The island of Phi Phi in Krabi

General information about Phi Phi

Phi Phi island (Koh Phi-Phi also PI-PI) – a group of six Islands in Krabi province in the Andaman sea (the archipelago on the map). Usually when people say about Phi Phi, we often mean not all the archipelago, specifically the island of Phi Phi don. So often written and guidebooks, not to mention the existence of other smaller Islands in the archipelago. Do Phi Phi don – the only one in the archipelago, which is a full resort with its infrastructure, beaches, lots of hotels.

The island Phi Phi don (Ko Phi-Phi Don, Phi Phi don) is the largest and popular in the archipelago. Of course, compared to other popular Thai Islands he's just a baby, his total area of 9.73 square kilometers and the resident here less than three thousand (Phi Phi don on the map). Compare this to Phuket, which is 576 square kilometers. However, despite the size – it is very popular and famous place you know and try to get tourists from around the world.

In addition to Phi Phi don in the archipelago also includes:

  • Phi Phi Ley (Phi Phi Leh). Uninhabited island, famous for the fact that here was filmed the movie "the Beach" with Leonard DiCaprio in the title role (PI Phi Ley on the map). It can be visited in the tour, if you want to spend the night at the campsite, but no more. See more about Phi Phi Ley.

  • Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo island Bamboo Island). Uninhabited island with a beautiful beach, where tourists are imported for a few hours with fun, and without any infrastructure (Ko Mai Phai on the map).

  • Ko Yung (mosquito island, Mosquito Island). Also residential, you can visit it only by hiring a boat, since the tour here do not carry (Ko Mai Phai on the map).

  • Bida Nok and Bida Nai. Two tiny limestone Islands with a very steep banks, where it is almost impossible to land. In the waters around them make stops for diving or snorkeling during the boat excursions. The self is not visited (Bida Nok and Bida Nai on the map).

Stay on Phi Phi

Phi Phi don is a real Paradise, which combines the best for a holiday: beautiful sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, year-round sunshine, free young vibe. But do not think that since it is a remote small island is a rustic setting – quite the contrary. In the main village and centre of the island, Ton Sai until late at night did not subside noisy parties, progressive rhythms coming from bars and discos on the beaches. If that's not enough, you can have your party right on the beach, wanting to join you will always abound. If a bustling nightlife is not for you, and you want to enjoy the peace and quiet is not a problem: you can choose place to stay on remote beaches.

You can spend your entire vacation, or to spend a few days. Much more interesting would be if you diversify your visit with a stop at the other resorts in Krabi province. For example, half of our vacation to spend on the mainland part of the province where you can get acquainted with the natural attractions of Krabi and the other half to Pee. You can also combine Phi with a stay at Phuket, which is at the same distance as the mainland part of the province.

However, the popularity of this place is the opposite of rest. Unfortunately, an endless stream of tourists and buildings change the image of the resort not for the better. It is not only affected the topography and nature of all the Islands of the archipelago, but also the sea. Walking water generally remains transparent, but it floats a lot of garbage. Once perfectly clean sandy beaches, even on uninhabited Islands are littered with rubbish left by tourists who go simply washed ashore by the waves. Coral reefs are dying from the actions of man, the diversity of marine animals is reduced. To somehow rectify the situation, starting in 2017, the government began to temporarily close part of the archipelago to tourists, and there was even talk about closing down Phi Phi don for a few years to restore it. Most likely this will not happen, but that's Phi Phi Ley, where the famous May Bay (the beach Leonardo DiCaprio) have already been closed from 01 June 2018 for four months.

The Infrastructure Of Phi Phi

As we mentioned, the tourist infrastructure is only on Phi Phi don, the rest of the Islands of the archipelago are not intended for long-term guests. On Phi Phi don there is all for rest: budget hostels and five star hotels with their beaches, cafes and restaurants, markets and supermarkets, excursions and private guides. The Internet is in every, even the cheapest hotel. There are ATMs, banks and currency exchange.

In 2004, the entire archipelago is strongly affected by the tsunami, killing 2,000 people. After that it was rebuilt, and today nothing reminds of that disaster.

Weather and tourist seasons on Phi Phi island when to go

Phi Phi island is a year – round resort, but in the course of the year the weather is expressed varies according to the seasons, which coincide with the mainland of Krabi and Phuket.

From November to may (the first half) is high season. The temperature is not too hot, rains are rare. This is the best time to relax, but at the same time and the period of the influx of tourists, and higher prices. Especially a lot of tourists from January to April.

May (second half) - October is low season. It is also the rainy season with the wettest months in may, September and October. The temperature is very high, averaging 29-30 degrees, precipitation and cloud cover are not uncommon. But prices for housing and services fall, tourists becomes much less. This period is also a good time to travel to Phi Phi, and actually lingering showers for a few days are rare, mostly it doesn't rain more than two hours a day, and then abruptly gives way to the Sunny weather.

Seasons in Krabi by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Krabi/Phi Phi and the forecast for the near future:

Attractions, things to do

On Phi Phi don and the entire archipelago is virtually no historical or cultural attractions. Attractions include the Islands themselves, their beaches and natural resources. The latter, incidentally, quite quickly disappearing because of human actions, and this is especially true of the underwater world: corals die, decreases diversity of fish and other marine life.

On the main island of Phi Phi don there are some amazingly beautiful isolated beach, reachable on foot and some by boat only. Some of them are famous as a habitat of monkeys. But do not think that once these places are hard to reach, there won't be anyone but you. Almost every little bit is a beautiful Bay or beach are visited by large groups of tourists who come here from other resorts of Krabi and Phuket.

You can still go Hiking on foot to one of the lookout points on the mountains of the island. It's easy Hiking trails, accessible to everyone without training, you only need to bring drinking water. From these lookout offers panoramic views of the island and here you can see the sunrise or sunset.

Definitely worth a swim on one of the uninhabited Islands of the archipelago, most often it is Phi Phi Ley and Bamboo island (Ko Mai Phai). On Phi Phi Ley to visit the famous Bay where they filmed the movie the Beach, and Bamboo island you can just relax on the wonderful sandy beach. Also very popular activities snorkeling or diving because it is believed that they are almost the best in all of Thailand. However, we should not naively assume that in these places you will be alone: here, everything is crowded with tourists who were being taken on trips from Phuket and mainland Krabi.

Well, if all the sea and island sights take a look, and want something else, you can go to the mainland, and explore the Krabi province. This can be done independently selected from Phi Phi island by ferry for a couple of days on the mainland, and getting a car. You can also directly on the island to buy a group tour, but it's not so interesting because most of the time you spend on the road.

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