The island of Koh Kood in Thailand: tourist information, getting there, hotels, beaches

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General information about Koh Kood

Остров Ко Куд

Koh Kood (Ko Kut, Koh Kood) is an island in the Gulf of Siam in Thailand in Trat province near the border with Cambodia (Koh Kood on the map). Kood island is part of archipelago Koh Chang (Ko Chang), is a popular tourist destination. Koh Kood is not the smallest island in Thailand (the fourth largest island in Thailand, 22 to 8 kilometers), but the island resides only 2000 inhabitants, most of whom work in tourism. Almost the entire island is covered by jungle, the terrain is slightly hilly with the highest point 315 meters.

The island of Kood still considered one of the most beautiful Islands of Thailand. "So far" because in recent years the island is very rapidly built up gradually change from undeveloped pristine island into a tourist centre. So if you want to get to Paradise island, where beautiful uncrowded clean beaches, vast amounts of vegetation, abundant wildlife and few tourists, you should hurry while the island is not built up with hotels, and the coastline is not littered with restaurants and cafes.

To go to Koh Kood should first beach vacation and quiet retreat. No evening entertainment on the island, but this has a true island Paradise.

Very often, Koh Kood is regarded as a landmark located near the popular tourist destination island of Koh Chang, but it is an independent resort. The island's infrastructure is underdeveloped, but enough for a relaxing holiday. Here you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, to make trekking Hiking in the jungle to the waterfalls and just lie around all day in a hammock stretched between palm trees or walking from one beach to another. The sites are only natural in nature: waterfalls, jungles, wildlife, underwater life.

Stay on Koh Kood cheap can be called a stretch. Accommodation, meals, vehicle rental is quite expensive: about one and a half times more expensive than the other island resorts of Thailand.

The most active adventure seekers travelers, a few days stay on the island usually gets bored, but if you have the opportunity to visit this island at least for a couple of days, it is not to be missed.

Weather, tourist seasons on Koh Kood

Relax on Koh Kood island all year round. The weather here is always warm and has a beach holiday. However, as usual in Thailand, highlights the dry season and the rainy season.

The rainy season (low season) on Koh Kood is from may to October. This is a great time for any kind of vacation on the island, but this time there are heavy rains (which, fortunately, speed), and the temperature is too high.

Dry season (high season) on Koh Kood is from November to April. This is the best time to travel to the island. The temperature at this time is not very high, rains are rare. This is the perfect time to visit Koh Kood is from November to February, when temperatures are the lowest.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather on Koh Kood and forecast

How to get to Koh Kood

The easiest way to get to the island as part of the tour. There are group tours on Koh Kood, at least from Koh Chang island and Pattaya. The cost of the tour for two nights from Pattaya starts from 4500 baht (the money of Thailand exchange rate). Below the options how to reach the island independently:

On the plane

On Koh Kood there is no airport in Trat (Trat) on the mainland near the island is the airport and Trat Airport. There are daily 3 flights from Bangkok airline Bangkok Airways. Price hour flight on Thai standards is quite high, ranging from 3000 baht.

From the airport, then have to get a taxi to the pier and from there by boat to the island.

Find and book tickets to Bangkok, you can through the search form. Search is very flexible, and allows you to search for flights on different dates, with or without transfers, in both directions or one, etc.:

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By bus

To reach the island by bus, you must drive to the bus station in Trat (Trat) on the mainland, then get to the pier and continue the journey to the island by boat.

To Trat from the popular tourist cities of Thailand are sent as tourist buses and mini-bus services and buses. There is also a flight to Trat from Bangkok's international airport Suvarnabhumi. Preference should be given to night flights, which will bring you to Trat early in the morning, so you can continue the journey to the island without an overnight stay in Trat. If you arrive at Trat after 10:00 your chances to get on the boat going to the island will be very small.

