Hotels of Ko Chang (Thailand), beaches: where to choose a hotel

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Туры в Таиланд

Hotels Koh Chang

Most of the hotels on Koh Chang is concentrated on the West coast. Here are all the best sandy beaches. Eastern side of the island is mainly rocky.

To book in advance a great need there, you can almost always find something cheap on the spot. On popular beaches, like White Sand beach, no problem to find a cheap Guesthouse and even bungalows.

Keep in mind that in low season, from March to October, some hotels close for a time.

Find and book accommodation on Ko Chang can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

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The Beaches Of Koh Chang

The island of Koh Chang is full of different beaches, but it is important to know that sandy beaches with a large territory located in the Western part of the island. But the wild, rocky beach area lies on the Eastern part.

And of course, every beach on Koh Chang has its own nuances and peculiarities.

  • White Sand beach (white Sand beach)

    White Sand beach on the map

    The most popular place on the island of Koh Chang. The name "white sand beach" speaks for itself. The coastline for about two kilometers. From the ferry dock it is a 15-20 minute bike ride or taxi.

    However, not all the beach is white as flour sand. Storms, strong tides has not been canceled – it's one of the features of Thailand beaches. So there are areas where the sand has a brownish tint.

    The beach is completely built up with hotels, mini-hotels, bungalows. A variety of restaurants for every taste and wallet, shops of clothes, Souvenirs, Internet cafes, pharmacies, spa-salons. Have the opportunity to snorkel.

    The downside is a very steep road. Therefore, taking a Moto-a bike rental, not worth to get it together and walk down the main road to the beach.

    In the Northern part of the beach is a viewing platform (Khlong Son Bay). It offers spectacular views of the Koh Chang island.

  • Lonely Beach (Lonely Beach)

    A Lonely beach on the map

    Lonely beach – so called by the first explorers discovered the island of Ko Chang in Thailand as a great place to stay. Forty years ago this beach was really deserted and lonely. To get, for him, was not on the paved road by taxi or bike, as now, but only at sea on the boat. It is located at 23 kilometers from the pier.

    Now lonely beach lonely will not name. It is here that the lovers of the night partying. There are also many cafes and local restaurants. A lot of tattoo parlours.

    Absolutely not pretentious, but very picturesque place. Hotels European style here is a little. But the exotic bungalows on stilts and stretches along almost the entire length of the beach.

  • Pearl Beach (Pearl Beach)

    Beach Pearl Beach on the map

    Pearl beach, also it is called Khai Mook. Unlike the previous two beaches, this place is considered one of the most quiet and relaxing area on Koh Chang. Consists of two bays, a total length of about 700 meters. Pearl beach is located 400 metres from the main road and on the North is bordered by the white Sand beach.

    The name of this beach has been thanks to the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. A place for lovers and romantics.

    Pearl Beache beach is a pebble beach. The bottom is rocky, so better to wear special Slippers. There is a coral reef, so for snorkeling the perfect place.

    From: fruit shop, the beach on the main road known in Thailand, supermarket Tesco Lotus, a few restaurants, and you can be accommodated in small bungalows.

  • Klong Prao (Klong Prao)

    WKlong Prao beach on the map

    Located 4 kilometers from the bustling white Sand beach, and 14 kilometres from the pier. However, in contrast to the "white sand beach" of Klong Prao is much quieter and calmer. Tourists are attracted by beautiful mountain scenery, the wide sandy area of the river channel, the Buddhist temple of Wat Klong Prao (Wat Klong Prao) and infrastructure in the Central part of the beach.

    Coconut trees bent in a bow, rocky shores in some parts of the beach and white sand make this place very picturesque and memorable.

  • Chaichet (Caicet)

    Chaichet beach on the map

    This Bay, which is the beginning of Klong Prao beach. Popular with tourists for its cleanliness, neatness and respectability. For those with the infrastructure, will find it in the Mall VJ plaza, located next to the beach. There are also at Coconut Plaza. Romantic place is the rock close to "Chaichet Resort", with beautiful views.

