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General information about AO Nang

Пляж Прананг, Ао Нанг Beach Pranang

AO Nang (also AO Nang, Ao Nang) – the most popular resort area in Krabi province in Thailand on the Andaman sea. Actually, the full name of this place - Ao Nang, which means "Bay Princess", and AO Nang – the "people's" short name. Also to AO Nang is considered as the beaches of noppharat Thara (Ao Nopparat Tara Beach), AO Nammao (Ao Nammao), Railay (Railay), Phra Nang (Phra Nang) and Tonsai (Ton Sai).

Originally this place was just usually a fishing village, but over time it began to appear travelling backpacker, began to develop the infrastructure. Today it is the most developed and popular resort in the province. There is a large number of hotels and guesthouses of different categories, a lot of kinds of shops, two local market, travel agencies. Of course, the whole tourist area Packed with restaurants, cafes and bars (including the girls). There are even McDonald's and Burger king. There are ATMs, exchange offices, hospital. What else is good, very close, about a half hour drive by tuk-tuk, is the provincial capital of Krabi town, where you can find everything else you might need.

Пляж Прананг, Ао Нанг Beach road of AO Nang

Night life in AO Nang are under-represented. The sex here is almost no nightlife, too. Evening entertainment usually end up sitting in bars, walks on the beach, or just a dinner in a restaurant or café. Organization of evening entertainment here, while completely in the hands of the tourists themselves, so that you can quite figure out beach party. However, boring AO Nang is difficult to call, life here boils, especially near the main road along the beach.

As for the quality of beaches directly in AO Nang, then to name their ideal can only be a huge stretch. The entire tourist area stretches along the main beach of AO Nang, and, unfortunately, growing infrastructure, transport, boat dock in the heart of the district, gradually nullify all their beauty. Moreover, in high season there is no room to swing fall. It is, of course, is not bad, when compared to the urban beaches of Pattaya, for example, but compared to neighbouring Railay (Railay) or Nopparat Thara it is much less picturesque. Jetski and ride in on the bananas here, they are banned. Sun loungers and umbrellas are also available. You can sunbathe on brought inflatable mattresses or towels, and from bright rays hide in the shade of the trees. From water fun, kayaks and kite surfing.

Пляж, Ао Нанг The Beach Of AO Nang

However, to refuse to stay in AO Nang immediately after reading the paragraph above is not necessary. Here everything is balanced and all in moderation: adequate infrastructure, a normal beach, some party. Besides, you can always go for a much more pleasant nearby beaches of railey. So if you don't want to die of boredom and idleness at ideal beach, then this place will suit you perfectly.

This is a great place for those who want to relax and get a normal beach holiday in a new, yet malorastvorimyh the Russians places. This contributes to the relative inaccessibility of this place, in this connection, the main visitors of these places are already advanced travel. But we should not delude ourselves and think that Russian is not here. Here plenty of them, just not that many like Pattaya, Phuket or Samui. And yet, AO Nang is very popular with "wintering" moved here for a few months and shoot for living house or apartment.

Among the day class in AO Nang is popular for Hiking in the nearby mountains, climbing, tours in the province and the Islands, diving and snorkeling, kayaking. Attractions in AO Nang itself is not.

Узнать, как купить тур в кредит

Weather and tourist seasons in AO Nang

Weather forecast AO Nang all year round Sunny and warm, it is comfortable to relax all year round. However, a low and high season.

Low season (from June to October, even mid-November) is associated with the rainy season. During this period, the weather is changeable, and drop large amounts of rain. At the same time is the best time for budget travellers because accommodation prices fall by almost half.

High season (aka dry season) lasts from November to may. The best time is from January to April, when almost no precipitation, and temperatures are cooler than in summer.

Seasons in AO Nang by months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

How to get to AO Nang

  • On the plane

    The closest airport to AO Nang – Krabi international airport (Krabi International Airport). It run daily flights from major cities of Thailand and from neighbouring countries of Asia (see how to get to Krabi town).

    From Krabi airport there is a direct bus to AO Nang for 150 baht. You can also get a stopover in Krabi town by taxi with change at the bus station.

  • By bus

    Автобус в Ао Нанг The bus to AO Nang

    All routes buses are in AO Nang via the bus station in Talad Kao. From the station to AO Nang is easily accessible by taxi Songthaew for 60 baht. Bus runs about every 10-20 minutes (start to occupancy) in the daytime, in the way of 30-40 minutes.

    From Krabi town to AO Nang can be reached by the same taxi from the airport as they pass through the city centre and makes a long stop on the main street near shopping centre, Vogue Shopping Center. This is useful because some tourist minivans (from Phuket and Koh Lanta in particular) taking passengers to the bus station, and planted in the centre of Krabi town.

