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Whether to buy excursions in Pattaya?

Pattaya is not the most rich attractions place in Thailand. Honestly, despite its incredible popularity, real historical or cultural attractions in Pattaya "a cat naplakal". You can read about some of the attractions of Pattaya here, but as you will see, not so much. But this does not diminish the values of Pattaya as a world-class place for exploring the sights of Thailand. After all, from Pattaya organized many excursions to all corners of Thailand and beyond. From here one gets to Cambodia, Laos and even Vietnam. And, which is especially good prices on excursions from Pattaya due to the large number of proposals (and as a result, high competition) is very low, sometimes much lower than that of other resorts in Thailand.

Moreover, in many cases, the cost of the tour even will be lower than an independent trip. Therefore, even when independent travel to Pattaya, should not immediately refuse the services of travel agents on location tours. It is better to first weigh the "pros and cons" self guided tours and shopping excursions.

Where and how to buy excursions in Pattaya?

To the question about where to buy, there are several approaches:

  • Only buy guides via your tour operator (the so-called hotel guides) or the tour operator at home (much more expensive; it is considered safer; the tour is conducted in Russian language)
  • Buy Russian tourist companies on the spot or in advance from home via the Internet (cheap enough; sufficiently; the tour is conducted in Russian language)
  • To buy non-Russian speaking tourist companies on the spot (usually the cheapest option; reliability is questionable; usually a tour in English, sometimes can get caught in very broken Russian)
Find tours online (with reviews)

Which method you choose, you decide. The pros and cons we wrote. It only remains to Express our opinion (the authors website). In our opinion, the best is to buy the excursions on the spot in the Russian travel agencies. So you will get reasonably priced and a quality product, no problems with the purchase (due to the language barrier), and the tour will be conducted in Russian.

It should be noted that the presence on the door of the travel Agency in Pattaya tout inscriptions in Russian (even if in Russian, far more than in other languages) does not mean that I speak Russian and excursions are in Russian. Such agencies, at whose door says "Welcome" and no one inside even the words in Russian can not understand, abound in Pattaya.

And, of course, it should be understood that most of the travel agencies on the streets of Pattaya are just sellers, resale excursions at a premium, and it is best to contact directly to the organizers of the tours.

In recent years Pattaya has a host of fully Russian speaking travel agencies. Below (What are excursions in Pattaya?) given options and prices for tours of one of these agencies in Pattaya. In fact, it is quite typical travel Agency for organizing and selling tours in Pattaya, of which there are many. And we chose him because they personally tested it using their services during our last visit to Pattaya, simply selecting the first available on the street. And also because they offer the prices are average prices for excursions in Pattaya. Ie they are not too low to arouse suspicion, not too high, as when buying in agencies with markups. In General, you can safely rely on the following prices (they are up to date as of may 2013).

A visit to a jewelry factory, Thai pharmacies, etc. are part of tours in Pattaya

You should understand one more important thing about pricing on excursions in Pattaya (and other popular tourist resorts of Thailand). The fact that many of them include a visit to in addition to the main attractions of the trip more and more "attractions" like the pharmacy Thai medicine, factory, latex, leather shop or wholesale shop, snake farm, jewellery factory (this is not a complete list). This tour without these additional "attractions of Pattaya" is more expensive than with them. Don't be surprised.

The thing is that all these extra "things" are paid for each imported to them, the tourist Commission, the organizers of the tour (Yes, that is what they pay for, not them), due to which the cost of the tour with a visit to such places is cheaper than without them (they seem to take part of the costs for the tour itself).

What they need, you ask? It is no wonder that we wrote these attractions in quotes. Actually it is a commercial trading enterprises by beautiful demonstration (indeed, it seems to be a part of the tour) tour sell various goods. Buy you owe nothing, and nothing wrong with visiting these places, no, but it should be borne in mind that sales can be conducted at somewhat inflated prices, and you will have to spend a few hours together with the whole tour group to these places. Here you can decide either to pay a bit more and save time, or pay less, but to spend time (and perhaps as a result of and money on unnecessary goods).

Well, in the event that all these commercial places you can visit on its own, because most of them offer free Shuttle service from your hotel, just call them.

What are excursions in Pattaya?

Tropical garden "Nong Nooch" Park and orchids

Price: from 550 baht.

Duration: half day


Экскурсия в Тропический сад «Nong Nooch» и парк орхидей (Паттайя)

This is one of the most popular and interesting excursions in Pattaya. It includes a visit to the Tropical garden "Nong Nooch" Park and orchids - the largest garden in South-East Asia. What is good in this tour, for 550 baht, you get Shuttle service and entrance tickets to the Park, which by themselves cost 500 baht (currency of Thailand, the exchange rate). For the money the Park, which is located far from the city, by taxi you will arrive, so the tour will be the most economical option to visit the wonderful Park. Besides, you will be accompanied by a guide (of course not in all variants of the city, but in most cases) which will tell you where to go and what to pay attention to.

Park Mini Siam

Price: from 600 baht.

Duration: half day


Экскурсия в Мини-сиам (Паттайя)

The cost of the Shuttle from the hotel, 600 baht. This Park consists of many models of the most famous architectural structures from around the world in scale 1:25. Moreover, there are not only modern buildings and ancient structures, such as Angkor in Cambodia.

To visit the Park Mini Siam and tour, because it is not very close to the city centre. But for this you have to first understand the features of the movement of local transport in Pattaya.

Underwater world

Price: from 600 baht.

Duration: half day

Экскурсия в Подводный мир (Паттайя)

This tour consists of a visit to underwater world Pattaya. This is a great place to hike with children, they will certainly like. To get to the Underwater world of the tourist areas of Pattaya is not easy, so it is better to use a guided tour for visiting this place, especially considering that the excursion with transfer costs 600 baht, and tickets if you get to the aquarium alone is 500 baht. Read more about Oceanarium "Underwater world".

