Park "Phuket fantasy" in Phuket

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Шоу на Пхукете

Park "Phuket fantasy" (Phuket FantaSea) is one of the most interesting malls in Phuket. It's a small Thai town with his life, traditions, culture and history, where the brightest are held daily evening activities on the island. This is a great family attraction with a variety of games, rides, shops only Thai historical explanation.

The vast territory of 57 hectares of theatre Park is visually divided into 3 zones. In the first area held all sorts of colorful show that lasts 30 minutes, a variety of activities for both children and adults, festivals and mini concerts. Here is the cave of the monkey God, which is a favorite place for children. You can still feed the huge carp teeming in a small pond, to visit the attraction in the "adventure jungle" and see the huge pythons, monkeys and Bengal tigers real. In the same sector are all sorts of children's rides, carousels, there is also the opportunity to ride on elephants. Shopping enthusiasts can go to the jewelry stores and souvenir shops that are in the Carnival village or a snack and relax in a small lovely cafe.

In part 2 there is a restaurant, the Golden-kinnari. It houses the world's largest buffet for 4000 people, which is paid in addition to the cost of the show.

The third area of the Park, "the Palace of elephants". The facade of the Palace is fully repeats the design of the Palace of the Sukhothai era. Before the entrance are statues of elephants - defenders of the realm, the dimensions of which correspond to real animal. Also the front facade complement the gorgeous fountains. Inside every day, played a show on the legend of Prince Kamala. The highlight of this show is that animals play a role. On stage are forty-four elephants, four pigeons, three tiger and even buffaloes. Also magicians, acrobats, clowns make chic in this view.

Magic Park "Phuket Fantasy" like Disneyland, only Thai style. This place is soaked in Thai culture and traditions.

Overall, couples which are worth visiting, especially for families with children, although they are a bit overpriced. In order to consider the show, it is recommended to buy tickets for "gold". Photography and filming during the show is prohibited. Prices for Souvenirs are overpriced. And yet, the reviews about the Breakfast buffet not very good, recommend to reject.

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🕐 Working time: daily 17:30 – 23:30, Friday – closed

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price:

  • Show+buffet adult 2200 baht child 2000 baht (see currency of Thailand, the exchange rate)
  • Show only: 1800
  • Supplement for fish (optional): 1100
  • Supplement for gold (on request): 300
  • Transfer to Phuket (round trip): 300

🚶 How to get there: located in the heart of Kamala beach (on the map). To get from other areas by taxi, but cheaper to use the Shuttle offered by the Park.

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