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What to do/what to see in Chiang Rai?

In the city of Chiang Rai's attractions are not very many. All of them can easily be visited in one day. The most important and most visited is the "White temple", for which many tourists come to the city, and it is included in almost all trips to the province (although in reality the temple is not in the city and 15 kilometers away). In addition to the "White temple" in the city there are several interesting and beautiful temples, monuments, several museums, nightlife and weekend markets. Basically, one has to focus on visiting interesting places scattered around the province of Chiang Rai.

In the province of Chiang Rai is the many villages of ethnic tribes that can be visited independently or as part of an organised tour. The big difference between the tribal villages in the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is not, therefore, seek here to visit the tribes make much sense. However, examples of prices and itineraries from Chiang Rai can be viewed here Well, read more about trekking in North Thailand can be found here.

Travel agencies on the street, in most cases, are simply Resellers of tours with mark, while the actual organizers of tours and sellers are found. So it is cheaper to buy in the guesthouses. Even pay attention to the presence of the guide or the Agency that organizes the tour, TAT license that gives more chance that the tour will be interesting and eventful.

The cost of similar trips from Chiang Rai, as a rule, more expensive than Chiang Mai. This is due to the fact that from Chiang Mai you can visit the "Golden triangle" and "the White temple" as part of an organized group tour for little money, while from Chiang Rai their visit is likely to be possible only in the composition of the individual stage transport guide (car). But this applies only to the significant attractions of Chiang Mai can be visited for one or two days. Trekking tours-tours to villages of ethnic tribes in the province of Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai is not organized, as there and their tribes enough. Even in the province of Chiang Rai are many interesting temples, waterfalls, hot springs, parks, tea plantations, etc. learn More about the attractions of the province of Chiang Rai here.

Not to be disappointed, it should be understood that is easily accessible by car or even a tour bus of the village tribes are, by and large, account tourist attraction. Thus people, especially the tribes of the "long-necked" Karen, make it to the show, like a bear on a chain. Of course, such a venture make great photos, which you can then brag to friends, but the real fun and excitement you can get. The most easily accessible villages, and according to some of the tourists are all tribal village, developed with local businessmen in a profitable business. In this case, the villagers get money from tourists all the crumbs. Most of the villages generally acquired the status of private (their territory bought into the ownership of the business) and no entrance fee, you will not get. To visit more or less "maturities" the village either with a trekking tour, and the farther from the cities it passes, the better, or go camping.

The attractions of Chiang Rai

  • Monument of king Mengrai (King Mengrai the Great Monument)

    Монумент королю Менграю Чианг-рай

    This is a very revered place in local, but foreigners here are a few interesting things. Here is a small Park and monument to the king, made in the form of the actual statues and a large Golden "Trident". To say that without visiting this place from Chiang Rai to leave can not be wrong, but if you will take a sightseeing tour of the city, can come here and pick it up.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

    🚶 How to get: the position of the monument on the map Chiang Rai

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

  • Clock tower (Clock tower)

    Башня с часами в Чианг-рай

    In the heart of Chiang Rai is a new modern symbol of the city – the clock tower. It is built in Thai style by a famous Thai architect Ajarn Chaloemchai, the same that worked on the White temple (Wat Rong Kun). The tower was built recently in 2008, in honor of the present king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej, known as Rama IX. Ignore the tower you will not be able, because it is on a roundabout on the main road in Chiang Rai. At night the tower is beautifully illuminated in different colors, and you can walk around and look at it from the night market.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

    🚶 How to get there: the tower position on the map Chiang Rai

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

  • Garden Tung (Tung Garden)

    В музее 30-ти костюмов в саду Тунг в Чианг-рай

    It's not really a garden, rather just a theme Park. Walking here is particularly nowhere, but to see something. Here is some interesting sculptures, but the most interesting to visit the Museum 30 national costumes. The Museum is designed in the form of a large wooden house, and it showcases mannequins of local peoples in their national costumes. In addition there are household items and other artifacts. The entrance to this Museum is absolutely free.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

    🚶 How to get: the position of the garden Tung on the map Chiang Rai

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock.

  • Chiang Rai night market (Night Bazaar)

    Ночной рынок Чианграя

    The main place around which flows the evening tourist life in Chiang Rai is the night market near the old bus station. With the arrival of the dark here begins an active trade. The range of goods mainly for tourists. This is all kinds of Souvenirs, food, some clothes. The market itself is very interesting, and buy it a very rare and unusual gifts. But only trade for tourists here, the fun doesn't end there. Here is a few cafes and a large food court. Cafe all so clear, but the food court is quite an interesting place. It is organized directly under the open sky in the form of multiple tables, and from the weather visitors only protects the fabric canopy (to assemble and disassemble it every night). The majority of visitors are local residents or tourists from Thailand, but the Europeans there is a place. It (the court) is almost always filled with visitors (especially on weekends), and to sit there, sometimes have to wait until another table. To order food in one of the many stalls around. In the range there, including booze. On the big stage in front of the food court all evening show performance: contemporary songs, show of transvestites dancing in national costumes. In General, if and where to go in the evening in Chiang Rai, here. Night market Chiang Rai on the map)

  • Wat Kai (Wat Phra Kaew)

    Храм Пхра Каю в Чианг-рае

    This temple, called the Bamboo Forest Monastery, one of the most important temples in Chiang Rai. He is famous because in the 15th century, the famous statue "the emerald Buddha" (the one that is currently in the temple on the territory of the Royal Palace in Bangkok) was discovered walled up in one of the stone stupas. The temple is also interesting that he almost immersed in greenery, like in the woods. Next to the temple in a wooden two-story building houses the Museum of the temple.