The sanctuary of truth (Sanctuary of truth)

Price: from 600 baht.

Duration: half day

Храм истины (Паттайя)

During this tour you will visit a unique structure – the temple of truth, built entirely of wood without using a single nail. At least so say its creators. The place is quite interesting and really unique, however has a small drawback: too high a price for the tour in such a simple place that is due to the high price of admission (500 baht). We would have left a visit to this place in the end when you see all the attractions of Pattaya and won't know what to do.

The construction of the temple is still in progress, but it does not hurt to visit it.

Sightseeing tour of Pattaya

Cost: 400 baht.

Duration: half day


Обзорная экскурсия по Паттайе

If your operator is not included in the program of your stay in Pattaya a free guided tour, you can purchase it yourself and for a relatively small fee. Programs in different agencies away, but common is that they include visits to places of interest in Pattaya with free Internet access. This can be, for example, a set of Buddha Hill, the observation deck, Pattaya floating market, a giant image of Buddha on the mountain, and a visit to the jewelry factory, wholesale gift shop, etc. in stock.

Excursion to Bangkok (Temples of Bangkok)

Price: from 2,000 baht.

Duration: full day.


Экскурсия в Бангкок из Паттайи

If during your trip you have not visited Bangkok (and this simply can not be allowed), then fill it with the trip from Pattaya to Bangkok. The excursion program is very rich, and you will see one day the most important attractions of Bangkok: Grand Palace Bangkok; Wat Pho; ride on boats on the canals Venice of the East; will are shopping in the Mall in the tower Baiyoke sky, will rise to its observation deck and have dinner there.

Highly recommend this tour, because without visiting Bangkok from Thailand to leave, no way. Of course, there are other options in Bangkok, but they all must include mentioned the main attractions of Bangkok.

Ayutthaya and the Royal Palace of Bang PA Yin

Cost: 2500 baht.

Duration: full day.


Экскурсия в Аюттайю из Паттайи

Ayuthaya – ancient capital of Thailand, was the center of the Kingdom of Siam until, until the capital was moved to present location – Bangkok. Now Ayutthaya is a monuments, many tourists reminiscent of the famous temple complex of Angkor in Cambodia. This is an incredibly interesting place, especially for those who love all sorts of antiquity and history. During the tour you will visit the most popular ruins of temples and palaces remaining from the great city, and certainly will not be disappointed. In addition, you will visit a much more modern Royal Palace of Bang PA Yin.

The tour lasts one day, and it's the only way for a reasonable price to visit for one day this city, because from Pattaya but a tour or a taxi to Ayutthaya you can't get. The only thing that is bad, you will not see all the monuments of the ancient capital, because to see all the sights of Ayutthaya will take not one, not even two days.

For the exotic on the river Kwai

Price: from 2,600 baht.

Duration: 2 or 3 days


Экскурсия на реку Квай из Паттайи

This is a very rich and interesting excursion into Thailand, away from the beaches and tourist spots. Depending on the program happens in two or three days. The itinerary includes a trip from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi province and visit along the way many interesting places and sights. You will visit floating market, swim in the canal boat, and visit the craft center of carved teak wood, view to the Erawan waterfall, stay in a floating hotel, swim in the hot springs, then visit the bridge over the river Kwai, ride on elephants in the elephant village and much more.

In General, it is a worthy sightseeing at a very reasonable price.


Price: from 4,500 baht.

Duration: from 2 to 5 days


Экскурсия в Камбоджу из Паттайи

Pattaya is a great place to visit Angkor in Cambodia. If time and money, you must go to the neighboring Kingdom of Cambodia where you will be able to see the temples that were previously seen only on beautiful postcards. During his stay in Cambodia, you will visit the most popular temples of the Angkor temple complex, visit Tonle SAP lake, Phnom kulen National Park.

Tours are available in several versions of varying length from 2 to 5 days. The cost includes everything: transport, food, accommodation in the hotel in Siem reap, entrance tickets to the temples. Visa for Cambodia is issued on arrival at the border, so no need to worry about it.

This tour is the best option for a short time to see all the interesting sights of Cambodia Angkor period, and it is not necessary to abandon it.

Bee farm

Cost: 500 baht.

Duration: half day

A visit to this place is marketed as a real tour, but really this place is like visiting all sorts of jewelry factories and shops of the skin. From our point of view, this tour (there is also a snake farm, for example) are dubious pleasure for the ordinary tourist, especially because you paid money for the tour you will be offering on the farm various bee products.

This tour may be of interest to you only if you are seriously fond of bees or insects, or seriously concerned about your health, as most of bee products are curative.

The list of excursions in Pattaya is far from complete (it's only the most popular tours) and there are many excursions from Pattaya. About all you can find on site or in the description of the excursions on the web sites selling tours.

* designation of tour sign Recommend based on the experiences of authors from personal participation in excursions and may not coincide with your impressions. Carefully read the descriptions of the excursions before they buy, not to be mistaken with a choice and not be disappointed.

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As for the tropics, then I would advise or Kanchanaburi tour river Kwai. Really of course in the real wild jungle, you climb won't, but at least ride on elephants, staying in a hotel on the river, visit a waterfall and hot springs, rafting on the river (it's all in the range depending on the program). And for the ancient temples could be better than Ayutthaya or Angkor in Cambodia (about here, see Ayutthaya, Angkor here). If strongly not to drive, then Ayutthaya for the first time is intended for you, the more that I think simply must see in Thailand. Both tours you'll get a $ 200 per person. With Angkor more expensive, but it can be left for another time. ...
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