Phuket bus station and old bus terminal, ultimate taxi

New Phuket bus terminal (Bus terminal-2)

Новый автобусный терминал Пхукета

New Phuket bus terminal (Bus terminal 2) is currently the main bus station of the province of Phuket. It arrive and depart coaches outside of the island all over Thailand. Here are a number of private carriers in the southern provinces. Buses there are both large and minivans.

Among the main tourist routes there are Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hua hin, Cha am, Samui, Krabi,. Lanta, Surat Thani (transfer trains or to get to Koh Samui), Hatay (Had Yai to get to Malaysia by land), Satun (Satun, ferry to Langkawi in Malaysia). The schedule and directions see below.

Tickets are sold at the usual ticket offices, but there are corporate offices of travel companies. Tickets for frequent destinations can be purchased directly before departure (this is Bangkok, Hua hin, Cha am, Krabi), and in other directions it is better to buy them in advance, at least for the day. On the buses of some companies you can buy tickets in travel agencies in the resorts of the island, and in the price and will include Shuttle service to the station.

Around the terminal work benches, is rent a motorbike for 200 baht per night (price in 2014). Opposite the station across the street is the cheapest and biggest supermarket goods to the island – SuperCheap.

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When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.

How to get to the new Phuket bus terminal

Новый автобусный терминал Пхукета Rent motorbikes

Unfortunately, the new bus terminal is in an inconvenient location outside Phuket town on the street Thepkrasattri Road (see new bus station of Phuket on the map). Directly it can be reached only by taxi, tuk-tuk (600 baht) or motorcycle taxi (300 baht).

To get to the bus is cheaper, can be reached with a stopover in Phuket town. One option – drive to the old bus terminal (Bus terminal-1, see below) by local bus and from there, a 10 baht taxi, which departs approximately every half hour.

Another option is to use the Shuttle Sonthaew. New bus terminal from the center of Phuket town with Parking lots for taxis (see Parking map) is songteo for 20 baht. To find it, you need to ask the drivers of minibuses, and do not trust the taxi drivers and tuk-tuks that such a route is not. To turn to get from the beaches to Parking a taxi in Phuket town, you can also use taxis or local buses to the beaches. For example, the fare from Patong beach is 30 baht for 1 hour time. Thus, Patong you can get to the new bus terminal for 50 baht and a little more than one and a half hours. To get from the bus station by Shuttle bus to the Parking in Phuket town, you need to get on the road Thepkrasattri Road (just a few tens of meters) and catch the first available songteo in the direction of the city (to the left if you stand to the station the back). Read more about the taxis and transport in Phuket read here.

Well, another great option if you are arriving and leaving from the Phuket bus station is to take a motorbike for rent right at the station on arrival on entire stay on the island. Price per night from 200 baht (in 2014), and offers discounts for longer rental period.

Old the Phuket bus station (Bus terminal 1)

Старый автобусный терминал Пхукета

The old bus terminal is located in the centre of Phuket town (see the old bus station of Phuket on the map). Currently it is only used for multiple routes through the province (Islands), including to/from Phuket airport. Some buses and taxis to the beaches on the island start their route from here, but they go very rarely, and in any case we reached the taxi stop in the centre (see below), and there again are picking up passengers.

The only benefit from the tourist bus station – you can get here from the airport or bus station and take the bus to the beaches. But even in this case, we recommend a little walk to Parking a taxi in the center, because from there you can go much faster.


  • To new bus station every 30 minutes there is a bus for 10 baht. Marked on the glass Bus terminal 1 Bus terminal 2.
  • From the airport bus arrives/departs on here this schedule - The cost is 100 baht.

Taxi Parking is in the centre of Phuket town

In the centre of Phuket town at the intersection of Ranong Road and Bangkok – Ratsada road is the natural Terminus of the majority of taxi Phuket (see Parking map). There is also the "duty" of many taxi drivers and tuk-tuks. Almost all the small local buses from the old bus terminal 1 also make a stop here.

To know is the place you need to transfer from one bus (taxi) to another. The transport system in Phuket is built on the principle of the star, i.e., all the routes diverge radially from Phuket town. So, to get from beach to beach, you need to arrive by bus or taxi here, and to make a transfer.

This Parking is not organized and is directly along the Ranong Road and around the ring at the intersection of roads. The bus just parked along the road and waiting passengers. To find a minibus to the right place, it is necessary to ask the drivers of taxis, not tuk-tuks or taxi drivers who almost always say where you need it, transport is not, and offer to use their services.

Bus timetables to Phuket

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