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free.

    🚶 How to get there: the temple is Located within walking distance from city centre (the temple of Phra Kai Rai on the map)

    🕐 Working time: daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

  • Wat Phra Singh (Wat Phra Sing)

    This temple was built in the 14th century and in the past kept a very revered Buddha statue, which eventually moved and is now kept in the homonymous temple in the city of Chiang Mai. Now this Church has a copy of the statue. The entrance to the Temple is free. Wat Phra Singh Rai on the map.

    Wat Klong Wiang (also Wft Klag Wiang)

    This is not particularly popular among tourists temple is interesting because it was built in 1432, however, has a fairly modern look, but has retained the old style of the Lanna Kingdom. The modern design of the temple is explained by the fact that in the 1990s, the temple was seriously reconstructed. Wat Klong Wiang on the map of Chiang Rai.

  • Wat Ming Meuang

    A very small temple, nothing special for tourists not remarkable, except for its carving in the style of the Lanna Kingdom. For local, this is a very important temple: there lives the spirit of the city.

    Tribal Museum (Hilltribe Museum and Education Center)

    This Museum is highly recommended to visit before you go and explore the exotic local tribes in their villages. The exhibition of the Museum is not too rich, but very informative. It includes everyday objects, clothes, models of dwellings of tribes, etc., with very detailed explanations in English. Here you can learn something interesting about each of the tribe and finally choose what you interesting to visit. The Museum staff are always ready to help and will gladly answer your questions about the tribes. The Museum is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee: 50 baht. The Museum is located in the city center and you can reach it on foot (tribal Museum on a map of Chiang Rai).

  • Museum (Oub Kham Museum)

    It is a private Museum. The exhibition of the Museum tells about the history of the Lanna Kingdom, which flourished on these lands in the past, until it was annexed by Siam. The Museum's collection is rich and interesting, but the price for visiting the Museum a lot – 300 baht. Is the Museum a few kilometers from the city center on the street 81/1 Military Front Rd. The Museum is open daily from 8:00 to 18:00. The Museum is located a couple of kilometres from the city centre to the West and get to it if you wish, on foot (the Museum, Oub Kham Rai on the map).

  • The white temple (Wat Rong Khun)

    Белый храм в провинции Чианг-рай

    This temple is sometimes disparagingly referred to as "remakes", and the locals do not perceive it as a real temple, but, nevertheless, this temple is very interesting, beautiful and worth a visit. Fully justifying its name, the temple is all white and incredibly beautiful. It is best to visit it at sunrise or sunset.

    The temple is very modern, construction began in 1997, and work is still ongoing. The author is a young Thai architect Chalermchai Kositpipat. We can say that it's the temple of the avant-garde. But you better see for yourself.

    Read more about White temple...

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the temple is free. Photography inside is forbidden, but you can buy postcards with pictures of the inside of the murals.

    🚶 How to get there: the temple is located 15 kilometres from town on highway No. 1 towards Chiang Mai (the position of the White temple on the map). To reach the temple from the city by bus from the old bus station. The fare to the temple is 20 baht. If you are going to get to the temple on a rented vehicle, found it to be very easy: it is clearly visible from highway 1.

    🕐 Working time: working temple with 8 to 18 hours, but to see and photograph from the outside at any time. It is best to visit the temple early in the morning, as from 11 o'clock there is just a huge influx of tourists and to make good photos difficult.

  • Black temple (Black Temple, Baan Dam)

    Черный Храм в Чианграе

    Despite the well – established name-this attraction is not quite the temple. It is possible to characterize this place as an exhibition or a Museum under the open sky. At the exhibition of Thai artist Thawan Duch has established 40 houses in traditional styles. Some of them are done and reflect the Balinese and Burmese architecture, in some the artist has exhibited his paintings and sculptures made of various materials, including animal bones. According to some versions of the White temple, as it represents Paradise and black hell. Anyway – very interesting place and deserves a visit, and what he represents, decide for yourself, when you visit it.

    The entrance to the "Black Church" is free, is open from 9:00 to 17:00 hours. Is the "Black Church" at 10 kilometers North from the centre of Chiang Rai (the position of the Black temple of Chiang Rai on the map).

  • Beach Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai Beach)

    It is surprising, but near Chiangrai (town) has a beach known to the locals as little Pattaya (Pattaya Noi). It is located on the banks of the river Kok. The beach stretching almost a mile fully equipped for a beach holiday, there are several cafes and restaurants, Park. Chiang Rai beach on the map.

  • Park Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park)

    Boon Rawd Farm is a huge farm, giraffes, zebras and other animals under the open sky in the vicinity of the city of Chiang Rai. There are also tea plantations, flower fields, strawberry beds, gardens of exotic fruits. Often hosts various events such as balloon festival, the mass Cycling tourism exhibitions, etc. All because this farm is owned brewing company, Yes, Yes, the same one which produces the famous beer Singha. To find out the events calendar on the Park's website.

    But even if you cannot go to any festival, to spend on a tour of the farm can be more than one hour. Especially here like children. With giraffes and zebras can be photographed, feed them and even a little romance. The Park is huge and on foot it does not overpower. But you can rent a bike for 100 baht/hour, 400 baht/6 hours, or take advantage of free electric vehicle, which carries a group of tourists on-site seasonal route depending on the time of ripening of certain exotic plants.

    The website

    🚶 How to get there: the Park is located in the vicinity of the city, and you can reach it by taxi, rented car or as part of guided tours of the Park to Boon Rawd Farm on the map. If you arrive by car you have to Park and go through the Park on a rented Bicycle or tour by electric car.

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