Bus and train stations of Pattaya pier

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Bus station

In Pattaya, only one bus station (Northern bus station), which offers regular intercity buses. But, besides this station, there are several places sending corporate coaches who call the stations, but in fact they perform a similar function.

About how to get on the bus to Pattaya can be read here.

  • North bus station (North Pattaya Station).

    This is the main bus station of the city from which and to which arrive all the runs scheduled public bus services. This is the cheapest way to get to Pattaya from Bangkok or the airport.

    It is worth to make a reservation: in addition to this bus station, take the public buses and in other places: many buses going through Pattaya on Sukhumvit road (Sukhumvit road), not stopping at the bus station, but picking up passengers in many minivans leave from the offices of the travel companies or from shopping malls etc.. to get on the flight, passing on Sukhumvit road, can be purchased in advance tickets at the box office Nord bus station and at a specified time in a specified place to wait for a bus that will pick you up along the way.

    The most frequent flight from the North bus station Pattaya – Bangkok. Quite often buses to the international airport of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. Schedule and cost of the trip can be seen here - http://www.pattayabus.com.

    Station is on North road (North Pattaya Road or Pattaya Nuea) near the intersection with Sukhumvit road (Sukhumvit Road) (North railway station of Pattaya on the map). To reach the station or to leave it easily at the local Songthaew taxis, which is next to the station is something like a final stop. Usually Songthaew drive along the Northern road to the intersection with Sukhumvit road, turn around and go back. Upon arriving in the opposite direction to the Northern end of the road they continue on beach street (Beach Road), where you can go out and easily reach your hotel by foot. If you need to get to Jomtien beach, you will have to go by Songthaew with a transfer at the last stop in the center of Pattaya.

  • Bus station company Nakhonchai

    Bus station private firm Nakhonchai (Na Korn Chai Air bus, Sukhumvit Pattaya Klang and as soon as it is not called writing) is located on Sukhumvit road near the intersection with Central road (Pattaya Klang, Central Pattaya she) (station firm Nakhonchai on the map). You can get here by taxi, but if you buy bus tickets at a local travel Agency (of course, with a small markup), you can provide a Shuttle service from the hotel to the station. On the main street also there are Songthaew taxis that drive until it intersects with the Sukhumvit road and drive back.

    From the station you can go, at least in Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai), Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai), Koh Chang (Ko Chang), the island of Samet (Ko Samet) , and even in Laos.

    Information about the schedule in the Thai language is on the site of the company http://www.nca.co.th. In English, unfortunately, there is no information.

Train station Pattaya

Pattaya railway station Pattaya Pattaya Train Station and a small Station Pattaya Tai Train Station. Both projects are located on the same railway, which connects Sattahip (Sattahip) with Bangkok. To get with any of them only up to Bangkok to Sattahip. In Bangkok the train arrives at the main station of the city Hualumpong Station where you can transfer to another train and continue the journey to Thailand.

About how to get to Pattaya by train here.

  • Pattaya Train Station

    The main and only railway station of the city. The train from Bangkok arrives here at 10:35, departs Bangkok at 14:21. The station has a ticket office where tickets are purchased on the train. Selling of tickets starts 30 minutes before departure. Station is close to Sukhumvit road (Sukhumvit Road) and North road (Pattaya Nuea) (railway station of Pattaya on the map), and go here if you expect to get to places in Central or North Pattaya.

    With the arrival of the train near the station "on duty" local taxi "Songthaew", which you can reach any point in Pattaya for 30 baht. To get to Jomtien, will either have to go on taxi transfers, or to hire him as a taxi.

    From the city to the station will be reached by taxi, which can be a regular car taxi, motorcycle taxi, or the same Sonthaew hired as a taxi. Well, if you have the strength, desire and no Luggage, it is theoretically possible to reach the station from end stop of a share taxi at the intersection of Sukhumvit Road (Sukhumvit Road) and North road (Pattaya Nuea), but this will have to go a good half a kilometer under the scorching heat.

