Attractions Phuket (Thailand), what to see and do

Phuket is the largest island, and attractions and entertainment are rife. Here you can meet natural attractions: beautiful coves, mountains, waterfalls, wild jungle in the national reserve and historical and cultural monuments: churches, museums, monuments. Any tourist will find here what your heart desires. There is only one trouble in Phuket: there are too many to see them all in one trip on the island.

Access to other sites in most cases will be in a rented vehicle, a taxi or buy a tour, as public transport on the island is underdeveloped, and you will lose a lot of time to travel on local buses. To be honest, if you for some reason are unable to rent a car to travel the island, it is cheaper and more convenient to visit the sights as part of organized group tours that can be purchased at any travel Agency in the tourist areas, than to move independently on local transport. Besides of the attractions, traditionally Phuket and visited during your stay on the island, are actually not on the island and on the mainland or on the nearby Islands, and they're certainly much easier to get a tour. Well, the sights on the adjacent Islands, and not be able to get yourself, except perhaps to hire a Charter boat, that will be released very very expensive.

We have prepared an overview of some of the most popular and exciting attractions in Phuket that you have some idea about them, and showed the way to reach them, if you do decide to visit them independently. Complete information about all of the attractions you'll be able to already.

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Museums In Phuket

  • The Thai Hua Museum

    Музей Thai Hua, Пхукет

    Thai Hua Museum is located in the centre of Phuket town in the heart of Chinatown. It is located in a beautiful European-style building, built in the early 20th century originally as a school for Chinese children. Today it houses an excellent exhibition on the history of Phuket, including the history and lives of the local Chinese Diaspora. Part of the Museum saved in the same way it was during the existence of the school here.

    The Museum and the exhibition as a whole is interesting and worthy of a visit. If you are even slightly interested in history, definitely look here.

    Hours: daily from 09:00 to 17:00, tickets available before 16:00.

    Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the Museum is 200 baht, for photography you have to pay another 200 baht.

    How to get there: the Museum is located in Central Phuket town on 28 Krabi Road (Museum map). You can get here on foot from Parking a taxi in the centre of Phuket town.

  • The national Museum of Thalang (Thalang National Museum)

    Музей Таланг, Пхукета

    The national Museum of Thalang (Thalang National Museum) on Phuket was established in 1985 by his Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. It is dedicated to the history of Thailand, and in particular, history and modern life of Phuket.

    In total there are 6 rooms dedicated to different themes and different periods. In the main hall at the entrance describes the history of Thailand from prehistoric times to the present day. Gallery No. 1 is dedicated to the first settlers of the island and its natural resources. The second gallery tells of the famous battle with the Burmese invaders in Thalang (Thalang). In the gallery No. 3 talks about the Chinese roots of Phuket, and the fourth about all the other peoples of the island.

    A separate exhibition on the street in the courtyard of a Museum dedicated to the 2004 tsunami. If you do not know about it, you can make this part of the Museum for the dump of old things. But actually here I tried to recreate the effects of the tsunami, namely what is left after him.

    Overall the Museum is interesting and informative: the exhibits are extensive legends and explanations in English, with a ticket will be issued a plan of the Museum with a brief description. But the exhibition is small, for the whole examination will take no more than half an hour. What else is bad, the photography inside is prohibited.

    Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, from 09:00 to 16:00. Monday, Tuesday and national holidays

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 baht

    How to get there: the Museum is located in the centre of the island and is quite far from the popular beaches of Phuket and from Phuket town (Museum on a map of Phuket). You can reach it only by taxi or rented transport.

  • Seashell Museum (Phuket Seashell Museum)

    Музей раковин Пхукета

    Actually, the name of the seashell Museum Phuket speaks for itself. It collected a huge number of various shells and large shells, and the whole exposition of the Museum leaves a good impression. For example, there is a shell weighing more than 500 kilograms, the ancient shell age many millions of years, etc. the owners of the Museum claim that they had collected the largest collection of seashells in South East Asia, and there are more than 20,000! In General, we recommend this place to visit, especially if you have settled on Rawai beach.

