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The review of beaches and resorts of Phuket

Карта Пхукета с отелями

Tourists, going to Phuket, often ask the question: "What is a beach on Phuket's best?". For me (the author) is definitely the best beach of Patong, reminding me of my first love Pattaya. No someone will say: "the best beach Bang Tao, because there is surfing". And someone will say, "Nonsense, it is best Kamala beach. It's quiet, calm and beautiful".

What is a beach on Phuket's best? Phuket beaches are very diverse and a lot of them. Apparently, everyone has to choose the best for himself. And if your choice matches your expectations, the rest of the island will bring you pleasure. So before you choose a hotel at a particular beach, read the review of the beaches below. The position of the beaches you can see the schematic map, and also switch to the selected beach on the interactive map of Phuket and review it in detail. And read detailed descriptions of Phuket hotels, reviews on hotels, book hotel online, you can by using the search form hotels section Hotels of Phuket.

Waves in Phuket

A very important factor when choosing where to stay in Phuket are the waves. And, for someone strong waves can be a problem, and some tourists choose a place in Phuket, where they form large waves and come here in the windy season. Of course, it is the surfers who come to Phuket to ride the local waves.

In April to Phuket with the West begin to blow the monsoons, forming permanent waves. High waves occurs in June-August. At this time, sailing on some beaches becomes dangerous or impossible. Besides, constantly blowing wind and the waves beat and wash up the debris and dirt, making the way of beaches far from ideal "bounty". Given that most of the beaches of Phuket is located on the Western coast of the island, tourists who prefer a "lying-floating beach holidays in these months with the banks disappear and their place is occupied by more active surfers. Only some of the beaches in this period can be safely flounder in the water. Since October, the waves are on the decline, and in November begins the influx of tourists and high season. For each beach below we have tried to characterize the formation of waves in the off-season.

The tides in Phuket

Like waves, for leisure should consider the impact of the tides on the beach. Obviously, that is not very nice to watch runaway during low tide, a hundred meters from the place the sea, leaving behind a mountain of debris and algae on the former bottom, exposing the ugly gray rocks and stones. This issue mostly for the beaches with shallow bottom, gradually disappearing under the water. Where the depth is large and begins immediately, the bottom is more sharply goes under the water, such problems do not occur. Therefore, you should consider the time of the tides on the island during the day so that during your stay the tides had at night, or at least the evening and during the day you can enjoy swimming. To calculate the tides you can use downloaded here You can also look on-line forecast chart tides in Phuket for 7 days here - or by months here - and here (in PDF format))

Even if after reading the review of beaches you are not sure of your choice, choose the closest to you in the spirit of a place and book a hotel there for a few days. And if you like it, you can continue your vacation at the selected location. And if not, then just move to another. Upon your return, don't forget to post on the forum feedback and share your photos.

The Patong Beach, Thai. Haad Patong)

Пляж Патонг, Пхукет
Patong Beach

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
- safety for children in the water
infrastructure the district
- entertainment and nightlife

Patong translated from Thai means "Banana forest. This is the most popular, well-developed and rich tourist place. Patong is located to the North-West (10 km) Phuket city, and 22 miles from the airport on the West coast of the island. The beach is on the beach 4 kilometers. Patong on the map of the island.

If you want to be in the center of the action and fun is the place for you. It has all the conditions, it's no wonder this place is most popular on the island. A variety of hotels and Nightclubs, shops and diving centres are waiting for you here. Many compare to Patong and Pattaya. Here, as in the capital of sex tourism Pattaya, you will find all sorts of adult entertainment: transvestite show, go-go bars, sex clubs, massage parlors, gay bars.

Many tourists who have visited once at the wrong time at Patong assure that the beach there is "trash", it is actually not so bad. In season (December-March) and on Patong quite bearable. Given that Patong beach is quite large and varies on all its four kilometers, at different times in different places here in different ways. Some places subject to strong volnoobrazovaniye, some don't. In the other low tide does not manifest itself, but somewhere during low tide the beach is becoming very bad. To find the best conditions in the North beach (close to Kalim beach), or in the South (but the southern part is more influenced by tides), just away from the centre. So here you just need to look for the right place at the right time, and you will be a good beach.