  • Klong Son (Klong Son)

    Klong Son on the map

    Bay in the Northern part of Koh Chang is ideal for those who do not like to sit in one place, so many interesting places in its vicinity. A view on the fishing village of Klong son, the Chinese temple Chao Then, two small Islands Ko Chang Noi and Koh MA Pring, which is located near the shore of the beach. You can rent a kayak or scooter and take a tour on the mangroves of these Islands. But if you go deep into the jungle on the beach, you can see the Nang Yom waterfall. Here only from November to April is the best time to visit, as the waterfall dries up.

    Luxurious villas and hotels are on the beach. There are two Golf courses, fruit markets, shops, coffeehouses.

  • Kai Bae (Kai BAE)

    Kai Bae beach on the map

    From the pier on the main road to the beach can be reached in 30-35 minutes. As if hidden and isolated from other beaches of the island Ko Chang it connects the main highway. It is attractive for its turquoise lagoon, coral reefs, excellent hotels with European service. And if you rent a scooter, you can get to the next two Islands where coral reefs abound. On a scooter you can get to the Klong PLU waterfall, and in the evening join the party at lonely beach, which is located nearby. Kai BAE is considered a peaceful place.

  • Bailan beach (Bai LAN beach)

    Beach Bailan beach on the map

    Another quiet and secluded place is of Bai LAN beach. Near lonely beach, so if you get bored of the quietness, fun to be lonely. At the end of the beach and Bai LAN's adventure Park and Tree Top Adventure Park. For those who appreciate comfort, there are good hotels, including the famous Mercure Hideaway - luxury with a huge turquoise swimming pools on the beach.

    But there are inexpensive bungalows for family holidays with children.

  • Bang Bao (Bang Bao)

    The beach of Bang Bao on the map

    Famous for its local attraction is the fishing village of Bang Bao is located along a pier protruding into the sea.

    Bungalows, shops, restaurants – all of them are on stilts.

    Bay in the South-Western part of Koh Chang stretched a mile in length and the same distance wide.

    In the fishing village of Bang Bao you can find a lot of souvenir shops offering products made from seafood. There are restaurants serving fresh seafood.

  • Klong Kloi (Klong Kloi)

    Klong Kloi on the map

    Is located behind the pier of Bang Bao. You can get there either by sea by scooter, or by bus-taxi - "songtao", after 2 km on the main highway after the turn to the pier.

    This sandy beach is considered one of the best on Ko Chang. Many coconut trees, sky blue water, fine sand, coral reefs – all this makes the place colorful and unforgettable.

    As the accommodation is mainly on Klong Kloi offer a small Bungalow.
  • Had Sai Noi (Haad SAI Noi)

    WHad beach Sai Noi on the map

    Located at the beginning of Klong Kloi. This is the small sandy beach of Koh Chang, with a length of only 100 meters. Bamboo bungalows located on the beach chosen by tourists who prefer the wild, free from social rules the rest.

  • Wai Chek (South Wicec)

    Wai Chek beach on the map

    Wild beach is a Paradise for fans of nudist rest. A private place which can be reached except through the thickets of the jungle or by boat from Klong Kloi. By far the wild rest. Strip of sand, coconut palms providing shade from drooping to the ground of the fruit, a small cafe and huts where you can stay – here, perhaps, and all that is in this wild place.

  • Salak Kok bay (Salak Kok)

    Beach, Salak Kok bay on the map

    The Bay is located on the South-Eastern coast of Koh Chang is not popular among tourists. The only attraction here is the mangrove. Only one resort where tourists can stay is surrounded by mangrove trees - real exotic.

    In the southern corner of the Bay is a fishing village bungalows on stilts, linked by wooden bridges.

  • Long Beach (Long Beach)

    Long beach on the map

    The place for real Robinsons. Here tourists are rare. It is not surprising that taxi drivers take double the price to get willing to the beach for the new, sometimes unfinished road. The beach is about 500 meters. Beautiful views, bamboo bungalows, peace and quiet – a perfect place for relaxation and yoga.

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