    Hours: daily from 8:00 to 19:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 200 baht child 100 baht (see currency of Thailand and the exchange rate)

    How to get there: the Museum is located along the main ring road 4024 in the South-East of the island (Museum on a map of Phuket). You can get here by hired transport or taxi, as well as from the center of Phuket town on a Songthaew taxi for 40 baht to Rawai.

  • Mining Museum Phuket (Phuket Mining Museum, Kathu Mining Museum)

    Музей горного дела Пхукета

    The name of this Museum may also be translated as the Museum of mining Phuket. Obviously as the name implies, it is dedicated to the extraction of minerals on the island, the chief of which was tin. In the past, Phuket was one of the most tin-rich areas, and this greatly influenced its history, since before the metal was very popular. After exploring the exhibition you will be able to confidently say that Phuket would not be so multinational and with such a rich history, it is now, if not for the tin.

    The Museum was opened on the site of draining the mine, which is now also part of the exhibition. Except for certain exhibits in the form of coins and items ore, recreated many of the individual scenes with mannequins on the process of extraction and the simple life. On the street you can see the restored parts of the machinery and devices used in the extraction.

    In General, this Museum is not for everybody, besides little information in English, but if you suddenly find yourself close to him, why here and not stop.

    Working time: Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 16:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 baht for adults and 50 baht for children

    How to get there: located in the centre of the island at Moo 5, Khatu-Nakoh Road, Tambon Khatu (Museum map). To get here uncomfortable, no transport, excursions here do not carry. Can only be reached by taxi or rented transport.

Temples Phuket

  • Big Buddha

    Большой Будда Пхукета

    Big Buddha of Phuket is located on Naka mountain Kerd Mountain at an altitude of 370 meters in the southern part of the island. This is a relatively new attraction, and it is still under development. Despite this, the place is already open to the public and there is always a lot of tourists.

    The height of the statue is 45 meters and it is perfectly visible from open spaces on the southern beaches. Today it is one of the most popular and major attractions of Phuket. Almost no sightseeing tour around Phuket is not complete without the arrival here, and we also recommend you to visit this place.

    There is a view that, because the statue is attached to the temple, which is also still under construction, and even an observation deck from which you can explore the island at 360 degrees with the bird's eye view (remember, the statue is located at an altitude of 370 metres). The size of the statue is impressive, as I grab the top, but it's important to get here in good clear weather, and then you will be able to see not only Phuket and the surrounding Islands.

    Read more about Big Buddha of Phuket here...

    Hours: daily from 06:00 to 19:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: located on mount Naka Kerd Mountain at an altitude of 370 meters in the southern part of the island (on the map). You can get here in a rented transport, a taxi or a tour. The road uphill is good, you can overcome it even in the low-power motorbikes. Parking is free.

  • Chalong temple (Wat Chalong or Wat Chai Tararam)

    Храм Чалонг, Пхукет

    Chalong temple (full name Chitarra) is not just a temple but a temple complex, and the most important in Phuket for the Buddhists of the island, and the place of their pilgrimage. In one of the buildings of the temple kept this relic is a piece of bone of the Buddha. She put on display for everyone in a glass bowl inside a large glass sarcophagus. He's definitely worthy of a visit as one of the most interesting and colorful attractions of Phuket.

    Famous temple acquired through Luang Pho to Which — originally a monk, and then Abbot of the monastery (from 1876 until his death in 1908). Luang Pho What is known as a talented healer and a chiropractor. Every year in the temple fair is held, but the time varies from year to year. During the week the grounds of the monastery resembles a market where all day and especially in the evening crowds of locals.

    Read more about Chalong temple and photos here...

    While workingin the daytime

    Entrance fee: entrance free

    How to get there: the temple is located in the southern part of the island, 10 kilometers from Phuket town (temple on a map of Phuket). You can only get here by hired transport or taxi. Some tours include a visit to the temple in your itinerary.