    There are several Hiking trails minivans, including from Phuket and Koh Lanta (Ko Lanta) directly to AO Nang and costs from 400 baht. Buy tickets for them in hotels and travel agencies.

    Find and book bus tickets and ferry to AO Nang, you can through the search form:

    🔍 Search

    💲 Pay the ticket online

    Will receive an itinerary receipt by email

    🚌 Arrive to departure

    When searching for tickets on buses and trains for pay attention to the ranking of tickets/carriers (marked with asterisks on a five-point scale) and the reviews of actual users who traveled on this route. Selecting carriers with the highest rated according to user reviews, you will protect yourself from possible problems during the trip.
  • On the ferry

    Attention! In the low season (may to November) many ferries change their schedule or even cancel flights.

    Marina Nopparattara Pier, through which you can get to AO Nang by ferry, is located to the North from the main tourist area (about 3 km, see the map).

    On the ferry to AO Nang can be reached from Phuket (660 baht), from the island of Phi Phi (Phi Phi) (400 baht) and Koh Lanta (470) . Detailed information about the schedule, cost, and book a ticket here

    Another popular carrier – Ao Nang Princess is a flight along the same lines but a bit expensive. Detailed information and ticket booking can be found on the official website

    Also on the ferry to get to AO Nang from Koh Samui, Phangan and even Koh Tao. In fact, this route is a Shuttle ferry from the said Islands to the mainland, and then route to AO Nang (and a large part of it) is already on the ground. Detailed information and booking tickets on the website Also you can find and book ferry tickets to AO Nang via the search form.

    On coming to AO Nang beaches, including Riley, during the day and even at night constantly digging out of a boat right from the main beach of AO Nang for 120 baht.

Transport, how to travel around AO Nang

Лагуна Принцессы в Краби A tuk tuk in AO Nang

At AO Nang you can travel by tuk-tuk, which cost 30 baht per person per trip within the area, but not less than 60 baht. Ie if you drive one, you will be charged still 60 baht.

A motorbike in AO Nang can be rented for 150-200 baht per day.

To get to the beaches of Railay and the beach at Centara, you can use the boats dlinnohvostym, which cost 100 baht (read more how to get to Railay). The Center can also be reached via wooden stairs trail over the mountain and the forest, to go 10-20 minutes. Between the beaches of Railay can be navigated on foot.

Hotels In AO Nang

Hotels in AO Nang are plenty, the prices are a bit lower than at other more popular resorts in Thailand (Phuket, Pattaya, etc.), but higher than in Krabi town. Moreover, the prices constantly grow in connection with growth of popularity of the place and the influx of tourists. In high season it is especially recommended to book in advance. In the low season a room with fan you can find for 400 baht (see exchange rate Thai currency), the normal air-conditioned room is 600 baht. High (November to may) the price increases almost twice

When selecting a location for a hotel is better to choose a hotel away from the main road, as near the road very noisy. Willing to live next to the beach is not much point, as everything is close by and the beach is easily reached on foot. Besides, hotels near the beach is very small, and the prices are much higher.

There is a belief that in AO Nang it is better to Lodge in hotels that are owned by the Buddhists. It is believed that Buddhists are more tolerant to all sorts of manifestations of the liberties of tourists, rather than living here in considerable quantity, and also owns the hotels, the Muslims. To know hotel owned by Buddhists, it is very easy for the appropriate paraphernalia for the reception.

Find and book accommodation in Krabi/AO Nang can through the following sites or search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Map of AO Nang (Krabi) hotels

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The Beaches Of AO Nang

Пра Нанг в Краби Phra Nang, Railay

Not to say that the beach in the centre of AO Nang is the best. Throughout the resort area it is very different, something which you can't even swim. There are dirty places, there are those where the water is very much suited to a concrete dam and as such the sand is even there. The influence of the tides is strong enough, the water goes away. Therefore, if you a beach vacation is very important and you want to get it right near your hotel, is to approach the location carefully. Water fun in the engines (jet skis, bananas, paragliders, etc.) for all AO Nangka beaches you will not find prohibited. You can rent a kayak for trips to the nearby beaches or Islands, kitesurfing.

If we move further North-West along the coast, you will be dropped at the Nopparat Thara beach (Ao Nopparat Tara Beach). You can get there even on foot, or by taxi for 20 baht. This beach is more scenic and secluded than the main beach of AO Nang.

In the direction of Krabi town is another beach - AO Nammao (Ao Nammao). It is quite a desolate place, with questionable quality beaches, but very private. You can get there also by taxi for 20 baht.

