The island of Ko Lipe (Koh Lipe): tourist information

General information about Koh Lipe

The island of Ko Lipe in Thailand (Koh Lipe, Ko Lipe also) is located in the South Andaman sea, in Satun (Koh Lipe map Thailand). It is the southernmost island of the state. On a clear day you can see the Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi, a remote 30 miles. The island is quite tiny, from one end to the other is just 3 km away. The population is approximately 800 people. People live pretty poorly, the main sources of income are fishing, trading and, of course, tourism. The inhabitants of the island roots date back to Malay sea Gypsies, who arrived here over a hundred years ago.

Koh Lipe is part of Tarutao National Marine Park, which in 1974 was named the second largest National Park of Thailand. However legally to the National Park does not apply, and the entrance fee for Park access is not charged here.

Koh Lipe is a kind of standard Paradise beach vacation in the style of "bounty" in Thailand. Tourists here a little while, the place is not spoiled (although every year it becomes more and more developed and crowded). Therefore, most importantly, why tourists go here – relaxing beach vacation. Also on Koh Lipe often going to explore underwater life, diving and snorkeling. Equipment here you can find a rental. Around it are many small Islands that you can go for snorkeling or diving with an organized tour, or to live on one of them "savage" in the tent. Another fun - fishing: in the vicinity of the island is inhabited by representatives of almost a quarter of all species of tropical fish in the world.

The main promenade there is only one. It is possible to find currency exchange, gift shop, café, post office, pharmacy, travel Agency. But everything here is pretty expensive, and the exchange rate is extremely favorable, so for budget travellers it is best to buy everything you need to change money on the mainland. ATM is not here. Some hotels accept credit cards and offer cash with your credit card for the Board that is obtained is extremely profitable. Change in the exchange office can both dollars and Malaysian ringgit, which is handy if you came from the island of Langkawi. Internet on the island has Wi-Fi in many hotels, and Internet cafes.

On the island there are many bars and restaurants located within 200 metres from the sea or directly on the beach. This is the main evening entertainment on the island, the discos and Nightclubs here.

No attractions on Koh Lipe, in addition to its beaches, nature and a small Buddhist temple, no.

The tourist seasons, the weather on Koh Lipe

On Lipe island, you can go to any time of the year, however, there are low and high season.

High season and the best time is from November to may. The tourist peak on new year and Thai new year Songkran in April.

Low season (rainy season) is from may to October. At this time you can also visit the island, but the weather is not so good, possibility of rain. Moreover, in low season reduced the number of flights from the mainland, and in some areas transfers generally may be suspended. Most of the hotels in low season is closed for renovations or vacation.

Seasons on Koh Lipe months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

How to get to Koh Lipe

On Lipe can only be reached by boat from mainland Thailand, and other Islands of the archipelago, Tarutao and Langkawi island in Malaysia. There is an immigration office where you can get a visa stamp if you put. However, to obtain a visa on arrival at Koh Lipe impossible. If you want to get to Lipe from Malaysia (Langkawi), you will first have to swim in Satun, where to get a visa on arrival and then have to go to the island. Another option is to get a visa in Thailand while still in Malaysia, in Penang or in Kuala Lumpur.

Most of the cities and resorts of the South of Thailand on Koh Lipe can be reached by ready transfer, which includes a trip on the van or bus and ferry (boat). Although this entailed some delays and stains from the carriers, we recommend you to use a ready-made transfers.

If you want to get to Lipe directly from Russia or another country, it is most convenient to do this with a stopover in Bangkok. You must first fly into Bangkok international airport Suvarnabhumi, where access to the old Bangkok airport don Muang by taxi or callbase (how to do it, read more here). And from the don Muang airport to Koh Lipe comprehensive transfer plane+bus+ferry offer on their websites the budget airline AirAsia and NokAir.

And now more about how to get to Lipe independently:

This can be done only by boat. Moreover, the boat to the island itself does not approach, since there is no pier, and swim to the Cove, where passengers take boat-dlinnohvostym and deliver to anywhere within the island for 50 baht (see currency of Thailand and the exchange rate).

The nearest port on the mainland is in the town of Satun (Pak Bara) of Satun province, which, in turn, can be reached by bus from other cities of Thailand, and also the minivan from the nearest airport in the city of hat Yai. Boats from Pakbara to Koh Lipe recover all year round several times a day. The cost is 600 baht, journey time – half hour. During the low season (may-October) the number of daily flights is reduced, but the overall message is not interrupted.

In high season there are also regular connections to the Islands of Koh Lanta ( Phuket it is possible to get a transfer to Koh Lanta in one day).

Паромы на Ко Липе

Schedule as of April 2015*

Direction Departure time Arrival time The cost
Satun (Pak Bara) - Koh Lipe (all year round) 11:00 12:30 650 baht
Koh Lipe - Satun (Pak Bara) (all year round) 09:00 10:30 650 baht
Koh Lanta - Koh Lipe (high season from October to March) 10:30 13:30 1900 baht
Koh Lipe - Koh Lanta (high season from October to March) 09:00 12:00 1900 baht
Langkawi - Koh Lipe the schedule on the website 118 Malaysian ringgit

* - Attention! Shows only part of the schedule of regular flights. In addition, in the high season offers many additional flights. Check on the websites of carriers.

The websites of carriers to find relevant schedules and tickets booking:

Transport on the island, how to navigate

On Koh Lipe there is no public transport, and not to take rent of transport. You can move on foot or by motorcycle taxi for 50-200 baht. Around the island you can also travel by boat-taxi for 50 baht from beach to beach.

Hotels on Koh Lipe

On the island there are hotels of various categories. You can find Bungalow with minimum facilities from 400 baht, and a four star hotel for $ 250. Deals on hotels are subject to strong seasonality. So, in high season, all booked up due to the high influx of tourists, and in the low season, many hotels are closed, locations becomes small. We recommend you to book a hotel on Koh Lipe in advance.

On Koh Lipe four main beaches. The most popular is Pattaya (Pattaya). The rest of the sunset (Sunset Beach), sunrise (Sunrise Beach) and Karma (Karma Beach) is not inferior to him in purity of water or the conditions for swimming. Which of beaches to choose this hotel, is fundamentally irrelevant. All the beaches are great and the island is so small that to travel from beach to beach on foot. The most developed area of Pattaya beach.

Find and book hotels on Koh Lipe is one of the most popular search engines for hotels in Asia can through the search form. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support is present:

Map Of Koh Lipe

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