Koh LARN island in Pattaya: tourist information, getting there, hotels, beaches

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General information about the island Koh LARN

The small island of Koh LARN (Ko Lan, also Koh Larn coral island) is located 10 kilometers from the coast of Pattaya (the location of the island of Laon on the map of Thailand). This is the most popular island for day trips or trips to the island clean beaches near Pattaya. The island is very tiny, only 4 and a half kilometers in length. Nearby there is another similar island, Ko Phai, but he belongs to the military and there spending the night is forbidden, so tourists go there to look not so often as to Koh LARN.

Koh LARN is rarely seen by tourists as a resort but rather as a complement to the beaches of Pattaya or one of its attractions. Most tourists visit Koh LARN in the form of day trips or independent travel on its beaches, which are considered much cleaner urban Pattaya beaches. Less guests stay overnight on the island for a day or two or longer.

Meanwhile, Koh LARN is quite independent resort with its infrastructure, beaches, hotels and attractions. Although, to say that this is a very interesting place for a longer stay, it is not quite right. And about the purity of the beaches are not always tourists compare the city beaches and the beaches on Koh Lana objectively. The beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien can compete in purity with some of the beaches on the island (it's not about the purity and transparency of water, namely the clean sand on the beach). Anyway, some of the beaches on Koh Lana during low tide for swimming not suitable and become dangerous because of sharp rocks. But the realization that you were on the island doing his job, and all of the beaches on the island many tourists don't seem much better than Pattaya. And the fact that every morning huge crowds of tourists from Pattaya go to the island and occupy the beaches is not always good for the cleanliness of the beaches.

Prices on the island are much higher than on the mainland. For the chaise, depending on the season and the beach will have to pay 50-100 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate). Beer on the beach is 120 baht.

Anyway, once you arrive in Pattaya, visit Koh LARN island is required (especially because you can do it for mere pennies, read below how), and then draw the conclusion yourself, did you like it or not.

Entertainment and attractions Koh LARN

Popular beaches on the island offer all the typical water sports: jet ski, banana, parasailing, kayaking. Massages, tattoos, etc. In some places you can go snorkeling and even diving, for which there is rental equipment and boats for diving. On the island there is even a shooting range in the village of Ban Na.

Attractions on the island is almost there, but you can see the only temple on the island to visit one of the viewing platforms overlooking the island or Pattaya. You can climb to the platform next to the beach Hat Ta Waen, which is the way of the Buddha.

How to get to Koh LARN

To get to Koh LARN you can buy a tour to Pattaya, as well as yourself by speed boat or ferry.

  • Excursion to Koh LARN. A trip to the island for one day will cost an average of 1000 baht, but you can find cheaper. This price usually includes transfer from the hotel to the departure point speed boat, speed boat there and back, lunch and sunbeds.

  • Speed boat (Speed Boat). Speed boat to Koh LARN go with the pier Pattaya Bali Hai, and from almost any location on Pattaya beach. Cheaper speed boats on the pier, the trip cost 150-400 baht per person round trip. On the beach you have to pay for hiring the boat entirely from 2000 baht.

    The advantage of the speed boats is that it will take you to the island in just 15-20 minutes, and takes you to the best beaches of the island. Minus of course the price.

  • Steam. Ferries to Koh LARN from Bali Hai pier in Pattaya is the cheapest way to get to the island. The cost one way only 30 baht, and time to swim 40 minutes. Ferries depart several times a day. The last ferry from Ko Lana comes back in 17 hours, and should not be missed, otherwise you'll have to spend the night on the island, or pay big money for a speed boat to the mainland.

    To use the ferry, just come to the pier in twenty minutes before departure of the ferry and buy the ticket at the ticket office (the ticket office located in the building of the pier), and go find a boat at the pier without losing time so as to go to the boat pretty far away, but still we need to find (usually departing boats always a lot of people, all going to the boat). If the tickets at the box office will not appear, feel free to go to the pier to find the boat going and buy tickets from the usher at the entrance to the boat. In the back of the tickets purchased only at the entrance to the ferry ticket offices on the island there.

