Hotels and beaches of Koh Samet

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Hotels island of Samet, where to stay

On the island of Koh Samet is quite a lot of hotels of different classes and prices. If you want, here you can find a cheap hotel, but mostly the room rates here are higher than on the mainland. Very recommended to book the hotel in advance, especially during high season from December to February and from June to August. The island is popular at any time of the year with locals, and on weekends, there always is influx of tourists. So if you're going to go to the island from Friday to Sunday, the hotel reservation is at any time of the year. All this, of course, does not mean that having arrived on the island on Saturday during the peak season you will have to sleep on the street, but all the normal hotels for a good price at that time will lesson and you will have to pay for the accommodation of dubious quality.

Find and book accommodation on the island of Samet can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Beaches the island of Samet on the map

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Most of the hotels on the island located on the East coast, and especially in the North-East. Here are the most developed infrastructure and the most popular beaches. If you seek privacy and want to stay in a cheap hotel, you will need it in this part of the island. In the South-West coast of hotels quite a bit, and the beaches are very secluded and not as long as in the North. Cheap hotels here can not be found.

On the West coast of the island hotels are just a small and very beautiful beach of AO Prao (Ao Prao). The rest of the West Bank is rocky and not suitable for swimming.

Below you can read an overview of the beaches of Koh Samet and see their location on an interactive map Koh Samet and if you want to book a hotel in pleasant location.

Beaches the island of Samet

  • Samed City Center

    The centre of Koh Samet on the map

    The center of the island is the small village of Na Dan, known simply as the village of Koh Samet (Ko Samet Village). There is a large part of the infrastructure of the island, the ferry, the cheapest hotels on the island. This is a good area for budget and unassuming tourists. If you purposefully don't look for a secluded stay in a hotel on a remote island beach, then you direct road here. Moreover, the ferry from the mainland you will bring it here, and get to your hotel you can walk.

    The centre is also notable for the abundance of waterfront cafes and restaurants. The beach is equipped with everything necessary, including shower, toilet and shops. Any tourist can rent water swimming gear, and then relax under the shade of tropical trees. In the dark the rest is not finished, and vacationers can comfortably sit in the cafeteria, serves Thai cuisine and listen to live music.

    The beaches are directly located at the centre of the island of Samet is not too suitable for a beach holiday, but adjacent to the center are two wonderful beaches : SAI Kaew (Sai Kaew) and AO Klang (Klang Ao). To get them in 10 minutes on foot.

    They attract tourists for its white as flour sand. These beaches are coral, and every tourist can appreciate the advantage of small coral sand. Turquoise charm with their beauty, and give the opportunity to relax tourists of Thailand in full.

  • The SAI Kaew beach (Hat Sai Kaeo, also Hat Sai Kaew)

    Пляж на о. Самет

    The SAI Kaew beach on the map

    SAI Kaew (Hat Sai Kaeo) is a beach with white sand and very well-developed infrastructure, which is ideal for lovers of blue clean waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It's definitely the most popular beach of the island. Its length is more than 1 kilometer and it is the largest beach on Koh Samet.

    On-site nicely there are plenty of palm trees, which can protect people from the bright sun. On the beach there is a shower room, a cafe, a toilet – everything you need for a comfortable stay. Here you will find the floaties, kayaks, sun loungers and tables. Make your holidays more exotic, you can enjoy a Thai beach massage, or to feel what a fish Spa.

    If you've got a lot of things to rest, all you need to buy in beach shops, from beachwear, and ending with the sunblock. After dark, visitors can enjoy live music and fire show.

    According to the custom of the beach, SAI Kaew (Sai Kaew) is called a "war" because it lasted on campus, where students and soldiers live in Thailand.

  • The AO Wongduan (Ao Wong Duean)

    Пляж в отеле Samed Cabana Resort

    The AO Wongduan on the map

    AO Wongduan (Ao Wong Duean) is a sandy strip with a length of 500 meters and is curved in the form of a Crescent. This is one of the most extensive beaches of the East coast of Koh Samet. Small and nice white sand and the clear turquoise water is perfectly combined with multiple tropical greenery. Vacationers love to hide from the scorching sun in shady areas under exotic vegetation. A distinctive feature of AO Wongduan is the high level hotels. For lovers of relaxation, on the beach you can find a variety of water activities.

