Attractions of Koh Samet what to see

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The main "attractions" of Samet island are its beaches and nature. It is because of them tourists come here. These same attractions, the island is not rich.

Frankly, neither one major sights of cultural or historical character here. Among the more or less interesting places, visit the temple of Koh Samet (Wat Ko Samet), which is located in the Central area of the island (the Temple of Koh Samet on the map). Here, near the temple, is a large white statue of the Buddha, which come to see tourists. In the temple there is a pond with fish.

Quite an interesting and unusual place – the standing stones on the AO BLP (Ao Pudsa Beach – southern part of the district and the beach just South of AO Phai). On the coastal rocks beach "are" rocks and strangely poised.

Русалка и принц

You can still walk up to the sculpture of the mermaid and the Prince, which is located in a beautiful Bay between the beaches of AO Pai, SAI Kaew (a sculpture of a mermaid and a Prince on the map). According to the Thai poem the mermaid rescued the Prince and fell in love with him. In principle, nothing outstanding these sculptures are not present, but because the view on the island nothing more, then this place is worth to visit and take photos.

You can visit the center of growing turtles and fish (Turtle Conservation Centre). In the center of the fry grow turtles and fish, and then release them into the sea. Farm is located right on the water near the shore on the North island (farm map).

On this man-made attractions of the island are exhausted. If you want to see the sights or have fun, you can swim to the mainland and to walk around the city of Rayong. Other attractions of Koh Samet is a natural.

National Park

The main natural attraction of the island is the national Park Khao LEM I (Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park). Moreover, the nature Park is not only limited to land territory, but also includes underwater. The Park also does not only consist of Samed island, and extends over large sea areas and contains several Islands. Access to the national Park fee, and is 200 baht (the currency of Thailand, the exchange rate) for adults and 100 baht for children. This amount you pay once when you arrive on the island and you can easily travel around the island and swim to the nearby Islands of the Park, nothing more without paying extra. Most importantly, keep your ticket about the payment.

The Park was created 25 years ago in order to preserve natural conditions on land and in water. Not to say that the reserve is on land there is a countless variety of exotic flora and fauna, but some exotic species of birds and animals to see here. Here abtut monkeys (beware, they can steal your stuff, or even attack and bite), squirrels, flying forest, palm crab, sea lizard, prickly Gecko, flat-headed Gecko, etc.

Underwater world and the Islands near Koh Samet

Подводный мир Ко Самета

The excellent underwater visibility allows you to explore the underwater world of the Park, diving and snorkeling. The best time for this is between October and February. At other times, the visibility under water is somewhat worse. Underwater world coral reefs, small fish, stingrays, sea turtles (sometimes swim), whale sharks (not dangerous to humans)

Diving and snorkeling is possible off the coast of Koh Samet and to swim to the nearby small Islands on which the City organizes tours for lovers of diving/snorkeling and overland travelers:

The island Kudi (Ko Kudi, also Koh Gudee) is located 2.5 km East of Samet island (island Where on the map). The island is small in size, only half a kilometer in length. Very close are two tiny Islands. This is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling, and quite desperate for tourists to stay on the island and spend the night in bungalows.

Talu island (Ko Talu) is located 6 kilometers from Koh Samet (island, Where on the map). This island is called "mysterious island" because of its unusual shape: the island is a natural hole, forming a stone bridge. O. Talu, great beaches and good (though slightly worse than O. Khudi) underwater life.

The island of Chan (Chan Island) is located at the southern Cape Samet. Great place for relaxing and snorkeling.

The island of Khao hin (Hin Khao Island) lies to the North of the City. Also a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling lessons.

There are many interesting and beautiful Islands that can be reached by hiring a boat.

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