Accommodation here can be found at any level - from renting rooms in houses of local residents to a five star hotel. Prices start at 300 baht for a room with no air conditioning (but these are very few) and from 500 baht for a room with air conditioning. Less comfortable housing costs 1000 baht. In low season (June to October) accommodation prices fall much... to read about Patong...more

The Kalim Beach (Kalim Beach)

Пляж Калим

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
- safety for children in the water
infrastructure the district
- entertainment and nightlife

The Kalim beach (Kalim Beach) continues the coast of Phuket, North of Patong, almost without interrupting the strip of beaches and infrastructure (Kalim on the map of the island). Both beaches are shared by only a small rocks on the shore, while the areas smoothly into one another seamlessly.

Directly on the beach here draws on a solid C grade. On the one hand it is much bezludna neighbouring Patong, you can even say a little cleaner. But on the other, along its entire length, and is one kilometer, sandy strip is interrupted stone heaps, it's also very narrow. When the tide here sometimes even don't have a position because the water comes up close to the stones or artificial dam. For swimming, the beach is very bad. Quite spoil the picture of the road and stone dam, passing almost at the water's edge.

The only advantage Kalima is its silence. As the beach is not crowded and the area is very quiet and peaceful, even though it is close to the entertainment centre of the island. One has only to drive or walk one kilometer from Kalima in Patong, you'll find yourself in the bustling centre party and the most developed area of the island. And it is perfect for those who don't want to swallow the exhaust gases of large roads and daily pleasure to endure the bustle and noise and at the same time, you'll be near the crowd, to be able at any time to get there in just 5 minutes taxi ride or 15 minute walk.

Infrastructure is not well developed. For money exchange, shopping, search, travel agencies or rental will have to go in the neighboring area. Minimarkets products there are, cafes. In the evenings on the promenade has a great food court under the open sky.

Hotels near Kalim beach quite a bit, and cheap guesthouses did not find. But there are hotels with their territory and gorgeous pools with views of the ocean. If you decide to stay here, it is best to book accommodation in advance. And it is not necessary when choosing a hotel to depart too far North (up on the map), because the beach there is not throughout the read about Kalim...more

The Karon Beach, Thai. Hat Karon)

Пляж Карон, Пхукет
Karon Beach

- the quality of the beach
- suitability for bathing
- protection from waves
- safety for children in the water
infrastructure the district
- entertainment and nightlife

In 2008, Karon beach, ranked eighth among the best beaches in the world. It is located just outside Patong beach, to the South, 3 km from Karon beach on the map), and is the second popular after Patong. Consists of two beaches: small Karon Noi Beach and big Karon (Karon Beach).

The situation in the area of Karon beach is much quieter than Patong, although every year it becomes more and more popular and crowded. We can say that it is a kind of Golden mean for anyone looking for a good clean beaches, good infrastructure, and entertainment.

Infrastructure is well developed and has everything you may need for rest, except that the abundance of nightlife on Patong. Entertainment facilities here are limited to bars (including the girls) and restaurants, but no noisy discos is not in sight. In the afternoon, in addition to a beach holiday, especially here, to do nothing, except to play Golf at the local field or go on excursions around the island. Shopping for modest Karon beach, major shopping centers no.

The beach itself is definitely one of the most beautiful and comfortable. In 2008, he even took the eighth place among the best beaches in the world according to the assessment of one of the magazines. The water here is clean and the sand. By the way, the sand here is squeaking like snow, and it won't be found anywhere else in Phuket. It is much bezludna and quieter than Patong, especially in the Northern part, and is very suitable for families with children or a family holiday. The waves here are almost always weak. The slope of the bottom everywhere different, and there are places safe for children and perfect for swimming. But this is also one of the most treacherous beaches for swimmers, here are the most likely to kill people. All the traditional beach activities here, including places for snorkeling and diving. There is, however, a drawback along the beach road and there are no hotels on the first line.

To recommend to those who want to spend a lot of time on the beach and swim in clean water, and at the same time be near the center of entertainment and read about Karon...more

Kata (Kata Beach)

Пляж Ката Hotels in Kata Phuket

The Kata area, consisting of two beaches of Kata Yai and Kata Noi, is 31 km from the airport on the West coast of the island (Kata on a map of Phuket). Coast Kata beach is divided into two parts: large Kata or Kata Main Beach, and far Kata or Kata Noi. Kata Noi is located 500 metres South of the big Cat and separated from it by a small Cape (far Kata on a map of Phuket).

We are moving further South from Patong, and there is still quieter than the beach of Karon. No bars, discotheques and debauchery. A quiet place to seed the rest. The whole area is surrounded by hills and wild tropical forest, which begin immediately after the strip of sand.

