides. It is friends, just guides I'm not going to listen. Been there, done that. And about the spring floods you forget about autumn I will not say, you do know about them and during them happening. And that weather is unpredictable, you're right... But for our 10 year old travel to Samui had no problems with the weather. ...
Nadine Mahler May 16, 2018
Samui is a wonderful island!
We flew from Moscow with a stopover in Bangkok, the tour was in early March. The weather was great, and just in the last day the sun hid, and we learned what a tropical rain. :lol:
We stayed in the wonderful hotel briza resort. The hotel consists of many small two-storey houses, each house a maximum of 4 rooms. The whole hotel look like the garden of Eden, is buried in verdure.
The island is very interesting because on one side you can only see the dawn, and on the other the decline. We lived in Chaweng, there are only sunrises, so we decided one evening to go to the other end of the island to watch the sunset, and absolutely do not regret it, it is very beautiful! ...
nausla May 16, 2018
The puzzles are beautiful. ...
of Satanta 17 September, 2018
Going to Thailand for a month. Plans 5 days in Koh Samui! The main question is, what dostoprimechatelnosti better to take the tour and where you can go on their own ...
admin 17 September, 2018

I have a strong opinion that trips to a guide which tells about the sights, only needed for historical sites. And considering that there are places on Samui not, then excursions are not necessary, if you are able to reach on their own. If you drive a motorbike, take it in rent and go, all you will see. ...
Travel Johnny December 28, 2018
Hello!Tell us about the school Windian that Bali - I say very cool! And the Russian coaches, and the program is great ...
admin December 28, 2018

You ask like "Tell", and in the end not a question mark, and exclamation marks. More like advertising :THINK . Anyway the topic is about Samui and not Bali, it's even different countries. ...