Waves, tides and low tides in Phuket

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The waves in Phuket

Карта Пхукета с отелями

In April to Phuket from the West begin to blow the monsoons, forming permanent waves. High waves occurs in June-August. At this time swimming on some beaches is dangerous or impossible. Besides, constantly blowing wind and the waves beat and wash the dirt and debris, making the way of beaches is far from ideal "bounty".

Considering that most beaches in Phuket located on the West coast of the island, tourists who prefer a "lying-floating" beach holidays in the period from April to August, with the banks disappear and their place is taken by more active surfers. Only on some beaches during this period, you can safely wallow in the water, mostly beaches, hidden bays, especially the beach at Cape Panwa. But tan the wind does not interfere, so if swimming is not your strong point, then you should be fine. Besides, it is safe to swim in the hotel pool.

Since October, the waves are on the decline, and in November begins the influx of tourists and the high season, which lasts until March.

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The tides on the beaches of Phuket

Along with the waves to relax you should consider the impact of tides on the beach. Obviously, that's not very nice to watch escaped during low tide, a hundred meters from the previous place of the sea, leaving behind mountains of garbage and seaweed on the former bottom, exposing the ugly grey rocks and stones. This issue mostly for the beaches with a shallow bottom, gradually disappearing under the water. Where the depth is large and begins from the bottom more sharply beneath the sea, such problems are not observed. These beaches, fortunately, Phuket is very small. We can say that the influence of tides on the beaches of Phuket almost imperceptibly.

Should debunk the myth that the tides occur with the seasons. Nothing of the sort. Tides are formed by the circulation of the moon around the earth, and in no way connected with the seasons. So if you have someone in the travel Agency, for example, will assure that from February to March in Phuket usually the tides are not very visible, you know that is complete nonsense. You need to understand that the ebb and flow of tides occur every day regardless of the month and time of year, they just happen at different times of the day. And perfect for your beach vacation, if the tide during the stay falls on the night and tide on the day. Therefore never it is impossible to say, for example, that a particular resort there are tides in the morning and evening tides. To determine the level of the tides on Koh Samui, it is necessary to use special designed graphics-projections.