Samed island: General information, weather, seasons, time

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General information about the island of Samet

Остров Самет, вид сверху

Samet island (Ko Samet, Koh Samet) is a popular resort island in the Gulf of Thailand in Eastern Thailand in Rayong province. The island is located 200 kilometers from Bangkok, 100 km from Pattaya city and just 7 kilometers from the East coast of mainland Thailand (provision of Koh Samet on the map of Thailand).

Pronounce the island's name with the accent on the letter "E", i.e. Koh Samet. The name of the island was named after the tree which is very common on the island, and the bark of which has certain medicinal properties.

Samed island is small and has an elongated shape. The maximum length of the island is only 7 kilometers. Most of the island is part of the National Park Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park, and therefore 80% of the island is covered with tropical forests. For this reason, access to the island and paid for foreigners is 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. Near the island is still a few small Islands.

Samed island is primarily due to the excellent beach holiday on a white cozy beaches. Over the last few decades developed tourist infrastructure, built many elegant and not-so hotels, restaurants and Nightclubs. However, the nature of the stay remains calm and in some places even very secluded. On the island are water sports and beach entertainment, traditional for any beach resort. There is an opportunity to do good snorkeling. Of course, there is sea fishing. There are good opportunities to go diving off the coast of Samet and the neighbouring Islands.

Among the entertainments on land, the island ranks first eco-tourism. You can easily explore the jungle island, even without a guide and excursions, since the island is quite small. You can also take a walk on bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs. In addition to these opportunities laplagne entertainment of the island, in General, and exhausted.

Given their geographical proximity to the island of Samet another Thai island of Koh Chang (Koh Chang), tourists often choose to stay one of them. Which island to choose, Samet or Koh Chang? The island is certainly very similar. But there are differences.

Chang island is from Bangkok and Pattaya further than Koh Samet, and there is more expensive and takes much longer. Chang, Samet much more in size, and accordingly has more lush vegetation, much more diverse in landscapes and developed. In addition to forests in Chiang there are still a couple of waterfalls. Activities and attractions on Koh Chang are also more than the Island, but at the same time he is more saturated with tourists, and on popular tourist beaches, there will be no loneliness. Of course, Chang is also fairly remote, secluded beaches and hotels, but once on them, you will be almost completely cut off from the world, and to get to civilization, you will have to hire a taxi or a boat that is not cheap. The Travelers can take a walk and find a secluded spot on the beach at any time. There is even no paved roads, because the island can be explored on foot, or travel by motorbike or Bicycle. It is believed that the hotels in Chiang somewhat cheaper with the same quality as that on the Island.

The weather on Koh Samet, seasons

Despite its proximity to the mainland, the weather and the climate on the island is quite different from the mainland, and for the better. The island is the driest of all the Islands of Thailand, i.e. the amount of precipitation on it much less. To go to relax on Samet can be absolutely at any time of the year, however, there are traditionally the dry season and the rainy season and the peaks of tourist seasons.

The rainy season on the island of Koh Samet is in the period from may to September. However, in comparison with heavy rains on the mainland, rainfall here is much less. Therefore, in the period from June to August despite the rainy season, the Travelers observed the influx of tourists, mainly from local Thai population.

The dry season on the Island lasts from October to April. The ideal time is November and December when it's not too hot and almost never rains. What's the maximum number of tourists visits the island in the months of November to February.

Seasons on the island of Koh Samet months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

The weather on Koh Samet and forecast

Time on the island of Samet

The time difference on the island of Samet in Moscow is +4 hours in winter and summer.

The current time in island Koh Samet*
The time difference with the cities:
Moscow: +4 Samara: +3
Kazan: +4 Nizhny Novgorod: +4
Ekaterinburg: +2 Novosibirsk: 0
Irkutsk: -1 Vladivostok: -3
* - if time is incorrect, refresh the page Ctrl+F5:

Helpful information

Treasures. According to legend, the island of Koh Samet was once the haunt of pirates, and somewhere on the island remains hidden their treasures. You can try to look for it.

Shopping. Unfortunately, on the island you will not be able to fully have fun shopping. Here you can buy only the most necessary for life products, as well as some common tourist Souvenirs. All goods are more expensive than on the mainland.

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