The beach is not as wide as on the beach, with a length of just over 1 kilometre, but very clean and quiet. It is closed from the wind and waves surrounding hills. The bottom at the big Cat goes under the water very smoothly and so swimming here is safe even for children, but at low tide it is impossible to swim. Waves here is slightly smaller than the neighboring Kata, but they still are not in season. At the North end of Kata beach is a small island Koh Poo, which is located next to the reef. The water here is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

The place is very recommended for those who love peace, nature, or are you here on vacation with family and children. All the conditions for a tourist stay is here, including restaurants, exchange offices, shops. You will not have the need to leave this place during the holidays for anything, except that you will want to have some fun nightlife on Patong beach.

Phuket town, Thai. Mueang Phuket)

Храм в г. Пхукет Hotels in Phuket

The island's capital and largest city on the island. The city though is on the coast, to find good beaches unlikely (g Bhukti on the map of the island). As a rule, tourists do not stay here, in a rush to get to the beaches. But, if you get bored of pointless to spend time on the beaches, the idea is to stay in the city for a day or two will be quite reasonable.

Hotels in the city quite a lot, and the prices are the lowest on the island. Prices in restaurants and cafes are also lower than in the beach resorts of the island. The town has several large shopping centers and markets, and shopping is a favorite pastime of tourists. Here you can also see some interesting sights: the old Chinese quarter; temples; the Museum of culture of Phuket; the butterfly Park and orchids; the zoo. In General, there is not so boring as it seems at first glance.

The Bang Tao beach Bang Tao, also Bang Thao)

Hotels near Bang Tao beach in Phuket

The longest on the island, the beach of Bang Tao Bay frames with the length of the coastline is about 8 kilometers. Located beachfront on the West coast 12 miles West of the airport. Bang Tao beach on a map of Phuket island.

Here are the best and most expensive hotels on the island. Beaches with clean sand are among the best on the island, and the Bay itself the most picturesque place. Around the Bay is a grove with extraordinary Kazarinova trees.

Constantly blowing wind did Bang Thao Beach is very popular among surfers. Every year it hosts international surfing competitions. But don't be afraid of the fact of the presence here of the waves. The beach is very long, and in different parts of the situation with waves even in the off season varies: big waves, as a rule, only in the center of the beach, and along the edges of the sea quite calm.

The Kamala Beach)

Hotels in Kamala on Phuket

On the West coast of the island, North of Patong, is a wonderful Kamala beach - a Paradise for those who prefer silence. This new developing tourist destination. Located approximately 16 km from the airport and 15 minutes from Patong. Kamala on the map.

The Bay is Crescent shaped with a length of about 2 kilometers is a great place for a relaxing vacation, and the same time, the area is located very close to the centre of the nightlife and entertainment of the island is the beach of Patong.

Do not think that the resort is new and evolving, you have to "run for bread" in a nearby village. Over the past few years there has been created the necessary infrastructure for a relaxing and carefree holiday, so get out of here need to have some fun. There are restaurants, cafes, shops, massage salons, travel agencies. But there is no noisy discos and debauchery, as in Patong. Of transport to get to other parts of the island, also abound. What else is good, there is no road along the beach, as in many other areas, hotels and the first line are located practically on the beach.

For diving here, too, there is every opportunity. The sea is mostly calm. Depth in different places on the coast is different, so finding immune to the influence of tides, the place is always possible. Cleaner and better beach in the Northern part of the district. In the southern part of the beach into the ocean flows into the river, which can carry in a sea of debris and dirt, so it is a place best avoided.

Rawai (Nai Harn Beach)

Прекрасный и спокойный Най Харн Hotels in Nai Harn beach in Phuket

The Nai Harn beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. Beach is almost on the southern tip of the island in the Bay. The Nai Harn beach on the map.

The size of the beach is small (just over 600 meters), cozy, surrounded by pine trees and very few people. On the beach of very fine white sand, clear water. Rich underwater world allows you to scuba diving and snorkeling.

In the rainy season (especially from June to August) there are strong currents and waves, so it's not the best choice for a beach holiday at this time. The bottom like this goes under the water and not too cool and not too hollow, and the influence of the tides here are not strong.

Entertainment on the shore here, except for a few restaurants, you will not find. For all the entertainment you have to go to Patong, which is not very close. Therefore, to stay here we would recommend to those who are initially configured on a secluded relaxing stay.

Surin (Surin Beach, Thai. Ao Surin)

Hotels on Surin Phuket

A small beach, with a length of about 700 meters, is located between Kamala and Bang Tao beach 18 kilometers from the airport. Surin on the map.

Good and very popular in high season the beach. In low season there are formed a rather large waves and is becoming popular with surfers. The slope of the bottom is small. Organized water sports and entertainment. In high season you can enjoy good snorkeling. Very close, within walking distance to the North, is another small and cozy beach Chedi Beach) without hotels.