  • Wat Phra Thong

    Храм Phra Thong, Пхукета

    The temple of Phra Thong in Phuket is one of the largest temple complexes on the island. It is so big that even signs at the entrance you can see the plan, however, he is completely in Thai. Located in the Northern part of the island away from the popular resorts of Phuket. It is also one of the oldest churches of the island. In 1909 it was visited by king Rama VI, who gave the temple its current name.

    The famous temple of the Golden Buddha statue called Luang Poh Phra Thong, which is made up of the half torso with a head. In our opinion it would be possible to call this statue the bust, and a very impressive size. According to legend, the statue was found by local peasants buried in the ground, and no one was able to dig up it completely, so the temple was built around part of the statue, which managed to dig up.

    Show more about Wat Phra Thong and photos here...

    While workingin the daytime

    Entrance fee: entrance free

    How to get there: the temple is located on the North of the island (temple on a map of Phuket). You can only get here by hired transport or taxi.

Other attractions of Phuket

  • Kata viewpoint (Karon View Point)

    Смотровая площадка Карон (Karon View Point) Views of three beaches

    Kata viewpoint (Karon View Point) in Phuket is also sometimes called and marked on maps as Kata View Point. Indeed, this site is close to Kata Noi, and Karon beach is quite far from it, although perfectly visible from there.

    With the deck offers a great view of all three beaches: Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. A lot of people come here to watch the sunset, as it is this side of the island, in the West, the sun goes below the horizon. Also you can see the big Buddha statue on top of the mountain. The site is well equipped, there is a gazebo and free Parking. Nearby there are several restaurants (there is one Russian restaurant right near the ground, and another Heaven Restaurant a little further towards the coast) where you can sit and hold the sun over the horizon.

    Read more about Karon viewpoint and photos here...

    Hours: around the clock

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the observation deck of Karon is located directly next to the main road 4233 between Kata Noi and Naiharn beaches at the top of a hill at an altitude of 190 meters (on the map). You cannot miss it, it is perfectly visible from the road. Can be reached only by a rented vehicle or a taxi (tuk-tuk).

  • Viewpoint at Cape Promthep lighthouse Lighthouse Kanjanaphisek

    Смотровая площадка Промтеп (Promthep View Point)

    This is the most popular observation deck, which offers breathtaking views of the coast and the beaches of Yanui and Naiharn. There are always a lot of people, including local residents, and in the evenings before sunset here bring tourists with their buses. Playground is well equipped and there is a mini market with food stalls, a few restaurants, including a sea view. There are many interesting things besides just beautiful species and recommended it. That is good, the site visit is included in many tours, and especially good if you manage to get here just before sunset and spend the sun over the horizon. Keep in mind that the sunsets in Thailand are from 18 to 19 hours depending on the time of year, and very quick, literally 5-10 minutes.

    The most active tourists can walk right to the Promthep Cape, which is issued in the sea and which offers even more spectacular views along the coast, but beware, the descent is not equipped, also present the danger of high waves.

    Read more about observation deck on the Beach and the lighthouse Kanjanaphisek lighthouse and photos...

    Hours: Playground is available around the clock, but it is best to come here during sunset, from 18:00 to 19:00. The lighthouse Museum is open from 08:00 to 19:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the observation deck is located on the very South of the island along the main road 4233 near Naiharn beach (on the map). From Naiharn beach or Nai Harn beach is reachable on foot, and other beaches of the island on a rented vehicle, a taxi, or a tour.

  • National Park Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

    Национальный парк

    This natural reserve, located in the North of the island, one of the few places where undisturbed jungle. In a Park in the wilderness inhabited by bears, wild boars, monkeys and Gibbons, mouse deer and other animals, over 100 species of birds. Here is the largest waterfall in Phuket - Bang Pae Waterfall. Many trails allow for Hiking (Hiking), but we strongly recommend you to do them with a guide or group tour. In the Park is the Gibbon rehabilitation center (Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre), which is also open to the public. At the entrance to the Park is the elephant Park, where you can ride animals.

