Transportation in Pattaya. Than to move on?

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A large part of Pattaya, especially if you live in the centre, you can explore on foot. The length of the promenade in Central Pattaya, where almost all the entertainment of the city, a little less than 3 kilometers.

If you live in the North or on Jomtien beach, want to explore other parts of the city, visit the sights close to town or you are just too lazy to walk, you can take a taxi, motorbike taxi, taxi or public transport.

Taxis and motorcycle taxis

Не откажетесь с такой мототаксисткой покататься?

Taxi and especially motorcycle taxi is the fastest way to get around the city.

While the city is in traffic, bikers ignoring traffic rules, at the moment will take you to the destination. To travel by motorcycle taxi, sometimes even cheaper than public transport, but also quite dangerous, since they are worn like hell. Always wear a helmet. Usually for a trip ask for 30 baht, but for trips over short distances is and bargain.

The city runs many branded taxi meter (Taxi) meter. But traveling on them can't be called cheap: the price, even for a short trip starts from 100 baht. You can use the services of "privateers" (the prices are much lower, for example, for 50 baht you can travel from one part of Pattaya to the other), but the price should be negotiated.

Taxis (Bath bus, Songthaew)

Маршрутное такси в Паттайе

A fleet of share taxi baht-buses, sometimes also incorrectly called tuk-Tuk, almost all day circling the streets of Pattaya. It is very convenient and cheap way to get around the city. The cost of the trip is 10 baht (in 2012) in the same area, 20 baht between districts.

The machines themselves are no buses, and converted into buses small trucks. In the indoor body are two benches for passengers, and payment is made to the driver in the cab through the window. Also inside the body are call button (stop is possible in any place where it is not prohibited by the rules) and the map of the route from the fare table. For passengers boarding the bus stops also at any place: one has only to look at them and they immediately begin to honk and invite to get into the body.

Схема маршрутов Baht Bus. Нажмите для увеличения

Bus travel on specified routes, but their drivers are always ready and expecting that tourists would hire them as a taxi, even if they already have passengers. Thus, regardless of the presence of other passengers in the back, they quietly can deviate from the route, to bring the "VIP passenger" to the place. If you speak with the driver before the trip and begin to ask him whether he rides there, then he probably thinks that you are hiring him as a taxi, and say that of course going there, and then demands money for a taxi. So it's best to just stop the bus, silently climb into the back and get to call where you need, pay the fare (preferably without change), and do not forget to say: Thank you.

The most popular route – a circular route along Second road, North road, Beach road, South road. Keep in mind that moving the ring only in one direction – clockwise (see route map). Routes are not numbered (they are numbered only buses themselves their official numbers).

Rent a car or motorcycle

If you plan to rent a car or motorbike in Pattaya, first of all, it is necessary to warn that traffic in Pattaya is just crazy. And all this is complemented by the fact that the traffic in Thailand drives on the left. Devil's bikers scurrying about on their scooters everywhere, literally inches from passing cars, not trying to particularly follow the sequence of intersections, direction of travel on one-way roads suddenly popping up on the road with sidewalks or alleys. If you are not scared, read on.

Motorcycles and scooters can be rented almost anywhere in Pattaya. Ask at the hotel reception and they will tell you the location of the nearest rental, which will likely be located a few meters from the hotel. If the price or the quality does not suit you, walk around the streets and lanes away from Central and you will find cheaper. The cost of renting a very simple scooter starts from 150 baht per day. The bigger bike will cost baht 400 per day. If you take a couple of days doing a discount.

Law, as a rule, if rental is not required (for scooters), but as collateral you will be asked to leave the passport, and in some places satisfied and photocopy. Sometimes you may be required to leave a Deposit of a small sum to cover possible damage. Usually motorbikes are rented without insurance, and you will have to repair the damaged or stolen motorcycle from his pocket. Don't forget to wear a helmet (you can be fined for riding without a helmet). Buy and use your own lock for fixing the motorcycle in the Parking lot. Before taking the motorcycle, carefully check the health and damage, note them in the contract or take a picture with the owner.

For driving in Thailand necessarily will need an international driving permit (IDP). Is such a law, made in the form of booklets in several languages that are issued in addition to the regular national rights of the bodies of the traffic police. They act only when presented together with your national (domestic) rights, so don't forget to take with you on a trip. To get an IDP is not required to write any exams, you only need to pay a fee. Order them easiest website public services.of the Russian Federation, the value of discount will be 1120 rubles. You can contact the traffic police or the MFC personally, but then the IDP will cost 1600 rubles (price 2018). To pick up right after their manufacture in the traffic police or in the MFC. Details about car rent in Thailand read here.

The cost of renting a car in Thailand starts from 600 baht when booking for a few days. Can find and book car rentals using the search form and compare prices from different distributors:

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admin 6 April, 2011
Ask questions, share information about transport in Pattaya ...
Galina 26 June, 2012
Please tell me how I need to get to the condo on Jomtien beach in Pattaya from the a/e u-Tapao? Thank you. ...
I 26 June, 2012

Hello Galina! You, I guess, was among the "lucky" Charter that landed in u-Tapao instead of Bangkok?
Will get back there. Airport taxi, book should be on the Desk at the airport, before there was 800 baht. There, on racks, mini-bus services to Pattaya, was 250 baht and were transported to the hotels. Now it may have risen a bit, not sure. ...
Irina Lebedeva 17 October, 2013
L-u-d-I,help!Could you tell me the cheapest way to get from Rayong to Pattaya.And please more info for "dummies" so to say, where to sit,route number, time of operation (from... to...).Thanks in advance.We live in Rayong,but often have to travel to Pattaya. ...
admin October 17, 2013

The easiest way to exit to Sukhumvit road and there catch a passing bus, tuk-tuk or just a ride, and off in Pattaya on Sukhumvit or at the North station of the PTT, if the bus goes there. You can directly at the bus station in Rayong and from there to Pattaya. From there buses run frequently from Bangkok approximately every hour, if memory serves, go past Pattaya without the arrival at the North station of Pattaya, so, too, will jump on Sukhumvit. The issue price under any option about 70 baht.
As for where to go on Sukhumvit in Pattaya, it is best to do this at the intersection with one of the main streets where you can catch a tuk-tuk to the centre. Here view the map is where tuk-tuks patiska go. If you do not understand, just go near the North bus station Pattaya and from there by tuk-tuk to the center. ...
Viktoria 22 January, 2016
Hello, please tell me, and at the railway station in Pattaya you can buy a ticket from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Or only at the railway station in Bangkok? Or via the Internet and agencies? ...
Yulduz 28 March, 2016
Hello, please tell me how often you go tuk-tuks on the street Thappraya? we are staying in an apartment in view Talay 1B. Planned to go to Outlet Mall,Night market etc. To Bali Hai pier. Going with young children. Would like to know exactly how to move and how to go on the right street (after all, cities don't know really) May be the GPS enabled all the time?! ...
admin March 29, 2016

Go often, don't have to worry about this. They will still have time to get bored: when you want to walk to walk, I will constantly honking the horn and invite to ride. How to move correctly... well, you can with the Navigator on top, ie on the phone to install the app or googlecart to use it. But in General I think that in Pattaya, this problem does not arise, the guidelines will read, understand. Do not remember to Pattaya Navigator used, just maybe the first couple of times with in wore, and then all became like a native ;) . ...
Марианна74 21 December, 2016
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Hello Marianne! I looked at the map, if correctly understood that it is proou Beach Condominium, then exactly where do the taxis do not go. But if memory serves, they seem to Phra Tam Nak go on foot 10-15 minutes. Will understand, will find no problems. ...