Infrastructure in the area of the beach is developed and self-sufficient. There are shops, bars, restaurants, massage parlors, car transport. It's not just a beach holiday, but also shopping: there are several large shopping centers. There are several discos and entertainment centers.

Accommodation in hotels are expensive and, in General, Surin is famous expensive luxury hotels and restaurants.

Naithon (Nai Thon Beach, Thai. Hat Nai Thon)

Hotels on Phuket Naithon

Naithon is still one of the nicest and quietest beaches of Phuket is located 10 kilometres South of the airport and the road to it runs through the hills covered with jungle (Naithon on the map). The beach itself and the area around it are included in the reserve of Phuket.

This pristine beach is ideal for relaxation away from the crowds. Apart from a beach holiday to do nothing special here, except that there are some restaurants that are famous for fresh seafood. But for entertainment or shopping will have to get in other places of the island. Even in the peak season here is very deserted and quiet, and in the low season is practically empty.

The beach is about a kilometer. The water here is very clean and very pleasant small sand. The slope of the bottom is very weak, so this place is considered one of the safest places on the island for families with children, especially in the season from November to March, when there are no waves. However, there is another side, a strong influence of the tide.

Hotels here on the fingers, and budget accommodation find problematic.

The sights (Nai Yang, task. Hat Nai Yang)

Hotels in the Sights in Phuket

Naiyang beach - Northern neighbor is the twin of Daytona, located near the airport, just 2 miles away. Naiyang beach on the map.

The beach is also situated in the territory of the National Park. Infrastructure for tourists here, though sufficient, but very modest. Hotels are very few. No discos and entertainment. Only restaurants and several bars. As well as the Sounds of Phuket, the beach is very uncrowded even in high season.

The beach line is a little more than two kilometers. This beach is quite clean, but reviews some tourists they have repeatedly encountered the parts into which the local Thais are dumping garbage and waste poured. So to say that the beach is always perfectly clean is not necessary. Although in high season it's all clear and fine. But, if you manage to stumble on this beach in the dirty place, just stroll along the shore and you will definitely find clean sand and clear blue water.

What is good to get from the airport to your hotel if you have booked it here, even on foot, going 2-3 kilometers.

The Panwa Cape (Cape Panwa)

Hotels on Cape Panwa in Phuket

Cape Panwa, also called the Panwa Bay, is located to the South of the capital of the island of Phuket town on the East coast of the island. Cape Panwa on the map.

This place is a refuge for those seeking peace and tranquility. Here is just a few hotels and restaurants, almost no shops and tourist infrastructure. No even exchange offices. This place only one advantage: it is the only beach on the island, where almost all year round calm sea regardless of the season. The tides on the beaches of Panwa beach manifest themselves very much, Baring ugly rocks.

Bay Chalong Bay)

Hotels in Chalong Bay in Phuket

Chalong is a large Bay with a pier, located 10 kilometres from Phuket town on the East coast of the island. Chalong on the map.

This is not the place for a beach holiday or bathing. The water here is dirty, all moored boats and yachts. A maximum of what you can expect to sunbathe by the sea. And swim, if you stay in one of the hotels in the Bay, have in the pool.

Infrastructure for tourists is quite well developed. There are restaurants, shopping centers, stores. Local bars are resting place for sailors from all over the world. It is ideal for yacht owners and enthusiasts of the courts. It also organizes regular competitions sailing ships.

Chalong is the starting point of excursions and itineraries for diving to nearby Islands. If you are visiting the island for a beach vacation, but to explore the underwater world of the neighbouring Islands, the best place to stop is not found.

The Beach Of Mai Khao (Mai Khao Beach)

Пляж Мэй Као (Пхукет) Hotels on the beach of Mai Khao in Phuket

This nine kilometres of beach located in the Northern part of the island near the airport (the position of the Mai Khao on the map). Is part of the national reserve of Phuket.

Mai Khao beach is the longest beach on the island. Tourism infrastructure is almost there, and only a few expensive hotels scattered at a large distance from each other. Even the sun loungers on the beach there, and the restaurants you will find only the on-site hotels. Staying here, you will find yourself alone with only the sea and the pristine beach.

The beach here is not secure, especially in low season. Along nine miles of the coast many dangerous underwater currents that can carry you to the open ocean.

This is a great place if you are looking for a serene and secluded place, but do not go here during the low season, otherwise your stay will be concentrated at the hotel pool.

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