    Hours: 07:00 - 17:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: for foreigners 200 baht adult/ 100 baht for children

    How to get there: the Park is easiest to visit as part of guided tours, but you can come here and masohoala in a rented transport.

  • Similan Islands (Similan Islands, Similan Islands)


    They say that to visit Phuket and not go on the Similan Islands can not be, otherwise it would not be a full trip to Phuket. The main thing – that you have enough money and time for this fun. By the way, Similan Islands can be accessed not only from Phuket, but the largest number of travelers sent to it from Phuket.

    Similan Islands is a group of Islands located off the West coast of Thailand in the Andaman sea. All nine Islands. The Islands are a National Park in Thailand. Access is not permitted on all the Islands.

    Similan Islands is not without reason compared to the Paradise Islands. It is recognized that here is the best in Thailand, the diving, the scenery is incredibly beautiful, and the beaches are just Paradise. On the Islands there are no hotels, and if you go there for a few days, then overnight will be in tented camp or in boats off the coast of the Islands.

    Easier and cheaper to visit the Similan Islands group or private tours. Usually in the program of day trips includes a visit without upsetting several Islands, snorkeling (or diving, depending on the tour program) at island coast, landing on one or two Islands for lunch and a stay on a Paradise beach. The two-day tour includes overnight camping in a tent or spending the night aboard a boat off the coast of the island.

    Hours: note that in the period from may to October, the Similan Islands are closed for visits and excursions in this period, though organized some small travel agencies, are illegal.

    Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of day trips to Similan Islands starts from 1800 baht. The price includes transfer service, entrance fee to national Park, rent equipment for Snorkling, lunch. It should be borne in mind that if you get to the Islands independently, for access to the national Park you will have to pay 500 baht for each day of stay in the Islands.

    How to get there: Similan Islands, located about 100 kilometers North of Phuket (Similan Islands on a map of Phuket). You can get here independently, driving to the nearest island to the pier on the ground, and then hiring a boat, but much cheaper and easier to visit the Islands as part of the group or individual excursions.

Entertainment in Phuket

  • The Zoo In Phuket (Phuket Zoo)

    Вход в зоопарк Пхукета

    Phuket zoo is beyond praise and certainly worthy of a visit. This zoo is completely private and is not funded by the government, so the tickets here are quite expensive.

    In the zoo you can see a huge number of animals and amphibians is about 5,000 crocodiles, 60 species of birds and more than 100 species of butterflies. Also on site is a Park of orchids and aquarium. By visiting the zoo you can not only look at the interesting, including rare exotic animals, but also to see shows featuring animals: monkeys show; crocodile show; elephant show.

    During the show the monkeys ride bikes, paint pictures, play basketball; the elephants dance, play football and basketball, draw, show balancing act miracles. Here you can ride on elephants. Thai crocodile show – not for the faint of heart: trainers put into the mouth of crocodile hands and even the head, but it's all done with jokes and very funny.

    Working time: daily from 8:30 to 18:00. Monkeys show– 09:00, 12:00, 14:30 and 16:45. Crocodile show– 09:45, 12:45, 15:15 and 17:30. Elephant show – 10:30, 13:30 and 16:00.

    Entrance fee: admission is 500 baht for adults and 300 children. The ticket includes the visit to all three shows.

    How to get there: the Museum is located on the Northern tip of the island, in the Bay of Chalong (Chalong Bay). Phuket zoo on the island map.

  • Phuket Aquarium (Phuket Aquarium)

    Аквариум Пхукета (фото с сайта

    In the aquarium you can see hundreds of exotic representatives of the sea depths around the island of Phuket. If you've been in such places, nothing special here you will not see the aquarium as the aquarium. And if you've never been to such places, be sure to check, the more that the price for admission is small.

    Read more about the Phuket aquarium here...

    Working time: daily from 8:30 to 16:30, tickets available before 16:00.

    Entrance fee: 100 baht adult, 50 baht for children. Children growing up to 108 inches and people over 60 years of age admission is free.