    Island ferries arrive and depart normally from the pier Hat Ta Waen Pier on the West coast, but some approach to the pier at Na Ban Pier on the East side. Be sure to check which pier to go you need at the time the return ferry (this can be done in the building of a pier, there all drawn and written, including in Russian).

    The schedule of the ferry pier is Hat Ta Waen Pier as of November 2012:

    • From Pattaya to Koh LARN: 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00
    • From Koh LAN to Pattaya: 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

    If you arrive at Hat Ta Waen Pier, you'll be on the beach, just need a little walk. From Na Ban Pier to one of the beaches on the island still have to drive what you can do on a motorcycle taxi for 30-50 baht or taxi. If the beach you go, not crowded, definitely agree with the taxi driver that you have arrived, and taken back to the pier. To communicate with taxi drivers is easy enough: each of them has a map of the island and you can just show where you need to go.

    If desired, you can rent them near the pier, a Bicycle or motorcycle and to get to the beach or to explore the island. But renting a motorbike on the island to contact is very careful, because there are frequent cases of claims to pay pre-existing on the bike damage when you return the equipment.

The Beaches Of Koh LAN

The main part of the beaches located on the West coast of the island. On the East coast to bathe is almost impossible, everywhere rocks.

  • Hat Ta Waen. This is the most popular and crowded beach on the island, because here it is easiest to get to. It is located right at the pier Hat Ta Waen Pier. As a result, it is quite dirty. The beach has a length of 1 kilometer. Has a full set of water sports, cafes and souvenir shops, rental motorcycles and bicycles. Sun beds cost 50 baht.

  • Hat Sang Wan. This tiny beach is also located near the pier at Hat Ta Waen Pier, only on the other side of it (to the South). It is also easily accessible, but the loungers on it are already at 100 baht. There is also a cafe and a bit of water sports (jet ski and "banana").

  • Hat Samae. This is definitely one of the best beaches on the island. It is quite popular and crowded, a length of 700 metres. Here there are water sports and cafes, on duty taxi drivers. The water is very clean entry into the water easy, always sand, almost no rocks. Here mainly bring tourists and speed boats tours.

  • Hat Thong Lang. This beach is near the most popular beach of the island Hat Ta Waen, but here are a few less people, entertainment and dining. Something particularly notable this beach stands out: beach beach, no better and no worse Hat Ta Waen, if only a bit cleaner. To get to the beach from Hat Ta Waen pier and you can walk and if you walk along the shore on a dilapidated track.

  • Hat Thien. One of the best beaches on the island even though its crowded and popular. The beach has a length of 400 meters and always filled with vacationers, but in moderation. Here is a very clean water, easy entry into the water, there is little influence of the tides. There are cafes, restaurants, water sports. The loungers are rented at 50 baht. The edges of the beach there are reefs where you can snorkel and observe underwater life. To get to the beach from the pier will have on a motorcycle taxi, or taxi, or to come directly to the pier by speed boat.

  • Hat Nuan (monkey beach). This beach is also known as monkey beach (Monkey Beach). Here one can really see the monkeys, and because of this it is popular. The monkeys here are not constant, but usually only in the morning when not too hot. The beach of dubious quality: he sand, but the bottom is rocky in places; during low tide the exposed sharp rocks in the water caught sea urchins. The beach is 300 metres away. There are sunbeds, entertainment, in addition to a café, no. The only plus of this beach is its solitude and the opportunity to interact with monkeys, but it is as lucky.

  • Hat TA Yai (Hat Khong). This tiny beach with a total length of 100 meters is located on the Northern tip of the island, and is one of the most secluded. There is almost no infrastructure, except for loungers. Your privacy the beach and attracts some tourists. The beach is suitable for swimming only at high tide and at low tide exposed rocky bottom.

Hotels in Ko LAN

Unfortunately, most of the hotels To Lana concentrated on the Eastern side of the island where there are beaches. Only a few hotels are located directly on the beaches, for example: Sukkee Beach Resort on Hat Ta Waen beach, Xanadu Beach Resort Koh Lan beach Hat Samae, and several hotels in the North of the island near the beach.

Find and book accommodation on the island of Koh LAN can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Map of the island of Koh LAN hotels

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