From Bangkok the buses to Trat depart from the Eastern bus terminal Ekamai every hour and with the North terminal's morchit a little less. In about 5 hours. The fare is about 200 baht depending on class of bus. There are also night buses that will take you to Trat early in the morning.

Tourist buses depart from the Bangkok's Khao San road. Minivans to Trat leave from Victory Monument.

By boat/ferry

To get to Koh Kood by the water from the mainland and from the island of Koh Chang.

  • From mainland (Trat)
    • Speed boat


      Daily speed boat from Laem Sok pier/Siriwhite in Trat (Laem Sok pier on the map) departs for Koh Kood at 09:00 and 13:00, and back To Koh Kood at 10:00 and 12:00. The journey time is 2 hours. Cost 600 baht. However, the schedule and cost can vary depending on the season, check on the website.

      The price includes transfers to and from hotels in Trat to Laem Sok pier/Siriwhite. You can also transfer from the bus station. On the island you will land right next to your hotel. Buy tickets on the website of the hotel on the island or travel agencies.

    • Koh Kood Princess


      This large fast ferry departs daily from Laem Sok pier at 12:30 and from Koh Kood to Trat at 10:30. In 1 hour 40 minutes. Cost 350 baht.

      On Koh Kood, this ferry arrives at Ao Salad (Ao Salad pier on the map).

    • Ko Kut Express


      This large fast ferry departs daily from Laem Sok pier 12.046665,102.586309 at 12:30 and from Koh Kood to Trat at 10:00. In the way a little more than an hour. Cost 350 baht.

      On Koh Kood the ferry arrives at the pier of Khlong Hin Dam on the West side of the island (the pier Khlong Hin Dam on the map).

  • From Koh Chang island
    • Speed boat from Koh Chang island


      Between the Islands Koh Chang and Koh Kood there is a daily speed boat service. Cost 900 baht. With all the island boats depart at 09:00, from the island of Kood at 11:00. In the path of one and a half hours. However, the schedule and cost can vary depending on the season, check on the website.

      The price includes transfers to and from hotels on Koh Chang pier. Buy tickets on the website of the hotel on the island or travel agencies.

There are other firms which transport the boats from the mainland and the Islands of Koh Chang to Koh Kood on the season. Information about them can be found in hotels and travel agencies on the spot.

How to travel around the island, transportation

Transport on the island is virtually absent, including taxi. To ride on a motorcycle taxi will only be local residents, although no one specifically cabbing here does. To move around the island at your leisure is possible only by rented transport.

To rent a motorcycle here in any hotel, the cost is 300 baht. You can rent a mountain bike for 200 baht a day, but the ride under the scorching sun and on the bad roads of the island will be very grueling. You can rent a car from 1200 baht.

On Koh Kood there is only one gas station near the pier Hin Khlon Dam. In addition to the gas station to get gas in an improvised gas bottles near shops and markets, but cost it will be much more expensive.

Hotels in Ko Kood beaches

Hotels in Ko Kood by Thai standards quite expensive. Find budget accommodation here is almost impossible. Cheaper 1000 baht per room or Bungalow with minimum facilities during the high season should not count. For 800 baht you can find accommodation without air conditioning (fan) to the interior of the island away from the beaches. Book a hotel in advance especially in high season. In low season you can arrive on the island without pre-booked accommodation, and pick out housing on the site.

Find and book a hotel on the island of Koh Kood on one of the most popular search engines for hotels in Asia can through the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Find and book accommodation in Ko Kood can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

Most of the hotels and bungalows on Koh Kood is located on the West coast, where you can find all best beaches of the island. On the East coast also has some good, quite secluded beaches, but the infrastructure and hotels there.

Остров Ко Куд
  • Klong Chao (Hat Khlong Chao)

    Find hotels on the beach of hat Khlong Chao

    Beach Hat Khlong Chao on the map

    This is one of the largest and most popular beaches on the island. Infrastructure is the most developed of all the island's beaches, while the quality and purity it is in no way inferior to other beaches. The sand is almost white and very fine, almost to the water reaching the palms and casuarinaceae trees. If you are looking for a budget vacation, it is best to go here. The food here is the cheapest on the island, there are many restaurants and cafes.