    How to get there: the aquarium is located in the southern part of the island at the tip of Cape Panwa. Position the aquarium on a map of Phuket.

  • Butterfly garden and insect world (Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World)

    Сад бабочек

    This is a great place to admire the beauty of butterflies and see the most unusual insects in the tropics, unless of course you are not suffering insectophobia – fear of insects. In fact, the Park is very interesting, and if you are on the island with children, then this place is must to visit.

    This butterfly Park is recognized as one of the best in the world. Here in addition to more than 40 species of butterflies butterflies you can see different species of beetles, bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, cicadas, moths, flies, dragonflies, stoneflies, Scorpions, and spiders of course. And it's not the whole list. There are also collections of exotic plants, trees, flowers. There is also a fish pond, and the naked turtle.

    Working time: the BUTTERFLY PARK is CLOSED

    Entrance fee: 300 baht for adults (from 10 years), 150 baht for children up to 4 years free entrance.

    How to get there: what is good, the Park is located in Phuket town, and to get from the main tourist spots to it by public transport. The position of the butterfly garden on a map of Phuket.

  • Botanical garden Phuket

    Ботанический сад Пхукета

    Botanical gardens Phuket is a relatively new attraction that opened in 2011. Here during a walk under the open sky you can get acquainted with the variety of exotic tropical vegetation and the insects and other animals. Presents Orchid, twenty themed gardens, fruit trees, fish pond, palm trees, cactus garden, butterfly garden. Besides just viewing the exhibits of the Park, some types of plants can be purchased in a living form to grow at home. A café and a gift shop.

    The Park is very beautiful and well maintained, and is definitely worth a visit if you have not previously been in such places. To visit is to schedule about 2 hours.


    Working hours: 09:00-17:00 except Wednesdays

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for children

    How to get there: the Botanical garden of Phuket is located at Rawai at 98/89 Mu 4 Chao Fa Rd., Chalong Subdistrict (the Botanical garden on the map). To get here by public transport will not work.

  • The Phuket bird Park Bird Park

    Парк птиц Пхукета

    This is a private bird Park. On the territory of 12 acres and is home to over 1000 exotic birds, 100 species from Africa, Asia and America. Birds here you can not only see but also feed (for an additional cost of 100 baht), watch a show with their participation. In addition to birds, there are crocodiles, which can also be fed. Overall this is a good place, especially if you are with kids.


    Hours: Park is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00, show is at 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30

    Entrance fee / ticket price: adult 500 baht child (3-12 years) – 300 baht, guided tours with Shuttle service from the hotel from 700 baht

    How to get there: the Park is located far from most beaches and is best reached by rented transport or taxi (Park map). Also many excursions are imported tourists on the way to the big Buddha etc.

  • Bird Park Phuket Bird Paradise

    This is another bird Park is located on the mountain on the way to the Big Buddha. It also hosts a bird show and you can see exotic birds in cages. In the show, you can even participate, and while Dating with parrots can be with them even to talk. Great place for kids and unlike another Park bird show takes place here every hour. And there is a small paddock with the sheep.


    Hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00, show runs every hour

    Entrance fee / ticket price: adult 500 baht child (3-12 years) – 300 baht

    How to get there: the bird Park Phuket Bird Paradise is located along the road on the way to the Big Buddha on the mountain (Park map). You can get there only by taxi, rented car or as part of guided tours

  • Park "Phuket Fantasy"

    Шоу на Пхукете

    Park "Phuket fantasy" (Phuket FantaSea) is one of the most interesting malls in Phuket. It's a small Thai town with his life, traditions, culture and history, where the brightest are held daily evening activities on the island. This is a great family attraction with a variety of games, rides, shops only Thai historical explanation.

    The vast territory of 57 hectares of theatre Park is visually divided into 3 zones. In the first area held all sorts of colorful show that lasts 30 minutes, a variety of activities for both children and adults, festivals and mini concerts. In part 2 there is a restaurant, the Golden-kinnari. The third area of the Park, "the Palace of elephants".

