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Пляж Камала, Пхукет

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
security for children in water
infrastructure district
- entertainment and nightlife

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Kamala beach (Kamala Beach) located on the Western shore of Phuket between Patong beach and Surin beach (Kamala, on the island map). Its peculiarity is that it was formed from the Muslim villages, and therefore the proportion of Muslims is high, and in some parts of the world heard the call to prayer from the mosques. This is one of the reasons why hotels near Kamala are so controversial: some praise him for the peace and quiet, someone on the contrary, complains of early muezzins and noise of roads.

But whatever you read in the reviews objectively Kamala beach is a quiet beach with developed infrastructure and a wide choice of accommodation from budget to very expensive. This is one of the few places on the island where the hotels are situated on the first line. All that is expected for a developed tourist area, there are: travel agencies, car transportation, currency exchange, shops. The area is not purely tourist, there are a lot of homes local residents, and it is another feature of it. Night life is poorly developed: there are only a few bars, and everything else is closed after 9 PM. For nightlife go to Patong beach.

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Пляж Камала, Пхукет

The Kamala beach is a beautiful Crescent Bay with a length of exactly two kilometers, which is enough for those who like long walks on the beach. The sand is mostly small mixed with large sand grains. The bottom goes under the water is fine, no stones, so you can swim even at low tide, just have to go the extra few yards to the water. But in the South (from Patong) the slope of the bottom is weak, to the depths of very far.

Furnished throughout the beach is heterogeneous: in the North (the side closer to Surin beach) the beach is more deserted, fewer recreational opportunities, cleaner water, but the biggest waves; in the centre is much crowded, entertainment and more, sunbeds all crammed in several rows; in the South the little people, the water is murky, the depth is small, plus the mouth of the river and Parking of fishing boats.

Entertainment on the beach, but in low season they are much smaller. Cafes, restaurants, massage parlors. Traders on the beaches – everything is there. Also here you can surf, especially in the Northern part and in the low season. And high, when the water is calm again in the North you can dive with a mask of stone. Yet there is a dive centre.

To get to the beach from the airport is by taxi from 1,000 baht (see currency of Thailand, the exchange rate). A trip to Patong will cost you 400 baht. You can get here by taxi from Phuket town for 50 baht. Taxi Songthaew departs from the old bus station in Phuket town and Kamala, Surin, and ends the route at Bang Tao.

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Hotels Kamala beach is a great variety for the price. There are hotels on the first line with its beach area, all of them expensive. Further from the coast you can find cheaper hotels, but in the back of the village to find affordable housing to rent for long term.

Find and book accommodation in Phuket can through the following sites or search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

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Summing up about Kamala. This is a good beach and a quiet area with sufficient infrastructure. Perfect for a relaxing family holiday and the long winter, but the entertainment and nightlife are almost there.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Mona-Lisa May 28, 2017
Phuket of course all the beaches are beautiful ) And, of course, on who is looking )
If you like to go to Nightclubs, bars and restaurants, and you arrived at the Phuket fun - definitely your choice should fall to Patong.
If you come with your family and for the Sea, and do not plan to take the car - then, of course, Karon or Kata. But they are also the most touristic.
If you want the opposite of quiet rest, and what would you no one bothered, then Patong or Mai Khao. On the beautiful beach of Panwa, AO Yon, on Mai Khao beach with bathing worse. Yes, the beach is sandy but very large depth and the waves can be, even in high season.
If you want everything at once, and that would be less tourists, and whatever the club was, and still restaurants not bad, the Surin or Bang Tao. But firstly it is expensive areas, and secondly, will already be hard without a car.
Well, everyone's favorite Nai Harn beach. Only by car or bike, the beach is beautiful, live mostly winterers and expats. The infrastructure is good, almost all Thais in Russian learned to speak. restaurants are generally not considered.
Nai Thon and Nai Yang is also perfect for a family holiday. Serene sandy beaches, very beautiful. Minus in poor infrastructure areas. Very limited choice of shops and restaurants. But if you lie on the sand arrived - you here :)
Well, the last one in the list, but only because it is not clear what to attribute - Kata Noi. Beautiful sandy beach in a very picturesque place. Of the minuses - no budget accommodation, expensive hotels, and to the same Kata, with its infrastructure, you still have to go :( But the beach luxurious, and not too busy with tourists. ...
Epic555 20 September, 2017
Hi, I need advice. Want to come to Phuket for excursions to the Islands (Similan Islands, Krabi, Phi Phi, etc.), beaches like Patong, Kata etc. is not needed.
Then I better stay in Phuket town or did you choose these beaches? To make it faster and more convenient to reach the Islands from the hotel given the fact that travel will pick up from your hotel on the tour. ...
admin , September 20th, 2017

Stay in Patong, there is the whole life, the travel Agency, and from there all going on the tour. It is unlikely for someone going to Phuket town ...
October 31, 2017

You really are all the same where to stop because anyway during the tour, the bus will collect tourists from all over the island and faster does not work. Only in the South does not recommend (Nai Harn), from there you will be picked up early and come home to you after all. Patonga Yes, from the point of view of logistics, not quite bad. ...
Eleson 17 January, 2018
Thailand was never planned leave at the end of March, I want a nice beach and a sea that was close to restaurants, shops, see the sights. What are the beaches and hotels can you recommend (do not interfere with the tides and calm sea)? ...
admin 18 January, 2018

Once you've never been, IMHO, you are best to go to Patong, everything is there. And so read our review of beaches can you have an opinion appears. ...
26 April, 2018
tell me and Patong beach is the surfing? ...
Pasternaque June 27, 2018

In Patong, the wave is so-so. Better to Kata ...
DAMI 13 September, 2018
Good evening,
what would you say the p-well, Kamala?
Or posovetuyte what to choose?
Need a hotel with a beach for family with two children,
to pools with slides etc
No Patong Beach
something more calm but that could go
in restaurants and massage parlors nearby,
and to travel by car ( zoo, water Park, etc.)
Thanks for the replies ...
admin 14 September, 2018

About Chalong already reported here and For a short stay I would highly not recommend. I didn't live in but came walked and treated him, then to the description to do I this area is not "inserted". If long-term stay, then it is to be away from the crowds. ...

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