  • Beach Bang Bao (Bang Bao Hat)

    Find hotels on the beach of hat Bang Bao

    The beach Hat Bang Bao on the map

    A small beach Bang Bao is located in a Cove that protects it from the weather, winds and waves. Here is located the wooden pier where you moor boats from the town of Trat. The infrastructure is weak, restaurants and cafes there, to eat only in hotels. Which is good, this beach is very little affected by tides.

  • The Beach AO Prao (Ao Phrao)

    Find hotels in AO Prao

    The Ao Phrao beach on the map

    One of the longest, cleanest and relaxing beaches on the island. Just South of AO Prao is a two secluded Ao Jark and Ao Khlong Hin, which are easily reached on foot along the shore. So settling in this place you will as if on three beaches, and even if one of them become contaminated after the tide or the Russian invasion of tourists, you can always find a clean and secluded place. By the way, about the Russian invasion of tourists to this beach often bring a batch of Russian tourists on a day trip, so a day here can sometimes be very noisy and fun. This beach stands out among the other lower prices on beer and alcoholic drinks in a local restaurant than on other beaches of the island, probably again due to the Russian "invasion".

  • The Beach Of AO Yai Koet (Ao Yai Koet)

    Find hotels in AO Yai Koet

    This beach is one of the most isolated and wild beaches hotel on Koh Kood. You can only get here by boat. This is the first resort of the island. No entertainment and excursions here you will find only the beach and total privacy.

Map of Koh Kood hotels

☞ to display the map

Attractions of Koh Kood

In General, the Koh Kood abundance of attractions, but beyond the beaches here still have something to see and do. Most of the attractions of the island – natural.

The Klong Chao Waterfall (Nam Tok Khlong Chao)

This waterfall is the largest on the island. Objectively speaking, nothing extraordinary compared to other Thai waterfalls you will not see here, but to visit this place is worth it. It is possible not only to admire the waterfall and take a dip in the pool at the foot of the waterfall. In the pool even small fish swim.

In the dry season, unfortunately, the waterfall dries up and turns into a trickle, although the pool you can still swim.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

🚶 How to reach: to reach the falls on foot, or sailed a kayak down the river, including through the mangroves (you will have to swim against the current) (the Klong Chao waterfall on the map).

Klong Yai Kee (Khlong Yai Kee falls)

This is another picturesque waterfall, not as big as the Klong Chao. Here too you can swim in the pool.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

🚶 How to get: almost to the waterfall can be reached by car or motorcycle, and then walk a bit (waterfall, Klong Yai Kee on the map).

Village AO Salad (Ban Ao Salad)

This fishing village is another centre (after Klong Chang island). Here comes the ferry Koh Kood Princess, here is a seafood restaurant and a gift shop. There's no beach.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

🚶 How to get there: the village is asphalt road, you can get in a rented transport (village AO salad on the map).

The Village Of AO Yai (Ban Ao Yai)

Another fishing village and the conditional center of civilization on the island. To do nothing special here, except to look at the real life of Thai fishermen. It is interesting that almost the entire village is on the water, not on land. And here you can eat cheaply in places for locals to buy products on the market.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free entry

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

🚶 How to get there: the village is asphalt road, you can get in a rented transport (the village of AO Yai on the map).

Helpful information

Food. The main tourist center on the island is Klong Chao beach. There can be expensive to eat in a cafe local cafe. On other beaches the food is represented mainly by hotel restaurants that is not cheap.

Souvenirs. Buy Souvenirs on the island in the souvenir shop Kraten Suvenirs, which is located in the village of Ban Ao Salad (Ao Salad Bay on the East coast).

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