Food and nutrition in Pattaya where and what to eat

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Where and what to eat in Pattaya

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For most Thai hotels, Pattaya hotels , not the exception, in your service package offers only Breakfast (BB), which are organized in the form of a buffet or multi-course meals for Breakfast to choose from. Menu, buffet, budget hotels in average of about 10 different dishes (rice, noodles, vegetables, eggs, sausages, ham, soup, bread, butter, jams, coffee, tea, fresh juices, etc.), which can be tightly eat. Another Breakfast of local fruits: pineapple, bananas, watermelon, etc. of Course, the quantity and quality of food depends on the level and cost of hotel but even staying in a rundown hotel for $ 15 per room you can have a very hearty Breakfast. The only downside of the Breakfast is boring after a few days of their monotony. Most hotels also offer good Lunches and dinners in their restaurants, a wide selection of drinks in the bars, but you will have to pay.

Food outside the hotel in Pattaya you have any difficulties will not have to eat here can be very cheap and very tasty. You can choose your own food to your taste and budget, ranging from drinking yoghurt in countless "Seven eleven" to luxury restaurants where you will be served sandwiches with caviar in Russian.

Food in the shops

Логотипы магазинов Паттайи (Таиланд)

The cheapest way to fill the stomach at least for Breakfast, even for lunch, though for dinner to buy food in the store. In Pattaya almost every step of the way (see the logo in the picture) are small shops distributed networking "Seven Eleven (7/11)", "Friendship Supermarket", "Family Mart", where you will be able to always buy something edible. These stores, despite its diminutive size, crammed to overflowing with all sorts of products ranging from packages of dry noodles and ending with hot cooked chicken. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are present in an incredible variety. You can buy in supermarkets, ready meal, heat and eat it on the street, or use everything in the room. If you have room features kettles or did you bring a teapot, you can safely stretch out on dry noodles and brew other products. Prices in these stores are about the same as in Russian supermarkets, or maybe a little below.

However, it is fair to say that the food in the small shops may not be so cheap. Much cheaper to buy foods in large supermarkets, which abound in Pattaya. Selection of products in them is simply amazing, and the prices are much lower than in small stores. Among the large shopping centers located in the Central part of Pattaya and having the supermarkets, it is possible to mention "Lotus", "Tops", "Big C", "Central Festival Pattaya", "Friendship supermarket", "Mike Shopping Mall".

To the right of "Mike Shopping Mall", if you stand to face him, and back to the beach or to Beach Road, has an inconspicuous entrance to the store without any signage. It's something like optovku, or for the local store where you can buy food and other commodities at even lower prices.

Food on the street

If you don't want to "mess" with shops, you can easily eat in the local street facilities or to grab something from the many stalls. In General, Thais are not made to cook at home, and they mostly eat on the street. Accordingly, the highly developed network of public power, represented in the form: street people's messes, made in the form of a pair of tables and chairs right on the sidewalk; the trays or carriers (also called makashnits) who sell ready to eat on the go meals (sandwiches, fruits, food, insects); modern public canteens in large supermarkets and shopping malls.

If you decide to eat in street canteens, keep in mind that your stomachs will be in difficulty. Thai food is very spicy, and if in the modern cafeterias, cafes or restaurants to Europeans specially prepared non-spicy dishes, you most often cook on the full. Even innocuous eggs can be unbearably sharp.

But in General, to eat in such places is completely safe and very cheap. The food there is fresh, and the sharpness and speed of preparation and consumption does not grow any microorganisms. And, by the way, to eat in such places even cheaper than buying groceries at the supermarket: for 50 baht (currency of Thailand) you can eat to satiety.

Canteens (food courts)

Типичный лоток, где можно перехватить на ходу

If you disdain to eat in the street the local Diners, we recommend you to eat in public dining rooms or cafes in large supermarkets, called food court (food court). The prices are more than reasonable (you can eat for 100 baht). It's quite a serious, clean establishment, they prepare a very tasty and great variety of food (there are even Russian cuisine). Typically, alcoholic drinks are not sold there because it's a family institution, but in soft drinks there are no restrictions.

Very nice dining room is in the basement of the centre "Central Festival Pattaya" on second street (Second street), in the "Big-C", in "Lotus" on North street (North Pattaya road), etc.

In some of these canteens service is an interesting "high-tech" way: you buy the cashier a plastic card, for example for 200 baht (about 200 rubles), then go to the numerous stalls, there choose something. The cook takes your card, right in front of you preparing the dish through the machine removes the money from the card and gives the card together with the cheque and dish. Upon exit in exchange for the card you returned the unspent money. In more simple places a plastic card is replaced by the tear-off coupons that you buy at the box office, but the principle in General is the same.

Cafes and restaurants

While in Pattaya, I want every night to visit new restaurant or cafe and discover the wonderful Thai food, at the same time I want to go back in yesterday's cafe and try something that didn't get to try yesterday.

Cafes and restaurants of all kinds and categories throughout the world. Prices are quite reasonable. Inexpensive cafes can be filled with beer or soft drinks for 150-200 baht per person. Want fresh grilled fish or prawns, have to pay more 300 baht. The upper limit of quality and the prices are not set.

In recent years, most restaurants and cafes the menu in Russian.

If you isoscoles Russian cuisine, in Pattaya you will find a lot of Russian restaurants. Many of them founded by immigrants from Russia.

Eat in the bars where table dancing Thai stripper (and maybe not a stripper?) also possible, but better to drink, as the food there is not pay so much attention.


On the names and seasons of exotic fruits you can find in a separate article "Exotic fruits".

The fruit is better and cheaper to buy at the fruit market, you will easily find strolling around the neighborhood. But keep in mind that often for Europeans, the prices are called high. It is best to find a market where the locals buy food: the prices are usually written on paper price tags and lower than 3-4 times than in the markets along the main streets and near shopping centers, such as the fruit market, opposite Mike Shopping Mall. To find such markets you have to walk away from the beach and Second street (Second Street). A good local market, where, in particular, sold fruit, is the hotel Caesar Palacelocated on Second street (Second Street).

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