    Magic Park "Phuket Fantasy" like Disneyland, only Thai style. This place is soaked in Thai culture and traditions.

    Overall, couples which are worth visiting, especially for families with children, although they are a bit overpriced. In order to consider the show, it is recommended to buy tickets for "gold". Photography and filming during the show is prohibited. Prices for Souvenirs are overpriced. And yet, the reviews about the Breakfast buffet not very good, recommend to reject.

    Read more about the Park "Phuket fantasy" here...


    Hours: daily 17:30 – 23:30, Friday – closed

    Entrance fee / ticket price:

    • Show+buffet adult 2200 baht child 2000 baht
    • Show only: 1800
    • Supplement for fish (optional): 1100
    • Supplement for gold (on request): 300
    • Transfer to Phuket (round trip): 300

    How to get there: located in the heart of Kamala beach (on the map). To get from other areas by taxi, but cheaper to use the Shuttle offered by the Park.

  • Museum of optical illusion (Trick Eye Museum)

    Музей обмана зрения на Пхукете

    This is a Museum of those which has already become traditional for most of the resorts of Thailand. Here are 3D pictures on a background that can be photographed as if you visited the places shown in the picture. In General, anything unusual and informative, but if you walk around Phuket town and have never been to such places, you can look, although the price. In our view, clearly excessive.


    Hours: daily 10:00 – 17:00, entrance till 16:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 450 baht for adults and 270 baht for children (height up to 130 cm)

    How to get there: the Museum is located in Central Phuket town on the main street Phangnga Road (on the map). With most resorts you can drive to the city centre by taxi or Shuttle bus, then on foot

  • Kingdom of the tiger (Tiger Kingdom Phuket)

  • Тигровое королевство Пхукета

    Kingdom of the tiger (Tiger Kingdom Phuket) is a relatively new landmark on the island. In this zoo the tigers can be very close contact with these felines, from small to big, touch them, take pictures with them. Most tourists leave this place in admiration and positive impressions. But it should be borne in mind that animals are kept in cages, and all this is just a tourist attraction.

    Tigers here are of different ages, contained in different cells. At the entrance to each cell the payment is made separately (prices vary, most expensive the youngest cubs), but there is a complete visit of several cells.

    Some tourists believe that cats here are under the influence of drugs, so they are relaxed and sleepy. But the owners of the Park claim that it's because the tigers are by nature nocturnal animals and day they're always sleepy.

    The Park has a restaurant in buffet style (450 baht per person). If you have no one to ask you to take pictures with tigers, the Park provides over 500 baht your photographer. Children under 15 years are allowed in the cages with the tigers only with the permission of the Park staff. And yet, the day is long queues, long wait, so it's best to come here early in the morning.

    Read more about tiger Kingdom Phuket here...

    The website and ordering transfer:

    Hours: daily from 09:00 to 18:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: the price depends on the age of the tigers and the selected set of services, ranging from 800 baht to 3,500. Read more about prices on the website.

    How to get there: tiger Kingdom is located in Kathu district (on the map). Getting there is not very convenient, so it is best to use absolutely free shuttles that can be booked online or by phone in the Russian language. Purchase tours with Shuttle service to travel agencies on the street is more expensive.

  • Orchid farm (Orchid farm)

    Орхидея, Пхукет

    If you love orchids and other exotic flowers, then you should definitely pay a visit to this Park. Here you can see over 1500 varieties of orchids to get acquainted with technology of cultivation, to buy books and plants. However, if you have no special attachment to all kinds of flowers, and you can skip this place as the price for admission is too high. The fact that this is not a garden and flower Expo Park for tourists, and a working farm for cultivation, and will be able to see not so much.

    Working hours: 09:00 – 17:30

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 400 baht for adults and 200 baht for children

    How to get there: Orchid farm on the map (on the map). Address: 67/1 Soi Suksan 1, Viset Road

Phuket attractions on the map

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