How to get to Koh Samet

How to get to Samed island

Samed island located in Rayong province near Rayong city near the East coast of Thailand (Samet island on the map of Thailand). And although the island is divided from the mainland just 7 miles across the water to reach the island without the help of organised transport is not so easy, but the path will be only more interesting. From Pattaya island lies 100 kilometers from Bangkok 200 miles away. These cities in most cases are the starting point (or rather, intermediate from Russia) for the trip to Samed island.

Directly to the island from Russia can not be hit, as the island has no airport at all, not even international. The nearest international airport U-Tapao (U-Tapao), often also called the airport of Pattayais located only 50 kilometers from the City. But it is unlikely that you will have to use this airport, because it takes only a few Charter flights and several domestic flights in the country. More likely than not, you will have to get to Samet from Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi, or directly from the cities of Pattaya or Bangkok. Well, and how to get to these places, described in detail in the sections How to get to Pattaya and How to get to Bangkok.

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To get to the island of Koh Samet, have, in addition to tolls, to pay 200 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate) for access to the national Park Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet, which occupies a large part of the island. Children will need to pay 100 baht. Payment may be made when purchasing tickets for the ferry for another land, or after landing on the island.

To get from the mainland to the island is by ferry or boat. The next Marina on the mainland, Ban Phe and Nuan Thip Jetty Jetty (the pier on the map Koh Samet). With them on Koh Samet during the day the occupancy of ferries and private boats.

To get to the pier Ban Phe and Nuan Thip Jetty Jetty by bus from Bangkok, Pattaya and directly from Bangkok's international airport Suvarnabhumi.

From Bangkok's Eastern bus terminal (Ekkamai) directly to the pier (tickets to ask to Ban Phe) every hour from 5:00 to 20:30 the bus. The advance ticket purchase is not necessary. Fares – 173 baht. The journey time is 3 hours and a half. From Victory Monument in Bangkok also directly to the Marina there are minivans. They are in the occupancy and cost 250 baht per person.

From other cities, in particular, from Pattaya, Suvarnabhumi airport, Northern bus terminal in Bangkok takes you to the bus station to Rayong (Rayong), where the Marina can be reached by taxi (songthaew) for 20 baht. From Suvarnabhumi airport during the day the bus number 9906 around 05:40,08:40,09:10,09:40,10:40,13:40,16:00 and 18:40, but the schedule may change. From Pattaya to Rayong is possible to leave from the Northern bus terminal, but you can also catch a passing minivan or bus to Rayong right on Sukhumvit road next to the bus terminal (70 baht).

Ferries between the mainland and Sametom run from 8:00 to 18:00, after this time you can get will only be hiring a boat. The fare on the ferry from 50 to 100 baht, depending on location (the beach), where are you headed for Koh Samet. On the island all ferries stop at the pier Nadan Pier (Nadan Pier on the map Koh Samet), and some also continue with stops at the popular beaches of AO Wongduan, AO Prao etc.

The price for hiring the boat starts from 500 baht.

Transportation on Koh Samet

Public transport on the island there. You can move by taxi, rented transport or on foot.

The island has only one main road along the beaches on the East coast, her cruising taxis (songthew). The fare from 20 to 60 baht depending on the distance unless you hire a car as a taxi.

An excellent option to travel around the island is by rented motorbike or Bicycle, but the prices here compared to mainland Thailand inflated: rent a motorcycle for a day starts from 300 baht.

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