  • Pattaya Tai Train Station

    Despite the name, it's not really a station but just a short stop. There is no box office and even the space station. Boarding the train at this station is made without prior purchase of tickets and payment is already inside. This station is convenient to visit if you need to locate in Jomtien beach.

    The station is situated in the southern part of Pattaya (see Pattaya Tai Train Station on the map). To reach the station or from the city by taxi or motorcycle taxi.

The Pier Pattaya (Pattaya Pier)

The pier Pattaya, also known as Bali Hai Pier or the new pier, located in the southern part of the city not far from Walking Street (the position of the pier on the map).

From here a regular ferry services can be reached at Koh Lan island and the resort Hua hin (Hua Hin). Here are also sent private and excursion boats.

The ferry to the island of Koh Lan is sent at least 7 times a day (the schedule may change depending on the season) and costs 20 baht one way. The journey time is 45 minutes.

Flights to Hua hin depart only during the high season several times a week.

The schedule of buses and trains in Pattaya

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admin 6 April, 2011
Ask questions, share information about transport in Pattaya ...
Galina 26 June, 2012
Please tell me how I need to get to the condo on Jomtien beach in Pattaya from the a/e u-Tapao? Thank you. ...
I 26 June, 2012

Hello Galina! You, I guess, was among the "lucky" Charter that landed in u-Tapao instead of Bangkok?
Will get back there. Airport taxi, book should be on the Desk at the airport, before there was 800 baht. There, on racks, mini-bus services to Pattaya, was 250 baht and were transported to the hotels. Now it may have risen a bit, not sure. ...
Irina Lebedeva 17 October, 2013
L-u-d-help!Could you tell me the cheapest way to get from Rayong to Pattaya.And please more info for "dummies" so to say, where to sit,route number, time of operation (from... to...).Thanks in advance.We live in Rayong,but often have to travel to Pattaya. ...
admin October 17, 2013

The easiest way to exit to Sukhumvit road and there catch a passing bus, tuk-tuk or just a ride, and off in Pattaya on Sukhumvit or at the North station of the PTT, if the bus goes there. You can directly at the bus station in Rayong and from there to Pattaya. From there buses run frequently from Bangkok approximately every hour, if memory serves, go past Pattaya without the arrival at the North station of Pattaya, so, too, will jump on Sukhumvit. The issue price under any option about 70 baht.
As for where to go on Sukhumvit in Pattaya, it is best to do this at the intersection with one of the main streets where you can catch a tuk-tuk to the centre. Here view http://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/pattaya-transport.php the map is where tuk-tuks patiska go. If you do not understand, just go near the North bus station Pattaya and from there by tuk-tuk to the center. ...
Viktoria 22 January, 2016
Hello, please tell me, and at the railway station in Pattaya you can buy a ticket from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Or only at the railway station in Bangkok? Or via the Internet and agencies? ...
Yulduz 28 March, 2016
Hello, please tell me how often you go tuk-tuks on the street Thappraya? we are staying in an apartment in view Talay 1B. Planned to go to Outlet Mall,Night market etc. To Bali Hai pier. Going with young children. Would like to know exactly how to move and how to go on the right street (after all, cities don't know really) May be the GPS enabled all the time?! ...
admin March 29, 2016

Go often, don't have to worry about this. They will still have time to get bored: when you want to walk to walk, I will constantly honking the horn and invite to ride. How to move correctly... well, you can with the Navigator on top, ie on the phone to install the app or googlecart to use it. But in General I think that in Pattaya, this problem does not arise, the guidelines will read, understand. Do not remember to Pattaya Navigator used, just maybe the first couple of times with in wore, and then all became like a native ;) . ...
Марианна74 21 December, 2016
Tell me, going to relax in Pattaya hotel cosy beach district of Pratumnak and heard that there is no go tuk-tuks. Anyone knows please, do so? And how to get around then? ...
admin 21 December, 2016

Hello Marianne! I looked at the map, if correctly understood that it is proou Beach Condominium, exactly where do the taxis do not go. But if memory serves, they seem to Phra Tam Nak go on foot 10-15 minutes. Will understand, will find no problems. ...

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