Hotels and areas of Pattaya, where to stay?

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Pattaya hotels, where to stay

Hotels in Thailand and Pattaya in particular, doesn't officially have a "star" (a system of "star" and the power systems see here). The stars you see in the catalogues of tour operators or reservation system, tour operator assigns the author of the reservation system or the hotel owner. But, you should not worry, as the assessment in most cases, rated correctly, and when choosing a hotel, in any case, should be guided by not only the "star" rating, but customer reviews of the hotels, location and services.

Find and book accommodation in Pattaya can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

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A feature of the hotels in Thailand (and hotel Pattaya - is no exception) is that accommodation usually includes Breakfast only, and power on the system "all inclusive" (All inclusive) is not common, and not every hotel can offer you such a service. But this is not necessary. Read "where and what to eat in Pattaya?" and all doubts you have will disappear. If still in doubt, you can just have dinner at the selected hotel for an additional fee.

With regard to the location of the hotel, before you choose, read the preliminary information about the areas of Pattaya below. From choosing the right vacation spot will depend upon how enjoyable will be your trip. After all, if you want rapidly spend time to visit the shopping malls and places of entertainment, simply walking through the bustling festive streets and you don't care about the beach, then the place to choose a hotel in the centre, and the closer to Walking Street, the better. If you want a relaxed family friendly and clean beach, the loud noise from the bars under the Windows of the hotel will not have a positive impact on your stay so you better choose a hotel in the Jomtien or North Pattaya.

In any case it is better to choose a hotel near the coastline. Even in Central Pattaya, despite the fact that the beaches there are not clean, the hotel is better to choose not on Second street (Second street) or not too far from it: all the entertainment is concentrated along Second street (Second street) and Beach road (Beach road) and everything is within walking distance.

Prices for hotels in Pattaya start from just 600 baht (currency of Thailand) for a double room with air conditioning and Breakfast. A double room with air conditioning and a shower in the Guesthouse not too far from the beach you can find for 400 baht. Prices are per room without air conditioning (with fan) and power in General start from 200 baht, but to sleep in that room in the Thai heat just flour.

To book in advance or choose already in place – you decide. Booking in advance will allow you to save some money, because prices in the reservation systems are often below even the official prices of hotels on their sites. In addition, the most popular hotels in Pattaya are usually booked 4-5 months in advance, as you can see, making a few searches on different periods. But this is true only for medium and luxury hotels. The backpacker hotel for 400 rubles you probably just won't find in booking systems, but can easily find it on the streets of Pattaya.

And one more addition. If you want to bring the hotel for the night the local resident or the resident (about tastes, as they say, not argue), in many hotels you have to pay a small fee for overnight guest.

Areas and beaches of Pattaya, where to choose a hotel

The city is conditionally divided into three parts: the actual Pattaya (Pattaya center); Naklua (Nalkua Beach) in the North; Jomtien (Jomtien Beach) in the South. Central Pattaya and Jomtien could be considered as suburbs, but between them and the centre of Pattaya, there is virtually no border and divided they are on probation. To Naklua involves the whole area North street Pattaya North (Nua Road) and Jomtien beach stretches South of Buddha Hill. Below we give a description of the main areas of Pattaya, owned beaches, and denote the position on the map:

Naklua (Naklua Beach and also Naklua)

Пляж Наклуа в Паттайе

Search for hotels Pattaya beach Naklua

All that lies North of (above the map) the Northern road (North road or Pattaya Nua road), called Naklua beach (the position of Naklua beach on a map of Pattaya). It is a vast, fairly calm, quiet area where mostly located in hotels, homes of local residents and relatively quiet bars. The Naklua beach is quite clean compared to Central Pattaya and beach road, but the amenities (lounge chairs, a cafe) and entertainment is almost there. This is a great place to relax with family and children.

The beach of Pattaya (Wongamat Beach) is also in the area of Naklua. In the North of the city, after Naklua, located beach Bang La Mung (Bang La Mung) with luxury hotels, and secluded beach.

To Central can be reached on foot or by taxi for 20 baht. Hotels are of different classes, but is dominated by expensive with many stars. There is also quite a lot of new modern condominiums, apartments which are rented to tourists.

The Jomtien beach (Jomtien beach)

Вид на пляж Джомтьен

Find Pattaya hotels on the Jomtien beach

South of Buddha Hill (Buddha Hill) is the beach of Jomtien (Jomtien Beach) (Jomtien beach on a map of Pattaya). Jomtien has a more clean beaches than the center, and the further South you go, the cleaner. Hotels, mainly located beside the beach and designed for a relaxing family holiday. Entertainment in the area are also present, but they are more decent and family.

If you prefer a beach holiday, and not going in the bars, restaurants and shopping malls, more intimate hotels with their own grounds and clean beach, then you definitely here, preferably off to the South. Out for entertainment in the center by taxi or taxi for 20 baht.

Stands out more than the southern part of Jomtien - Pattaya (Na Jomtien), and the beach in North Jomtien, near the Hill of the Buddha, called the beach Dong tarn (Dong Tarn Beach). Further, about 14 kilometers South of Jomtien beach, is a secluded beach Sattahip (Sattahip Beach) with comfortable hotels and clean beaches.

Pattaya centre


Find Pattaya hotels in Central

All that lies between the Northern road (North road or Nua road) and the Buddha Hill (Buddha Hill) is a center of entertainment. It is ideal for those who want to have fun, be entertained and have fun. If you come to Pattaya-the sin city, then you definitely here. Here are concentrated most of the major shopping centres, shops, GO-GO bars, Nightclubs, shows for adults, restaurants. Numerous hotels, from very inexpensive rooms without air conditioning to luxurious suites. Here you can find accommodation for every taste.