Well, the best places are the beaches of the Peninsula of Railay (Rai Leh): East and West, Phra Nang (Phra Nang) and Tonsai (Ton Sai), which are almost ideal picturesque beaches. However, their popularity is doing their job, and in high season they are very crowded. You can get there by boat for 100 baht, or swim independently in a rented kayak.

We should also mention the beach at Centara. It is very close to the main beach, only 10 minutes on foot in the direction of Raleigh through the jungle, but the situation here is quite different. The beach contains hotel spotlessly clean, as befits a high-five. People is not enough. Cons beach: sunbeds and umbrellas can only use the hotel; prices at the only restaurant in the hotel is very high.

The attractions and entertainment of AO Nang

In AO Nang there are no attractions. From places that are close, it is necessary to highlight only two: the graveyard of shells and aquarium Krabi. However, this does not mean that there's nothing to do.

One of the lessons that can be done from AO Nang, is climbing. Local rocks are not only very beautiful, but also perfectly suitable for such activities. Particularly popular area (beach) ton SAI (Ton Sai), as well as Reilly. Just atarion there are about 500 routes for climbers from beginners to professionals. To try hand at this sport by yourself or with instruktorom. The cost of one lesson (equipment included) - from 800 baht for half a day.

In AO Nang there are diving centers, you can also swim to the island and enjoy snorkeling. Excursions to the Islands, by the way, are one of the most important tourist attractions in AO Nang. The most popular Islands – Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi), Poda (Poda), Bambu (Bamboo), Chicken (Chicken). There are tours on several Islands, we offer a lot of tours in the mainland part of the province (see more about tours in Krabi).

As for entertainment, this is not a center of night life as Pattaya or Phuket. Adult entertainment here are weak, the sex is almost no nightlife, too. In the evening you can sit in one of the bars, stroll along the beach, or just to dine in the restaurant or café with views of the sea. Entertainment especially for children is not, as traditional water sports on the beaches, with the exception of kayaking. But on the other hand, with such beaches and beautiful surrounding, where you can go with the tour, will not be bored. And if you do not like group excursions, you can rent a motorbike or car to explore the province yourself.

On the Peninsula of Railay has a few interesting places that are worth visiting:

Лагуна Принцессы в Краби Princess Lagoon

On the way to Phra Nang from Railay East you will pass a steep ascent to the rock. The hoist is equipped with a rope grabbing and holding the protruding roots of the trees, you can climb up. The upgrade is not simple, and although not require special training not accessible to everyone. But when you go upstairs, you will find yourself in a small tropical forest where you can walk. Here is unequipped viewpoint from which the whole Peninsula at a glance. But the most interesting – in the middle of the forest there are even more "cool" and difficult descent to the "Princess Lagoon" surrounded by rocks (Laguna on the map). Water gets it directly from the sea through crevices in the rocks. Swim is not necessary, but it.

Пещера Принцессы в Краби Cave Princess

Another attraction can be found right at the entrance to the Phra Nang beach. This is the cave of the Princess, also known as Phra Nang Cave (the cave on the map). By itself, the cave is nothing special, quite small. But long ago, local fishermen began to bring to the cave of statues of phalluses in the gift of the goddess of fertility, today it is literally filled with them.

Useful information about AO Nang

Hotels and housing for the long term. In high season, especially November to February, prices for hotels and rental homes increase, sometimes even impossible to find accommodation to rent. So, if you are going to rent a house for a long time, better to do it beforehand. Rent a house for a long period begins from 4 thousand baht per month for a Studio the easiest option.

Food. In AO Nang there are many Muslims, so the food here is also mostly Muslim and Malaysian. Apparently, due to the proximity to the southern border. Food prices almost twice higher than in Krabi town.

Shops, shopping in AO Nang. In AO Nang there are no major shopping centers. There are many small shops where you can buy the most necessary things, there is a 7/11, a couple of kilometers inland there is a great big Tesco Lotus supermarket, many souvenir shops. Shopping for serious have to go to Krabi town, where there are several large shopping centers. The main tourist shopping area of AO Nang is along the beach, where you can find many shops with goods for tourists, tourist Agency, ticket sales.

Boats on Railay. Highly recommend to buy tickets for the boats of dlinnohvostym to the Peninsula of Railay in the ticket office in AO Nang once in both directions, even if you are going to stay in Raleigh for a few days. Without a ticket has a chance with Reilly back, don't leave, because in the first place in the boat put the passengers with tickets (and in Raleigh they are not sold), and only then rest. Or have to hire a boat completely from 800 baht.

Currency exchange and ATM / cash machine on Reilly. On the Peninsula of Railay in the area of Walking Street there is an ATM and currency exchange. The exchange rate is very unfavorable, better to change money in AO Nang or Krabi town.

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