Phuket Aquarium (Phuket Aquarium)

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Аквариум Пхукета (фото с сайта

Almost thirty years have passed since the Foundation of the aquarium on Phuket island. It was originally created for environmental research under the Ministry of environment protection and natural resources. But after the upgrade in 2005, this place has become popular with tourists and locals.

Huge glass arch of the aquarium, a length of a few tens of meters creates a sense of presence on the ocean floor. Head over visitors passes such a variety of types, shapes and colors of marine life that just dazzled, it seems that you can touch them, just reach out.

The tunnel is divided into several sections, one of these is a real coral reef inhabiting fishes live their full life fussy. A riot of exotic colors pleases the eye and delights. All colors, which are presented here: bright blue, red, dazzling yellow, green, black and others. Here, clown fish, seahorses, angelfish and butterfly fish and many others.

In the neighboring sections swim ravenous sharks, piranhas and stingrays, electric eels, sea turtles in the aquarium they feel like in their native habitat. To view and listen to all the information you can on the interactive display, guided tours are conducted in Thai and English, one can learn interesting facts about all 150 species represented here, animals and fishes, particularly their structure, and habitat supply.

On weekends, the aquarium conducted a real show. Brave divers – local workers, immersed in the tank and hand-feed sharks and other inhabitants of the aquarium delight visitors.

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Аквариум Пхукета

Due to its small size, bypass tunnel can slowly for 15-20 minutes, so the main guests of the aquarium - a family with kids. The aquarium building is located in the southeastern part of the island at Cape Panwa. After the tour, relax in a café with a beautiful view of the coast and to make purchases in the gift shop.

To say that the aquarium occupies the first place among the attractions of Phuket is impossible, but if you have free time, and especially if you are with kids, the place is definitely worth a visit. Don't expect too much, especially if you have already been before in large aquariums.

At the exit of the aquarium has a café and a gift shop. In General, the visit of the Oceanarium is enough to take 1 hour excluding the road.

The website of the aquarium:

🚶 How to get there: the aquarium is located in the southern part of the island at the tip of Cape Panwa. To get there it's best to rent transport or taxi, there are also organized tours there. The position of the Phuket aquarium on the map.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 baht (see currency exchange rate Thailand) adults and 50 baht for children. Children growing up to 108 inches and people over 60 years of age admission is free.

🕐 Working time: daily from 8:30 to 16:30, tickets available before 16:00. Feeding sharks can be seen on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 11:30.

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