The main part of hotels, shopping centers and entertainment located between the streets of Beach Road (Beach road) and Second Road (Second street) and on the other side along the Second Road. This is the most convenient place to stay if you want to be in the middle of it. You can stay away from the beach, between Second Road and Third Road (Third road). The prices are a little lower, but each time have to get to attractions on foot or by bus.

The beach in the centre of a very crowded and not clean though and the worst to call him would be wrong. The beach all along the sand, everywhere rent chairs and umbrellas, selling drinks and food, there are many traders. Along the beach is a very busy car road (the Beach Road), pedestrian walkway decorated with sculptures and plants, there are many shopping centers, hotels, bars. In the Central part also is the pier from which the ship can go to nearby Islands.

In principle, wherever you are settled, you will always be in walking distance to all the fun. But still, this part identifies several areas:

  • Pattaya beach road (Pattaya Beach Road). Аллея вдоль пляжа на Бич-роуд

    Find Pattaya hotels on beach road

    Throughout the Central part of Pattaya along the beach lies the Beach Road (the beach road on a map of Pattaya). The street has many hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and bars. Across the road from the hotels is also along the entire area of the alley, and just behind the beach. As already mentioned, the beach in this part is far from ideal: a typical city beach with sun loungers, traders and garbage.
    In the evenings, the alley comes a lot of "night butterflies" all genders :-), strolling locals and tourists. Only do not just build a wrong Association: the road name comes from the word beach - beach, not Bitch. With all the "beach" the shortcomings of this area is one of the best places for accommodation, and closer to Walking Street you will find, the noisier and merrier it will be. Hotels here are mostly middle and high class (the first line from the beach), budget accommodation (below 1000 baht) find quite difficult. Prices for hotels equivalent to 4 and 5 star you will be pleasantly surprised, but to reserve the best and most profitable hotels should be 4 or more months in advance.
  • Central Pattaya (Central Pattaya). Пляж в центральной Паттайе

    Find Pattaya hotels in Central

    It can be said, in the center of Pattaya. This is probably the most popular and the most successful place to stay. The district lies between Second street (Second Road or Pattaya Sai Song) and Third street (Third road or Pattaya Sai 3) (Central Pattaya on the map) and is bounded by South street (South Pattaya or Pattaya Tai) and Central street (Central Pattaya Klang), on the second line from the beach. In addition to hotels, there are a large number of shops, shopping malls, retail shops and markets.
    As well as on beach road, you'll be within walking distance to all entertainment and the beach, but for less money. Hotels there are a huge number and a lot of cheaper options and even purely budget. "Backpacker area" with the cheapest hotels is here. It's safe to say that Pattaya is the best budget place to host.
  • North Pattaya (North Pattaya). Пляж в северной Паттайе практически ничем не отличается от центра District in the Northern part of Pattaya away from the main street (Central Pattaya Klang) to the Northern road (North road or Nua road), in principle, little different from Central Pattaya, the beaches there are crowded and not too clean. Perhaps the only difference is a somewhat lower concentration of noisy bars, restaurants and discos. Walking distance to Walking street can be reached in 20 minutes, and can be reached by taxi at Beach road (in the opposite direction on Second Street) for 10 baht. In General, if you did not get a room in hotels of Central Pattaya, you can safely stop here. North Pattaya on the map.
  • South Pattaya (South Pattaya). This is a great area to stay at if you are more important than entertainment, and not a beach holiday. The center of night entertainment Walking Street is right here. What's good: by day this area is quite calm and quiet, only with the coming of darkness on the streets of the rapidly blooming night life and vicious entertainment. Most of the discos and shows for adults are located here. But the beaches here are none, i.e. they are almost there. The entire coastline in this area is obstructed by restaurants and entertainment venues along Walking Street, there is also a pier and boat Parking. But more or less clean the beach of Central Pattaya from here by hand. South Pattaya on the map.
  • The backpacker area. Find a hotel in place usually is not difficult. A cluster of inexpensive hotels located along the alley of Soi Bua Khao. This alley is located in Central Pattaya between Second street (Second Road or Pattaya Sai Song) and Third street (Third road or Pattaya Sai 3) (see the position of the backpacker area of Pattaya on the map). If you come to Pattaya without a pre-booked hotel and intend to shoot that is cheaper, you direct road here. Walk to the waterfront from here no more than five minutes, and the centre of entertainment – no more than ten minutes.
    The cheapest rooms are located in buildings above the bars and other establishments, but at nights it can be quite noisy.

Phra Tamnak hill (Phra Tam Nak hill)

Find hotels in Pattaya Phra Tamnak hill

The area is located between the Central area of Pattaya and Jomtien beach (district Phra Tamnak hill on the map). Like something special to characterize it is difficult. Unless we can say that the area is quite quiet, laid-back and well-groomed than other areas.

The Island Of Koh LAN

The small island of Koh LARN (Ko Lan, also Koh Larn coral island) is located 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya (Koh LARN on the map of Thailand). This is the most popular island for day trips or trips to the island clean beaches near Pattaya. The island is very tiny, only 4 and a half kilometers in length.

Koh LARN is rarely seen by tourists as a resort but rather as a complement to the beaches of Pattaya or one of its attractions. Most tourists visit Koh LARN in the form of day trips or independent travel on its beaches, which are considered much cleaner urban Pattaya beaches. Less guests stay overnight on the island for a day or two or longer.

Meanwhile, Koh LARN is quite independent resort with its infrastructure, beaches, hotels and attractions. Read more about the island of Koh LARN here.

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In General the hotel Plumeria, out of competition. The only thing he is inferior to Pattaya is Breakfast. In Pattaya garden, he presented buffet.
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