    Rent beach chairs available anywhere AO Wongduan, can also visit one of the three massage salons or beauty salon. For a very reasonable price you can rent inflatable mattresses, snorkels for swimming.

  • The AO Phai (Phai Ao)

    The AO Phai on the map

    AO Phai is quite small in size, but certainly pleasant beach. Wide caring Board hosts a variety of bars and restaurants, and by nightfall, AO Phai, not sleeping, and nightlife. It is the ideal place for those who like to relax on the full program, but without the explicit congestion entertainment. It's a pretty quiet beach if compare with others, but he did not yield. The turquoise water and fine white sand shade is the main advantage of AO Phai. There is almost no stones, so we can safely walk barefoot on a nice sandy coating. A huge number of sun loungers with parasols protect travelers from direct sunlight.

  • AO Klang (Klang Ao)

    The AO Klang on the map

    AO Klang is one of the most unique beaches of Koh Samet. Its main attraction is the beautiful countryside which is nowhere else to see. The beach itself is hidden from prying eyes. Lush rows of coconut palms and landscaped tropical greenery, the hills create a unique atmosphere for relaxation. As with the other beaches of the island, AO Klang is famous for its coral sand, which impresses with its pure white.

    Of the main features of AO Klang, you can still highlight what it is not oversaturated with tourists. You rarely will see how the locals and other tourists. The perfect place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the cities and countries where you can enjoy complete privacy with nature.

  • The AO Noina (Ao Sopha Arboretum)

    The AO Noina on the map

    AO Noi na is one of the cleanest beaches in the City. In the eye catches at once the purest coastal water, which is not even stones. The ideal depth will allow you to swim at your leisure. AO Noi na is suitable for those who don't like noisy nights. You will not find many discos and bars, so if you want to retire in silence, AO Noi na, is the ideal choice. Also, your peace will not break the roar of the water boats and motorcycles. During the day many tourists like to play beach volleyball, have fun kayaking and snorkeling. In one part of the beach you can find modern and chic hotels that offer the highest service. And if you tire of relaxing stay, just a couple of minutes you will be able to be in the best in entertainment.

  • The Beach AO Prao (Ao Phrao)

    The beach of AO Prao on the map

    AO Prao is one of the most prestigious beaches on the island. It is simply created for the most discerning guests. It should be noted that AO Prao seriously geographically isolated, because it is separated by rocks from the other parts of the island.

    AO Prao is a white strip of sand, which is studded tropical gardens with manicured lawns. A separate advantage is that you will not find a single speck of dust on the entire beach. AO Prao created for respectable rest. You can enjoy wonderful sunsets from the observation deck, or right off the beach of AO Prao. Tourists willingly rent catamarans and sailing yachts take on rentals kayaking or Windsurfing. On both sides the beach is surrounded by coral reefs, so diving AO Prao become just a treasure trove.

  • AO Cho (Ao Cho)

    В отеле Ao Cho Grand View Resort

    The AO Cho on the map

    This small "beach" is located between the beaches of AO Phai and Wangdu. This is a great beach with clear water and nice sand, and nothing, in principle, from other beaches in the neighborhood is no different. Except the fact that there is a pier, which is where you can catch boats to the mainland. If you want to get to the beaches of AO Cho, AO Phai, AO Wongduan, it is better to swim to the pier and walk to the hotel on your beach you walk. Is not cheap, but very decent hotel Ao Cho Grand View Resort and almost twice cheaper Tarn Tawan Resort Ao Cho

  • AO Wai (Wai Ao)

    The beach of AO Wai on the map

    AO Wai is located almost in the very South of the island. He's very quiet, peaceful and private. Here is worth a go, if in addition to the hotel and the beach on vacation you don't need anything else. Access to the island entertainment here will have on the boat, car or motorcycle, since it's quite a walk.

    Here is the only and sufficient budget by the standards of the island, the hotel Samet Ville Resort

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